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I really enjoyed this piece. The first thing that struck me was the hauntingly beautiful harmonies. The more I listened, the more I realized that there was also depth in the lyrics. So often songs are just written with cliche rhymes and formulaic arrangement. it was refreshing to hear the originality of this piece. Keep up the good work, Cash Johnson

Once Upon A Time...A Dream I had..A Time

I love the sound of this song. The essence of this song reminds me of Earth Wind and Fire's song Aquarius. It has a great 70's Folk sound.Very surprising , with revelations about how music and lyrics changes our perspective on life. The vocals are great. I would like to sing along, however, in a lower key. This song also brings to mind the song "I'd like to Teach The World to Sing" the famous Coca-Cola advert. That guitar riff at the end is very intriguing and leads the song into a new vibe. The percussion calls forth the Celtic Gatherings around the open fires of sing alongs in the old tradition of hearing the Bard's tales.

Love the harmonies

This song features beautiful voices and fantastic harmonies!! The lyrics are a bit redundant but overall I love this song. It’s just beautiful !! The guitar solo is also very good. A lot of talent here. Wonderful!!

Review Once upon a Dream

Hi JLT Records, You made a great music, but the problem is the recording quality. What I would do. The composition is good. So, I will take time to work on this track. I think this music has a great potential but the problem is the record quality. When the quality is low, the voices and the instruments don't sound good. Need to be played with a good record machine or on a recording studio to finally give at this song the quality that it deserves. The beat is not always right, but on a studio it will be okay and women voices need to be performed exactly together at the same time on each syllable. Good working and let the music play on

Great melody and lyrics

Your melody is mesmerizing and moving. I felt your chords go through me as your melody echoed the feelings the songwriter had meant for the listener to feel. Listening to you was a transcending experience and I hope to hear much more in the future. Your ability to get the melody across in an emotional fashion is art. Like a painter uses the canvas, the brush and the colors to convey their message or their story, you uses melodies, harmonies and tones to tell your story. It truly is a pleasure to hear a good musician like you

very compressed

The harmonies are beautiful, but too much unison. The arrangement leaves a lot to be imagined. The tracks are so compressed that it loses dynamics and just sounds like cardboard...let the tracks breath.

A Dream

Once Upon a Dream is a dream to listen to. The harmonies and vocals on this song are truly angelic. The notes can literally give you goose bumps. I replayed it after I heard it the first time to make sure I really enjoyed listening that much and I did.

Once upon a dream review

The female voices in my opinion are a bit too up front. The harmony of the vocals are on point and kinda reminds me of the Momas and the Popas. Once Upon a Dream to me is more a folk song. I enjoyed listening to it.


Once Upon a Dream review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Interesting, but execution is iffy

JLT Records' recording of "Once Upon a Dream (Lamenting Vinyl)" is interesting, because it's different, but suffers a bit in the execution. The message is a sorrowful lament for a bygone era, a bit vague, but with a nice melody. The mix is bass-heavy, which gives the intro a sparse sound, and obscures the lyrics throughout the song, by stepping on the vocals a bit. The vocals end up feeling like they are across the room. The female lead vocal in the first verse is doubled, and the two passes don't match. There are two or three slight but noticeable variations in pitch and timing in just those two lines. Gets the recording off on the wrong foot. The harmonies are good, and if they were mixed up front, rather off to the side, this strength could really shine. The male vocal in the middle of the song is a nice surprise, but not especially well done, and the words are especially hard to understand in that section. The rhythm guitar is off the beat in more than one spot, most noticeably just ebefore the end of the first chorus, and again in the 3 beats just before the mandolin ride. The mandolin solo is pretty mediocre, I'm afraid, and sacrifices any claim this recording might have to being classified as rock and roll. The mando puts it squarely in folk pop. Not that there is anything wrong with that. From a songwriting standpoint, the phrase "Once upon a dream I had a time" is not bad, but doesn't bear so much repetition. At the end of each chorus, two repetitions of the catch phrase (... time, ... song, ... heart) is enough. The additional two repetitions lengthen the song without adding anything, IMHO, so it ends up being 4:27 when it could be 3:45, and shorter would be better in this case. I really like those harmonies, and I really like the heart of this songwriter, so I'm being a bit demanding where the execution is concerned, because I don't want to see the strengths of your songs get drowned in the weaknesses of the production. Keep on keeping on!

Angelic Sound

Great sound, great vocals...this song should move up quick. I don't understand why songs like aren't heard more often. The voices are terrific, and it is well orchestrated. What is more pleasing is that the instrumentation doesn't overpower the vocals.

like the intro

Great vocals and harmonies, reminiscent of some Irish Rock music I like from the 70s. Female vocals really set the mood for the son and the melody line is very soothing. Clean recording well done.

original et envoutant

Un style particulier , des voix qui sortent tel un chœur religieux . Une sonorité qui nous amène dans les années 70 . Une guitare folk et un solo au son exotique . Je ne comprend pas les paroles mais c'est un morceau qui nous invite au voyage , au repos également .Le son est bon . Ce n'est pas ce que j 'écoute au quotidien , mais il faut avouer que le style est cool et enchanteur . J'encourage donc les gens à découvrir ce morceau pour se laissé bercer et partir voyager pendant une sieste par exemple !!

Once upon a Dream - review

Wow! I'm really impressed with the style and presentation of this time. Immediately reminded of Godspell but also hints of early seventies soul music. The essence of the late sixties is captured beautifully and if I didn't know it I could have sworn this was a vintage recording from that period. There is an element of gospel here but more white than black soul. Personally I really dig that stuff so I suppose this music would appeal to the billy Jack fans out there (like me!) I dig it very much and I have no criticisms at all. You've captured the vibe perfectly!!! Full marks from me.

Cool groove

Cool groove nice lyrical vocal good commercial type song so I should dream I’d guess ,harmonies are good,reminds of sixties folk groups like new christy minstrels,and the folk idea of it,good change to have solo male vocal,so good job,nice mandolin lead for a change up,folky,folksy nice toon , makes you happy dreaming
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