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A lo largo de los años.

Buenas noches compañeros, me alegra mucho haberos encontrado, ya os conocía, había escuchado un tema instrumental, pero no sabía que cantábais a lo Rush, me encantais, tenéis una música super agradable de escuchar, muy sugerente y que transmite buenos sentimientos. En este tema he echado de menos un sólo de guitarra al estilo de Pink Floyd,jejeje... pero se perdona... En serio, grandes ideas en este tema y líneas vocales muy melódicas y expresivas, sin llegar al climax podeis transmitir perfectamente lo que queréis, y las variaciones en esas líneas son realmente magistrales, recuerdan al progresive rock de los 70 y 80... una maravilla!!!! Espero que tengáis suerte con vuestros proyectos futuros y que salgan muchas más como esta!!! Un abrazo!!!

Good stuff

Singer sounds like Getty Lee. I will look for them out there. They seem to give a dreamy sound. But tends to rock at the same time. Looking for there collection of music. They seem to know there stuff


Wow! Not to give too much away but, the instrumental in the beginning of this song blew me away! Very cool. As I was enjoying listening to the rest of the song I was reminded by the lead vocalsist of the band called Rush. Then pleasantly surprised by the rocking sounds like Bad Company. Ya gotta hear this song!

your song

Hi there JTL Records, here I am, thank you so much for sending me your song to review it, I like the song very much, very unusual song with that voice in the beginning which reminds me the singer of Rush, very nice voice, very unique. Very ear catchy melodies, the drum groove is very nice played and the strings inside the song is just great, the sound is very clear, maybe the volume could be a bit louder, however, it is great so ! When I listen more and more, is like being listening to Rush, an old band from Canada which I used to listen a lot, keep that work up guys, very nice music production, congratulations! Alfredo

Throughout the years

JLT Records have been a great favourite of mine over the last year or so with their many different styles and bands. At least I am under the impression that they have quite a few more bands under their belt as I have recommended and earned a few of their recordings. I love the song the music is professionally written and produced and the instrumentation is very well done. I particularly like the female vocalist who performs with style. So I am recommending that everyone has a good listening experience with it and search for more you will have a great time discovering their various other recordings. Xx Jona Bee Hookie Xx

Throughout The Years

I think the vocals are give an awesome flavor and unique sound to this song and I like the music as well. From a mix perspective everything sounds balanced but as a whole the song seem to being missing punch so I would ask about your levels of compression and did you use a master limiter????? Was the recording done in a studio?? Was your song mastered?? You can get free mastering on LANDR (2 per month)...Cheers. Craig

good enough to listen to again

I have high expectations of you guys. Thank you for not disappointing. I like how you broke all the rules of standard commercial songwriting. Not every song is meant for the charts right? well this little opus tickled my ears and made my imagination have a go at it. I realized that this is a performance piece that would blow a congregation out of their seats with the right visuals and maybe some sort of live interaction choreographed or something. See what I mean about how your tune sparked my imagination? It was kinda like you took us on a journey that progressed to its conclusion. I saw warrior knights on a quest on a rocky mountain road. SEE there it is again!!! anywho I enjoyed the break from the standard vcvc. Good job fellas.

Rock Christian

thank you so much jlt I really really like your music so much I love you music every song that you have sent me to review has been a great inspiration in Hit I love Christian rock I love giving God the glory through music and praise and song and dance. Thank you again for being an inspiration in my life and two other people never stop sharing your gifts and talents with the world because your gift needs to be her hair all over the globe. Please keep me posted on any music that you may have older knew I would love to listen to it you have been a blessing to me yeah great music have a wonderful day. And may God continue to bless you and everything that you go to do and to create as you lift up and glorify his holy and precious name. Amen

Going Down to The House ....

This music is volatile has an intrinsically evil reverberation from the guitar that is inspired by another spirit not of my God. There is a sound of the serpent in these umder tones and overtones seem good until you hear the back ground percussion. I don't know what has happened with this band but it is not what I expected as I would gauge from previous artistry. I encourage you to return upward to The House of The Lord Jesus Christ. He is The Lord, The Only Messiah who can save your souls from eternal torment in the lake of Fire which will btw be hurled into the abyss,.apart from any light of Christ or any other light. You have missed out, if you continue going this chord you will reap everlasting eternal torment for your souls. s from another realm I would not want to visit. It is from the dominion where I would not belong or wish to remain if ever brought there. and song is inspired by another spirit. I

A Gentle And Deeply Spiritual Track!

A really nice track with a gentle focussed energy. Nice guitar and a good pulse and rhythm from the bass and steady slightly swinging drums. Its nice tio hear a Christian track withoiu a message stuffed deep down your throat. Subtle messages are infinitely more powerful. The vocal are powerful and deep! Good mixture well produced!!

Old School Style

I like the intro right off the bat. a very cool singing voice a little Getty Lee style. also a little Supertramp sound. I like the Lyrics and the melody lines are all on point. Nice drum recording keep it up very very fun.

your song review

I love this so I gave it top rating I think it got great music great lyrics great singing great performance I think I like this to have more percussion but that is me it is great as it is I think this could reach number one on the charts so I think you should give it your best shott at it although there are a number of great talent artist who can do the same today and that is the good news about this because working for it can be said as rewards to know you reached number one above others I have been there it is great I hope you give it your best shot like to see you hit the big number one charts I think you can GOD BE WITH YOU ALL out there bless you from Themistoklis1

The good old rock

The song Throughout the Years from JLT Records begins with a mystie guitar intro that opens up a world of the good old classic rock, it comes up with this song and the singer guides you through the song like in the good old times of rock music. It is an easy to listen song if you like this kind of songs that speaks a clear and true message to you. Lets rock and never let it die. the cows

Kept Waiting

I liked the keyboards at the beginning of the song. Your singer has a unique-sounding voice, similar to Geddy Lee (Rush). As the song progressed I couldn't get an idea as to what the story or message was. The drums sounded great, powerful snare, but about three quarters of the way, where I thought the guitar would've kicked in, it never happened. I "kept waiting" for a guitar lead. Lastly, the vocals near the end were very hard to understand what was being said. Maybe it's just me. Good luck!

lennons' rush

cool synth and guitar beginning the drums and beat are expected but nice good lyrics and vocal,wanting this to kick up a notch,legion is an evil entity so i'm not sure where that fits, a stronger drum part more fills and more dynamics with kicking lead over the strings at the ending would blow this through the speakers great song even though it screams for more,my suggestion play it loud!
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