JLT Records / Traitors Gate / Strange Fascination with Evil (Danter)

JLT Records .... Strange Fascination with Evil Danter

This tracks quality and professional production is wonderful such a full funky sound spanning Decades of styles and distilling them in to one song. Just gets better when using good over ear head phones or big speakers. Great guitar work both the rhythm punctuating the vocal and the Crunch sound of the lead blows me away .. recommend adding to you road trip play list Press Plat your in for a treat

Bop review

Wow I love the powerful rhythm section in the beginning slapping you right in your face. I hear a very kool funk guitar sound mixed in with some awesome lead guitars.i hear a hint of INXS and the vocal a tiny hint of Judas Priest.the vocals and the hook are on fire I love the arrangements in this tune.it just pulls you out of your seat and says wow.i dig the whole entire song from beginning to end honestly this is probably the best tune I’ve heard here on number one. This song is a hit. I love it.

A strange fascination, with a review

I grew up in the 80s this has a funk feel, and have a collective, sound, peter Gabrial, Phil Collins, Lao kool on the gang, you have a tight group, your voice, is a wide range, I think I even heard Ozzy Osborne, in your voice range and, keep it up, people recognize, and they relate, as they already know and can be relaxed with your music, I am impressed, the dedication it takes to, accomplish, this sound and such a tight group, its a marriage tight band, the hours the, money, and not many, Get ahead, in music, momentarily, so you had to enjoy, and compromise, your own voice, .seems you have done this great job, funny how many people don't believe on the devil, 1914, first world war, hurled to the earth, no more influence on the heavens, Matthew 24 signs, of the times .and the kings symbolic ,but they always have changed, through history, .north and South, is united nations , north is soviet, . thank you for , letting me, Review your music, Sincerely James Lindsay, knowledge of truth, jehovah is the only true gd creator of the life and world we live,


As always with this performer A great no nonsense Intro, well in reality it was straight in and wake you up time, as I imagine or suppose that was the point of the song for the listeners. It reminded me of Bon Jovi meets Duran Duran, which is an impressive thing to do. This is a catchy number which I love it’s a wonderfully put together song with really competent and abley talented musicians and fabulous musicianship throughout the complete track. The reference to Simon Le Bon and Bon Jovi was not just inspired by the driving chugger base and the raunch lead guitarist it was also the reflection of the vocal the superb singer and his ability to perform over and around the substantial music. Brilliantly engineered and produced. Artey Williams loves it

Strange Fascination with Evil (Danter) ???? hehe.. JLT Records - Desirous Review .

Uhm... Snake is quite ... It’s a strange... Uhm.. let’s see... Voila... super xunga this song.. ehh do mirror... ☮️☯️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☢️???????? TOP. Check mine profile to get to look better that strange fascination you talked about.. at least it is strange.. but kind conscious...❤️????????❤️ , Pedro Miguel!!


great song great Christian rock song which I truly like I love gospel music I love anything to do with Christian and Christian rock and gospel contemporary thank you for allowing me to review your song I Really Love praising God to my music keep on rockin for Christ thank you for sharing with me and others don't stop being a blessing to the world continue to stay outside the box continue to be unique and be who you are never compromise who you are and what you believe and don't be afraid to go to the next level and stay creative stay unique a really good song well put together will Renton real song I Love lyrics and vocals have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors and remember to keep me posted on any new music that you may have coming out God bless

Danceable rock and roll with half-drowned lyrics

JLT Records' intriguingly titled "Strange Fascination with Evil" is danceable and expertly performed rock and roll right from the driving percussion intro, with classic instrumentation: drums, bass, and guitar, and strong performances from all the band members. Hard to tell if the drums are live or synthesized. The sturdy and on-pitch lead vocal is barely out front of the band in the mix, with the result that only about 70% of the lyrics are understandable. Based on the lyrics I could make out, this may have been by design. If the song was not styled as "Christian," I wouldn't mind this, but if the intent is to honor Christ, the ministry is in the lyrics, and the lyrics need to be out front. Otherwise, it's just rock and roll, and not Christian rock and roll. The lyrics also need to NOT be gratuitously inflammatory. I don't mind words like "raped" if they are necessary to make the point, but here it just seems needless. It's not rape if you're volunteering for it, and that seems to be the whole point of the song. Anyway, that's my take on it. Another interesting recording from an interesting label.


Strange Fascination with Evil review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job


better then van haulen!!!!keep rockn..old school!hot for the teacher remake but a more intricate,,!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rating!...............................!!!!!

Stranger things

Yep.rock funk,very cool,you guys are good.great hook and verse,voice kinda like steely dan,good beat and tempo and harmonies,I like that change on the chorus in the middle,get out of here! Could of used a break there and is wandering a little in the melody ,I’d drop that part,cause the rest is solid or shorten,tighten up that middle,back to the chorus and that kicks,I like that guitar run down there,good tune rockin,radio worthy except for the little bunny trail you take solid hit material ain’t no b side.
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