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Touching The Hem of His Garment

Inspired lyrics for revelation. I like this song. I think it would also be a chart topper in Christian Pop as well. I like the 70's tone. It is like the folk genre that rose up with songs by Jesus Culture and Bob Dylan. A great way to tell the events of the biblical times through song. It would be an excellent song to sing during an Open Door production of the Bible Stories. Nice fast paced percussion and vocals. I hope you get lots of exposure wherever you take your band. It would be very inspiring if you could perform your songs in theatre or a play. I hop you will also consider putting this song in the category of Spiritual Genre. I am sure it would be a chart hit.

Touch the hem

Nice funky starting introduction how fabulous, such a great breath of freshness to hear some innovative things to try out and I tell you it worked really great for me. Lots of lyrics but dealt with superbly really tight percussion too and kept in line the wonderful female vocalists and the interjected narrator male vocal. Fabulous story telling, I’m doing one about the woman at the well and to paint the pictures as you have done is well done indeed. Loved it


JLT records trying to touch the Hem of his gown in my opinion as a non practicing Christian is a very good way of getting the message over with a very interesting Almost accapella and drum beats. Very good vocals work all harmonies doing different frequencies of any instruments that might have been used instead. All in all a very interesting and good piece. Xx JBH Xx

Hem of His Garment

I really love this song and the title is awesome touch the Hem of His Garments.everyday of my life as I seek my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I would love to touch him in some type of way because he is awesome Creator our provider he is our father and I just want to touch him with living right with my life. That I really appreciate the music that you really share with me and how you bless the world with your gifts and your ministry never stop sharing never stop being creative and never stop giving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the praise.thank you again for sharing is awesome song with me it makes me think about my relationship every day with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ thank you again have a wonderful day and God will bless you and all that you go to do and create continue to seek his face and never stop being the person who you are God bless.

Great song

Excelent music for the Lord! I really liked that electric guitar you are so talented musicians! Lots of love from Argentina and if you like you can visit our N1M too we are Og Family! Peac

Danceable but ragged

JLT Records' recording of "Trying to Touch the Hem of His Garment" is a pleasant and danceable tune, and seems to be genuine worship, but suffers from some execution problems. The biggest structural problem is the prominent juxtaposition of a busy bass line with a pair of (or doubled) female lead vocals. The bass player is talented, but feels like he (or she) is trying to do a little too much. The bass line would be just as tasty and considerably more effective with 10-20% fewer notes. It also feels to me like the bass is mixed too far forward, given that the message is being carried by female singers. The voicing and instrumentation feel more like folk than classic rock, and the lyrics are just rushed enough, and the vocal just drowned enough in the overall mix, that only about 70% of the lyrics are understandable. That is important in a song like this, where the ministry is in the words. The rhythm gets a little sketchy at about the 2:00 mark, near the end of the bridge. The rhythm guitar is completely transparent, which is a good thing. The drummer is steady, but needs to vary the feel more, between the verses and the choruses. Otherwise, it gets a little monotonous. The two female lead vocalists are on-pitch and impressively wordy, but unfortunately, there are small precision problems of timing and pitch throughout the song that come with this, made more acute by the rushing flow of words. This tune could be slowed down just a little bit, to let the words breathe, and put more soul into the vocals. I like the song, and the danceable groove, and the band is talented. I have a hunch the songwriter(s) has something significant to say. I want to encourage this group to keep working, and would not mind at all, hearing more from them.

Great Song

I love rhis creation you have made keep pushing stay motivaed and focused and i can see you going far in the industry keep going.... Also please visit my page and listen to my latest single "House Party" also please recommend and share for me Thanks

Halli Hallo

Auch wieder mal voellig ueberraschend neu die art und weise des song arrangements und wie ich finde auch ein ziemlich eigener sound was ich positiv meine leider finde ich den song etwas monoton was aber ja durchaus gewollt sein kann


review. this song is a strictly christian piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in christian style as I said everything recalls the christian genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a christian piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

No song title hem of his garment ?

Kinda rough beginning but the vocals comin blending,though the women are have a difficult time keeping the rhythm of the melody in the fast section,it’s a decent groove but could be cleaned up,also I can’t understand the words,oh,..... hem of his garment,you bet need to sometimes,so a good little tune,good message in the chorus but the words get lost in the verses,so,... with Christian music ,it’s about the Word first,then,the rest of the arrangement.


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