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Some thoughts on TREE OF GLASS

To begin with - the title of this song - is certainly unique - and in a very good way! Okay - you have my full attention now what? The song has a intro that reminds me of landing on a planet somewhere far away - not sure what's up ahead? Then I hear bells in the distance - where am I? The bells get louder and reach a fever pitch. Then the music takes off - kicking riff that is smoking. I love this kind of thing - so for me a guitarist/songwriter - I'm digging this ride. Fun fun fun - it makes me want to go out and jump in my truck and just hit the highway and cruise with the radio turned up REAL LOUD! Not sure where the "tree of glass" is - but it doesn't matter because I'm flying along with this music pushing me to go forward. Now I have to say this would make a great video - of what I'm not sure but - it has lots of energy and could go in a thousand directions with any good creative mind. Fortunately, the song cranks it up as it goes near the exit - vocals come in but they're not clear to me. The smash - crash ending is superb. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the ride - from beginning to end. One great instrumental (I won't count the vocals at the end - not strong enough to make the point) Overall, this song is incredible - my only concern - is that if you're going to put vocals in an otherwise great instrumental - put em up where they shine and go out on par with the music or - at least close to it; neck and neck to the finish line. Love this song. Man O man - please write more of this kind of thing... In Jesus Name/Michael/fool4christ


Chemtrails....drones in the air....cars and trucks....church bells ringing in the...shout of alarm....such a unique introduction, quite startling and ominous. Then this great Classic Rock Instrumental that just keeps the listener engaged and on edge. Great percussion and singular guitar riffs. This is a great composition startlingly intricate in it's conception. This music has the Telltale Signs of the a Prophetic Arrival of Christ The Commander & Chief of the End-time Warfare. I guess when we will have a normal day and then suddenly all will change and break loose! I could not hear the lyrics clearly at the end. Please post these and I would only suggest a re-mix with a clearer vocal track. Accolades and Awards both here and in Heaven's Hall of Fame is what I see. Could be that it was was given to you by divine inspiration to play during the build up to the Rapture....3 days of Darkness and then Whoompf! We're outta here! Ready or not He's Coming Any Day Now!

I Love it.

Loving the way the song starts. The instrumentation is phenomenal. I want to hear more from you guys. Hope to hear more music soon you guys are amazing. Do have a album out i would get it now.

Tree of Glass (Salt of the Chief Cornerstone)

Das Intro ist schon mal sehr sehr interresant und man ist gespannt was darauf folgt. Klasse die instrumentale Umsetzung die durch die vielfältigen Parts nicht langweilig wird trotz der Länge des Tracks Super Gittarren tolle Soloeinlagen .Bin begeistert von der musikalischen Vielfältigkeit Super Thanks for listening

Tree of glass

Takes a bit of time to get started more like tv music or advertising music it really leads to what do you want to do with it.Christian rock I don't think so.Ambient rock or classic rock yes. It's well played maybe more vocals.Good luck and keep rocking

Remarkable instrumental

JLT Records' recording of "Tree of Glass (Salt of the Chief Cornerstone)" is uniquely creative, and a remarkable composition, compelling, and well executed. It begins with industrial sounds, like airplanes taking off and landing, with a church bell ringing in the background, but becoming more and more insistent, then breaks into a high-energy rock and roll waltz: wild, frenetic, urgent dance music that goes on and on. It would make good sound track to a suspense and intrigue thriller movie, where everything hangs in the balance as the good guys work hard for what seems like an eternity, to beat the bad guys. But it would work just as well as the sound track for the bad guys' efforts. Then it cools off, and sounds soothing almost Indian, before heating up again in 4/4 time. The whole thing is well-executed, from the performance by the musicians, to the production work behind the console. I can imagine this song being a very satisfying dance number for teens out late at night, or for a men's group, or for primal scream therapy. It makes you feel, whether you want to or not.

Surprisingly cool

I really like this song. It seamed a little strange at first with the intro, but I suppose it was because I didn’t know what to expect. After it got into the body of the song I realized what it was going to be. small nuances within the body of the music make it very interesting. I plan to check out more tunes by JLT records.

Liked it allot

Took a moment to get going. But once it did I really enjoyed this. The guitar hook got me ....I say listen to it and play it a few times to get a really good feel for it. Nice keyboards and drums are pretty spot on. Great recording work too...

Well-done instrumental

Windsor, Ontario label JLT Records has produced a nice instrumental track entitled Tree of Glass (Salt of the Chief Cornerstone). The driving shuffle feel is nice and the accurate guitar picking is excellent. A nice listen!


Tree of Glass review. this song is a strictly rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in rock style as I said everything recalls the rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job


I like the beginning,tree of glass,it takes a little but the bell,sort of churchy,okay kicking riff good groove,like this,good drums and guitar,fusion sort of,could use a melody over the groove,to kick up a notch,like a mahavisnu tune,to headhunter,it needs something,a mother change up,not big on the wanderer sound organ,but still kicking,drums could come up a tad,love those types of drums,but needs a theme,nice change to sort of tablas,eastern vibe,good overall,but could use a little compositional guidance,more thematic,some goth vocals happening,interesting ending,though I could hear what they were singing. Kicked

Tree of glass

Arrangement: An interesting beginning to a song. I like the usage of background sound effects; Very few bands know how to use them to the best possible way to set up a mood. I like the complexity of different rhythms and time signatures. well done! Since there are no vocals in the way of lead singer, harmony singer, etc.......at least there are some background "mood" vocals that come out near the end. I could not understand what was being sung.....but I'm sure it was necessary. I look forward to hearing more from this band. I'm always interested in progressive christian rock. Blessings to ya! Donivan
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