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Classic rock encouragement

JLT Records' recording of "Don't Give Up (Jael)" is Christian encouragement in classic rock style. The intro says classic rock, with a tight band, clear, clean, skillful guitar solo, backed by a good drummer and bass player. The harmony in the bridge, halfway through the song, is welcome and well done. I like the old-school idea of using cut-ins in the intro and outro, as if we were listening to a news report in the background.

Even Christians Get The Blues (And That's A Good Thing)

"Don't Give Up (Jail)" has a smooth and easy feel to it. Definitely blues influenced with minimal instrumentation that works well with the melody and message. The singer has a very "familiar" tone to his voice meaning he sounds like we've heard him before...and it's comforting. Recording is done well, clean and professional. Simple message but one definitely needed these days. Looking forward to hearing more from this group.

Great work

Keep on making great music you have a great ear. I love the instrument placement. Keep pressing and grinding i can see you on the Billboard Awards I will meet you there we will win win win

Don't Give Up

Love the beginning of this song. Seemed very originally incorporated into the rest of the song. Vocals were original. Almost a Bowie sound reminiscent of the eighties. Guitar lick kicked and rocked. Don't Give Up!


Alright, nice bluesy Intro almost a Tom petty groove happening.nice arrangement especially with the bass and drum groove. Kool clap traps on the snare drum. Harmonies well placed good verses good hooks, good solo spots especially in the solo spots. I guess this would be considered a top 40 r and b. Tune.i like the way it starts out and closed with with flipping around the old radio to tune into.very well thought out. Good intro, verses, nice bridge and solo spots, altros. Very nicely done.keep on creating.

Don't Give Up

Hi JLT Records not bad at all first I would like to say I really like lyrics so give the songwriter a hand shake great job what really got me the most was the song structure and music the vocals were good as well but I would have like them with a little more power behind the vocals the listener needs to really feel the power behind the song you are singing make them really feel the song other than that great job I hope the info I have given to you will be of some help to you from New Experience Rec/Universal/Music Group.


This is a great song I really like it the guitar strings are banging and really love the lyrics this minister to me because today is six years of my wife passing and I was pondering on hers so I really appreciate you sharing your music with me and the world so keep on making great music and never stop creating I know now that I can keep on pressing my way through so that so thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.


I enjoyed the opening few bars of this piece with the very melodic guitar solo and introduction. When the vocals came in I guess I expected a little more but really enjoyed the meaning and the lyrics about what you were saying. I might rework the vocal line a little bit with giving a little more emotion and melody to the lyric and also work on the timing as that was throwing me off a bit. This song has potential and I believe with the proper work involved will be a very powerful tune. I am only giving corrective criticism as I really do like the song overall. Good luck in your future endeavors!


Don't Give Up (Jael) review. this song is a strictly Rock piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rock style as I said everything recalls the Rock genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rock piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Don't Give Up

Great track!! Such an excellent recording due to the cleanliness of the production. Well mixed and spread out with enough depth that the listener is allowed to relax and let the instruments and vocals wash over the pallet. The performances of the musicians is excellent and the vocals are not drowned by reverb or delay. I will recommend this song for multiple reasons. Since I'm so impressed, I rate this track at a 4.7. The only thing stopping a 5.0 is that, had I had a hand in the production, I would have added a few mixing/panning tricks to this very clean recording. Great job!!

review song Don't Give Up

I think this is a top song it reminds me how i feel sometimes in what I go through perhaps others do also or the person writing the song ALSO music sounded tops fantastic so as the lyrics singing so on all fantastic i think this song can make it to the top with promoting it and i think you should I think in my opinion I do not see anyone in the lord not loving this song i think they should love it or most should may GOD be with you your family friends and everyone GOD BLESS you all i enjoyed this song so i gave it top rating

Good job JLT Records

I like the music production very much. The music is well compiled and of good production quality. I only recommend to be bold in your vocals. They sound laid back. I make this mistake too. Especially when it's a new song and I haven't rehearsed it enough prior to recording. I hope this helps. Keep going, Jeff

I won’t

Good message solid groove tone reminds me of Peter green in fleetwood words in the beginning could be a stronger prose,but sometimes the plain and simple message is better so,...harmonies bring thoughts of America or csn so I very nice change up there.the message needs to be heard in this crazy world and days. As so many hearts are growing colder,the gospel of Jesus Christ is under attack so after we’ve done all we must stand.god bless you for fighting the good fight and staying the course.


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