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I like it.

Now country geez,so many styles,good words reminds me of Dylan’s blood in the tracks album.great song.you guys,are you always the same guys? Ha ha.always a new style so I’m impressed,who’s the fiddler ? Good job,good feel,good attitude,,great feel mood and meaning,oh yeah two step problem cute, NIce melody and song thanks for the smiles. I used to got em ,hanging out in the bottom,but my life ain’t rotten since I learned the two step problem. Ha ha

your song

hello there again JLT Team, here again to make a review of your song, I like it very much, first of of, the sound is very clear, really, greatly mixed and mastered! I could hear evry detail inside the song. Your voice is very nice, a fantastic voice for this folk pop rock song. Those violins melodies are greatly played, the voices helping the main voice is solid, all very well tuned. The drums, specially the snake sounds great, bass in the center very clear to listen too, great lyrics, congratulations on such great music production, many greetings from Germany, Alfredo

Two Step Problem Lorne

Well it goes with out saying that I generally do like JLT RECORDS and their output of different genres and this one is no exception. A very happy sounding song with a wicked violin on the instrumentals. I think it is very well put together and produced possibly putting a little more work in to the rhythm and beat. Maybe pulling it back a bit and thus making it more in the back ground. A great effort though. Xx JBH Xx


The particular song has a basic beat with a up beat fast pace sounds OK not spectacular but gives movement I probably would move to it maybe dance to but not buy, but OK to listen to probly will hit the top chart if it does that would be great but its not something that really hits you sounds like most music it needs to grab you pull you in and it doesn't really pull you in its basic.

Awesome ???? Ministry

Yeah really nice music thank you for sending me the song so I can listen to it and do it I really love your ministry. All the songs that I heard so far has been a blessing to me very creative and unique continue to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Caesar be unique and creative in the share your gifts and talents with the world. I grew up listening to all types of music but I love gospel Christian Christian rock soft Rock Christian rap just to name a few. Once again thank you for sharing that wonderful day God bless you and I'll let you go to do and have a blessed weekend.

Great job Y'all

Great time recording I can tell. Sound's of recording.from long ago. If we had the technical ability of today we would all be monster's those of us who truly love what we do. Keep it up y'all. :+)..... great job...

Two step problem all right

Lorne James' recording of "Two Step Problem" with JLT Records is just all right, a song about dancing away your problems when you've done all you can and still can't see any progress. I can definitely identify with both the problem and the solution. The band is together, the beat is steady, and it isn't bad. But it isn't really good either, I'm afraid. The song prominently features a fiddle player and a lead vocalist (maybe one and the same guy) who are both just mediocre. Maybe I'm spoiled, living here in Austin, Texas, where there are awesome fiddle players on every corner, but the skills exhibited by this fiddler are not yet good enough to be featured this prominently, at this much length in a song. I'm not too enchanted by the overall sound either, which is a producer issue. The drums are EQ'ed in such a way as to sound synthetic, though I'm pretty sure they are live -- kind of hollow and trebly, and lacking in gravitas. Bass, drums, and violin are all I hear, although I suspect there are some keys somewhere in the background, adding a little body. From a songwriting standpoint, I have two concerns: one is that I expect the title to be a double entendre, and it doesn't quite get there. Two step is more the solution than the problem, first of all, and second, the song-writer doesn't walk us through a real-life problem that needs a parallel two-step solution. That would make it a lot better. (The title of my review is an intentional double entendre BTW. If you take it one way, it means the song is all right. If you take it another way, it means the song is problematic. Both ways you could take it are true, so I've expressed both aspects of my opinion in just 5 words.) Second, the last fiddle ride and the last chorus are totally superfluous. The song would be better without them, and still would be about 3:00 long. So the song begins to overstay its welcome at that point. I don't want to discourage the artist. There may be better work to come. The bottom line is, I don't see people down here in Texas -- where two-stepping is still the favorite way of dancing -- wanting to get up and two-step to this tune. I picture them talking to their friends and drinking another beer and sitting this one out.


Two Step Problem - Lorne James review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job
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