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Dynamite the Dinosaur

This is the first time I've listened to a kids song in years so it took me a minute to gear in and then it was like ...wow this is great...this is something I would've loved to play for my kids an I know they would have like it very much. I think it takes real talent to gear to the child's mind and for that I would say to you keep writing music my friend as we dont have enough wholesome song for children these days.

Dynamite the dinosaur song

Oooh...kids did love this track....it's so playful n childish too, wow! Keep up the good work mate...tis a masterpiece.. I've watched a movie based on a childplay song and it happen that the main artist who used to sing a certain song for his kids, when the song got stollen or was sold on contract n they had to go in court.


My guy this is not it. I can't ride down the street playing this. How do I get jiggy to this? I mean honestly, you have to be trolling, with this nursery type of song if even that. My guy just me no k


er Song hat absoluten Ohrwurmcharakter, klasse Sound Die Stimme ist auch toll, auch im mehrstimmigen Bereich passt alles optimal zusammen. Klar wird hier versucht die masse anzusprechen, nicht den verwöhnten Musiker, dem das vielleicht zu ............. ist. Aber wenn das euer Ziel war ist euch das gelungen. Naja und die masse ist ja auch der Hörer, und der "will das hören". Absolut saubere Produktion.

Children's Song

I think this would be a great Children's sing. I think kids would love this. Very catchy music and lyrics. Nice mix of different instruments. I could see my grandchildren singing along with this.


This bands music is so good you should definitely check them out I like your beats the vocals everything is so cool we definitely need to check it out rate cool little projects spreaded everybody


The instrumentation was good, perfect for kids to listen to and would recommend to parents for any occasion, continue to write songs in this same vein and was easy to listen to at this time.

TV Show

This is perfect for a children’s show, it puts me in a mind of getting everybody ready for that famous cartoon. I really like the way you put this together, it makes me feel as if the show already exists.


Very unique sound, with an interesting beat. Really liked the song, it would be even good on a children's album. Awesome sounds, good work by the artist. Keep up the good work, love, love, love!!! I would recommend!

Delightful, but needs re-mixing

This is a light-hearted song about a dinosaur moving into the neighborhood. It sounds like it is intended to teach children good manners and how to be polit, and would probably be effective in that purpose, if the words were easier to catch. The track features a good and skillfully played rhythm guitar, a bass mixed just right, and what sounds like live drums. There is also a keyboard, skillfully played and synthesizing a trumpet (not very convincingly). Unfortunately, this "trumpet" sound steps all over the lyrics throughout the song, so that about 25% of them are hard to understand. It takes several times through the song, studiously tuning out the "trumpet", to fully understand what the words are saying. The tenor lead vocal is mixed at a good level, in relation to the rest of the band, and the singer's voice is pleasant and non-threatening, which is important in kids' music. One last word: when I saw the title, I was concerned that "dynamite" might be a verb, and this song might be an anti-evolution rant. I was relived to find out it was not so! I would suggest adding a comma to the title, so it reads: "Dynamite, the Dinosaur". In addition to being good grammar, it makes clear at the outset that Dynamite is the dinosaur's name, even before you listen to the first word of the song. Enjoying the work of this artist!

Gentle and funny song

This song has some gentle Beatles atmosphere. The singer's voice is sweet and the history is kind and funny. The swing and the plot can dialogue with the way children's thought and invite the imagination to create and play! Congratulations!

Verry good

Verry inspired nicely done like the new melody old school style wish it was more longer please send me some more cause I can relate to this I might do a virgin remix I’m just vibing wit it as I sending this review

Ma révision pour vous ...

Bonjour, je suis en train d'écouter votre musique, je vais argumenter ce qui me vient à l'esprit. Construction musicale, impeccable, le chanteur emploi de bonnes intonations pour nous transporter dans sa chancon et je trouve ça très professionnel. Une bonne intro et outro aussi, j'aime le bridge qui transforme le milieu de la chanson pour nous faire entendre une nouvelle série de notes et tout en harmonie avec le reste de la chanson. Si j'étais un enfant je serais content d'écouter cette chanson. Je vous encourage à produire des nouvelles chansons, vous avez du talent. (please use google translate) bien à vous, .exe

Dynamite the Dinosaur Review

This is an enjoyable little song but I was surprised to see that it's categories are Christian Rock and Classic Rock. I immediately thought it was a children's tune. It's a good story and tune that might do better for you if you market it as Children's and/or Indie Pop. The melody is a bit catchy which is always a good thing a song. Good luck with your music!

all righty

This music is obviously geared towards children, and its GREAT. You can hear the fun and passion you have for this type of stuff. Music is well done, professional mix. Your voice is out front which is something I always listen for. The band is tight, well rehearsed and into it. Nice job.
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