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This is the perfect song to encourage a loved one. Love the acoustic and the vocals. Good work on the engineering and the lyrics. It sounds like this could be to your son and daughter, they will definitely appreciate it when they get of age.

In the World - Jay & the Rubbe

In the World - Jay & the Rubbe: I really liked the lyrics on this song. It definitely speaks out a "Fathers Heart" and I can surely relate to that as the message we teach our children needs to be like this. Thank you foru your work for the Lord as this really touched my heart today! Keep up passing the this message to all Fathers that they may inspire and build up their children to be courageous men and women of God!

Hello, Mes salutations

Pour commencer je veux spécifier que les berceuses ne sont pas vraiment mon terrain, je fais de la musique électronique, allons-y d'un aspect professionnel. D'abord, je veux souligner, la douceur de la voix est très bien, on peut écouter les sentiments et ça s'imprègne très bien dans l'âme. Si j'étais une jeune personne, une berceuse comme celle-là serait très réconfortante, je dis ceci, pour votre public je vais applaudir moi aussi après l'avoir entendu. Bonne journée, continuez de créer vos compositions sont bonnes, a+ .exe

Very retro

This song has a retro old school sound and vibe to it. In the World by Jay and the Rubber Band is a song that has a great message, which I believe to be very important especially in this day and age.

In the world

I like the feel. The string work is good as well. For me i feel like it needed more of a drum beat in the intro. Maybe move tbat chorus up a little sooner since it is so good. Overall good arrangement. Good vocal as well. Keep up the good work.

Love song for a new born

Having just heard that my god daughter had delivered a lovely boy it was fantastic to come across this song as it spoke straight into my feelings. Words of wisdom and encouragement to pray for the new born and lift them in prayer to our Creator God. It was also terrific to be reminded that we are all unique and special in God eyes no matter how old we are. Nice use of orchestration. Thank you.

Nice song

I am an honest person and I will give you an honest review, brother... The lyrics of the song are very nice with a good message. It has a good, catchy choral hook. It has a nice lyrical flow between the chorus and verses. Nice vocals, could sound even better with some processing and a few effects. The music sounds too mechanical as if it were all computer-generated. It's good for a demo if you were trying to find some good live players to record at a studio. It is very repetitive. Recording it with live players can add a lot of musical nuances that computers and synths cannot. Overall a really nice song. Keep writing for the Lord and you will be blessed!


In the World (Jay & the Rubber Band) review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock ballad as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job


"In The World" is a beautiful marriage of music & lyric. I love the chord progression, the delicate percussion, the layers of instrumentation, the solo vocal (and I am a vocal harmony freak!), and the wonderful sentiment expressed in the lyric you have penned. You have put together a very pretty and moving piece of music here. Well done and keep up the good work!

Praising God with the words

I like the way that give God the glory in your song lyrics. Praising God with the words have a positive outcome is great. We need more people like us to have strong lyrics in our songs. Keep up the great work!


its ok For JLT Records alter-ego is hard to take seriously, which is probably the point. People are confusing this guy make it through 3.07 of this song person who is too busy Save It Babe . me to

In The World

Nice ballad type sound, cool vocals, lyrics a little confusing, nice transitions. My suggestion you go back and work on your story lines and try to make it a more clear exactly what or who you are singing about. This could be a very nice song with a little more work. Never give up. Peace, CBW

I love it

I really like the old skool style of music. One of the best things about this song is that it has meaning and it is clean. This song has a live performance sound and it doesn't have to sound like studio recording, that statement was aimed toward the sound not quality of the recording. I think a well thought out, heartfelt song. Continue to make music like this and you'll be fine.

My thoughts.

Thanks for sharing this song. For anyone who is a daddy this song hits home for sure. Well written. I would love to hear a professional arrangement on this song. It works now, but WOW. WIth a pro on the board this song would be really special. Sincere, heart felt lyrics. So simple, yet powerful. Thanks again.

Brilliant and heartfelt lullaby

Brian Danter has written and sung an excellent lullaby. It is a love song to a little girl and a little boy, sung with conviction. As I imagine any child hearing this song sung to them, I see it having only positive effects to last a lifetime. I say this as a psychology major who raised two healthy children myself. The songwriting is outstanding. From a technical standpoint, the voice and delivery are so strong that I don't mind the cheesy synthetic harp and strings. However, I think the song would be improved if the synthetic drum were eliminated altogether. It is monotonous, and that much steady high frequency tapping ends up being more of a distraction, almost like static. Love the song, hate the "drum." Looking forward to hearing more from this artist!
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