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Tough subject

Often we Christian musicians perform a role as messengers of the faith. I had a little trouble grasping the message in this song, but I think it is s little abstract. Pro life is a subject we should definitely be pushing, but how to approach it in a secular world is tough. The music was a bit confusing as it started out feeling hard and ended up softer and warmer. It is possible that that was exactly what the artist wanted here. I liked the vocals and instrumentation arrangement. Well balanced and good quality. I gave 5 stars because it is a good song approaching a tough subject to make a difference.

Excellent Song

Some songs are small jewels, some songs are anthems, this song could certainly become the later. Clean, crisp and compelling vocals; the music and playing is very supporting, augmenting without overtaking. I give this 5 stars.

Hört sich echt toll an

Keine Schlechte Arbeit muss man Sagen vor allem eine tolle Stimme Top würde ich mir kaufen auf jeden Fall. Macht weiter so und ganz liebe grüße aus Deutschland und von der Band CC-Analyse

Bop review

Hey gang it’s time to write a new review so let’s get started, off the bat this song has many different influences here the sound of Motley Crue,twisted sister and missing persons.nice arrangement from beginning to end,nice bass and drum tracks the singer sounds exactly like gayle noxious.the guitars and the keyboards were mixed perfectly, the song in a whole is a nice blend of rock and pop top 40,very nicely done.

Rocking out For Christ

Thank you so much for allowing me to review your song I really like it it's a really awesome song I love to be out of Melody well put together. Continue stay creative nap stop sharing your gifts and talents with the world keep on going find my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with your gift and never stay inside of a box. I'll get a wonderful New year this year be more creative go all out for Christ like never before because we living in our last and evil days that I focus beyond him focus on kingdom building. Once again thank you for sharing your music with me I really like your ministry keep on going God is good thank you so much and may God continue to bless you and all that you go to do in create a rock on keep rocking for


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What's the message?

great music, great voice, but there is no message in this song. It confuses me while listening. The message needs to be clear. Is this about a girl, an organization? Christian music need to have a direct message and should be Christ focused.

Love the song

Definitely love this one here i see that you also uae legion beats as well great service love there work and you have done a great job as well keep up the great work stay motivated and focused i can see you going far in the industry also please visit my page and listen to my latest single "House Party" also dont forget to recommend and share

Interesting sound with enigmatic lyrics

Legion's recording of "Rachel" has a dark sound, bass-heavy and drum-heavy, with an unusual but well-sung female lead vocal, and enigmatic lyrics. The lead vocal needs a little more presence to escape the gravitational pull of the bass and drums, as the lyrics become hard to understand at times. The song is classified as Christian Rock, but I'm not sure why. There are clear biblical references, but the chorus is an appeal to somebody named Rachel, to be a guide and inspiration. Who is this Rachel? This is not Jacob's wife Rachel from the book of Genesis, I don't think. That said, the song is interesting to listen to, and well executed, even if the mix is a bit heavy-handed.

Be Still....And Wait ...Rachel

I love the upbeat bell like sound of this music, I did not like the intro of heavy rock and I found it jarring out of synch with the message of the song. The instrumental is key and just what is needed to make the song resonatse with me the hope of heaven. May the God of all hope fill us with joy in believing. A voice like Cindi Lauper wearing the heart on the sleeve. All I know this is really gripped me from the first line in the lyrics. "Be still...and wait Rachel..." would be my choice for th song title since it is a song of faith and this is a scripture from Psalm 46:10. The song helps me to remember to give every day over to The Lord and in the waiting comes the blessing of hope and joy in His Presence whether in heaven or on earth. Pass it on! A timely messgae for a world in turmoil. Very enlightening! The percussion is excellent and makes the whole song uplifting!

Prayers are heard by God

Rocking beginning kinda AC/DC,cool voice follow,rockin tune,nice intro of drums,and great arrangement,rush,good kick up and groove,great song,bass is great band too,keep up the good news and message, I’m impressed by this one,not usual but great a step above,yep Rachel go on,Rachel means ewe a baby lamb,very fitting,loved by Jacob she prayed for children and God heard her,we must pray too. Blessings to you.


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