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JLT RECORDS I'm Saved - JL The Cool Jay/Danter Collaboration

This track is really cool. The arrangement is well thought out. Despite the drum machine, the track has real soul and the guitar work is excellent. The mix needs some tweaking... perhaps a bit more pan spread and some compression on the vocals. I tend to favor the les paul sound, and this track has that guitar bite! I look forward to more from this artist. Christian Rock is usually a bit more contrived, and this track doesn't over do the religious connotations. Good job.

I can imagine jesus dancing to this ,

very creative , ans a great jamming message, always , know no matter wht the story, worded right and up beat, tight sound, matt 24 jesus gave signs, of the end of the system of things, dan 11 explains the near future, and psalms 83 18, tell us gods name,, just like you and me,, we answer to a name not a dialog,, god,,,love the tune brothers,, felt a little tom petty , but over all m great , hit,, thanks for,, letting me review, , your time and hard worked paid, off all who call upon jehovah will be saved,james lindsay, now I am jamn in my head saved i been saved hahaha thanks jlt records kNowledge oF truTh,, looking forward to streaming the rest of your music, ,,Isaiah 4 And in that day YOU will certainly say: “Give thanks to Jehovah, YOU people! Call upon his name. Make known among the peoples his dealings. Make mention that his name is put on high.


Well I have said it before and no doubt I will say it again although this time I have discovered a really good fusion between Rap and heavy rock that the wonderful people at JLT RECORDS have found and produced to a very good standard. The back Beat and electric guitar are screaming out loud and proud. Any rock band would be privileged to have a great back line up like this. The vocals need some work done on them as they are not as well balanced as everything else. All in all a good concept!! Keep it up guys. Xx JBH Xx

Groovy Tune

I really like the guitar on this track, and a great catchy hook line in the chorus. Hope to hear more tracks if they're anything like this one. Great sounds and a nice grungy style guitar, keep rocking.

better than most of the crap that is on this site

first impression is I liked the beat and the crunchy guitar. solid lead guitar work, its a toe tapper. I like that the chorus had different chord progressions than the verse. don't know that it needs 3 guitar solos but at least they were good. I guess I was waiting for the bridge but it never came so it became a little monotonous.

Like this song!

Great song with great music! The vocals were nicely done, however, on a constructive note, they could have been a little louder in the mix. The best makes you want to tap your foot to the beat. It’s a great song!


I really really like this the guitar is off the chain your lyrics are on point and the track Is ???? clear ???? mastered well and composed my favorite music is Gospel Even Christian Rock I do Gospel Rap because I love giving God all do praise thank you so much for your gift with me and the world continue to make great music and stay creative and at anytime I would like to hear more of your music and send the links to where I can purchase your music once again thank you so much for sharing please keep me posted and may God continue to bless you In all your endeavors have a great day and enjoy your weekend and never stop sharing your gift with others we are helpful one to another and always stay connected to the true vine Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Key message drowned out by great band

"I'm Saved" by JL the Cool Jay/Danter Collaboration is straight-up rock and roll, driven by an outstanding performance on guitar and bass. Drums are so steady and sound so thin by comparison that I suspect they are synthetic. The lead vocal is mediocre, and occasionally rushes the beat. The main message is "I'm saved by the blood of the Lamb," a worthy refrain for all ages in all places, but the rest of the lyrics tend to be drowned out in the mix. In Christian music, this is especially important, because the lyrics are where the ministry is. Otherwise, this is just any other music -- but really good music.

Rockin beginning

Great guitar kind of a talkin walk-in blues rock,nice harmony guitars,good message,the chorus tag should have harmonies great lead,looking for more dynamics,but a good song,maybe a big change,but I understand the groove is important.and keeping the.vibe,maybe a bridge.but once again good message,could be brought up to a great song with a few tweaks.good band,keep it up .they want 330 characters,the strange gremlins who are the establishment in here about territory so trying my darnest.lol


Cool intro but I would cut the intro drum out completely. Nice guitar work great tone. A combo of Rap and rock which is always fun. The bass could be mixed higher the solo guitar is nice and tasty.
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