JLT Records / Intelligent Design / Baptism of Fire (Salt of the Chief Cornerstone)

Great track

If you love modern progressive metal in the style of intervals, this ones for you. has some interesting melodies and odd rhytms, also the sound of the guitar is really heavy and focused. Love to hear more of them.

Really Good!

Wow, what tight music. Did not know what to expect, but then this stuff just goes into high gear. You guys are really good. I hear lots of influences, good ones at that. You are very advanced with your timing, which many people just don't do these days. Then all of the sudden the song switches up, and goes into a different type heavy sound. Cool. Very well put together, and mixed. The constant change of patterns is crazy good! Keep up the great tunes. Sincerely Edward Westbrook (Atomic Energy Society)


Very nice composition - very well performed - For a instrumental composition the music style is kind of special - sophisticate but popular - Solo instrument is very well suited with arrangement which is very rich with lot of very sophisticate well played instruments - In my opinion this composition have all attributes to be international radio hit - So go for it - This is great work - Keep on and do more of this fantastic music - Thank you I enjoy...

sound good

drums and guitar seems on point just a bit too fast in my opinion . not bad i was wonder if this is a band or digital equipment. i like how everything is organized the intensity is good . the music has a new rush to it .

Nice instrumental tune!

Interesting intro, quite energetic! Love the sound in general, really well mixed! Love the sound of the guitar and toms/congas/bongos/jembes or whatever they are. Heavier guitar at around 2 minute mark is awesome! Keyboards could be a tiny little bit louder. I would love to hear the use of choirs , especially in what seems to be your chorus, though instrumental. Choirs and strings would uplift the mood and take the song in a different direction. Tight musicianship! Excellent job overall guys! Again, I find your mixing and mastering to be way above most songs posted on this site. I'd be interesting in listening to other songs from you, but with a good vocalist, you guys would be absolutely awesome!! Keep on rocking. There are strings and a bit of choirs towards the end, but they could do so much more for the song. Excellent drums on that track!

The Lord is with these guys

This the best rock instrumental produce song that I've heard on this site thus far. The performance so heavy and intricate. This is very inspiring to me. The Lord has truly blessed these guys with talent. I love tribal drum beats and percussions I give these guys and this song a 5 out of 5.There skills are awesome I highly recommended this track. Reminds me of TOOL with the atmosphere tribal percussions

Awesome ????

I don't know if you got my last message I'll review but I just want to say thank you again and you never seems to amaze me you have also means that you're very talented very gifted I really really like you music you know don't stop sharing your gifts with the world.. it seemed like every time I hear some of your music each song is different you go to the next level on your creativity continue to go higher than that and change it be free and never stay inside the box one day hopefully I'll be able to purchase your music if you can send me the information where I can download and patronize you cuz you have some awesome music that I would love to share with my kids. I hope this been helpful you have a wonderful day and please enjoy the rest of your week and may God bless you and all that you go and create have a wonderful day peace God bless.

I Really Enjoyed it

This was well orchestrated, I was able to follow the track and it was surgically pieced together. I understand the format of recording and beat production but the idea has nothing to do with that technical aspect. Creating a piece or even a modern-day master piece is just as tedious as it is with a 100 piece ensumble due to the concept of the music itself over the actual labor/inception of the creation itself. I was engulfed and entertained all at once. I listened and boobed my head to this. Great work and if you don't know, music publishing for your work is very possible if you are consistent with your music production and creations. I will check you out more.

Por fin algo de mi estilo!!!

Buenas tardes desde Jerez de la Frontera! Estoy contento de escuchar vuestra música porque realmente es mi estilo, me encantan las melodías y los cambios de ritmo contrastados, y vuestra música lo tiene. Habéis integrado la percusión muy bien, se complementa con la batería, que es de lo que se trata. Muy bueno el cambio de la mitad con palm mutes, y el que le sigue con los teclados, le otorga dinamismo y reposo al tema, para luego romper con los timbales y con un nuevo y potente riff de guitarra... perfecto, muy ingenioso cada cambio, y muy buen cosidos, decreciendo en intensidad en el último tercio para terminar como se empezó... OLE!!!! Os deseo lo mejor compañeros!!! Un saludo desde Andalucía!!!

Baptism of Fire - Review

Thank you for asking me to review your music. A very aggressive start with quite the intensity and pace. Great pace and tempo. Great clean sound with the lead guitar. Great percussion with the drums and hand bongos. The accompaniments of a effects and a nice bridge. It builds very nicely with even more intensity even with the bass guitar very intense variety and a with a strong ending. Nicely done! All the best!


I Like The Energy in Your tune..if You take out the Intro it will help..This is a Good for Life Performance as a Opening Tune..to "move" the People..for Radio Play It must be shorter around 4 min..They almost never play more ..I think this will not be a problem to cut some parts ( just for a Radio Play )..I do not know haw Music Publishers will react.. but I know that They almost never take an Instrumental Music for Publication..I wish You good luck with submissions..You did a good job..


This is a nice piece for a life performance as a break between Songs to keep people moving and as a filler for an Album but I'm not so sure if Radio Stations will put It on Rotation for many reasons .one ..it is Too long.. Radio almost Never play song longer than 4 min..yes if It is a Mega Hit they will stretch to app 5 min..I do not think Music Publisher will take It under Consideration ( They almost NEVER take an Instrumental Music and if They Do .."It must be out from This World" and Yours is not.. but I like it..Good luck with submissions..

Outstanding !

I would like to preface this review with a note to the reader. I am listening to this piece in a tuned space on broadcast quality recording gear . It tends to be very revealing . Because of that,... and an "un-level playing field", I tend to be very careful about reviewing other artists work. However, with JLT RECORDS "Baptism of Fire", the afore mentioned was certainly an asset . I am compelled to begin this review from a technical standpoint ... because this song was VERY well recorded and mixed . I am a huge fan of instrumental Rock and JLT certainly delivers ! They deliver *nearly* everything a fan of the genera require with the added bonus of NOT sounding like anybody else. Ample dynamics and varied approaches, honed through great production values, keep it fresh and the listener engaged . I will certainly be listening to this and more of their work ... and probably at much louder levels than I did for this review ! ** Now I will explain what I meant by *nearly* . First, I could follow every instrument in the sound field easily with exception of the bass. It was almost "implied" for lack of a better term . Second, Some great soloing would have been spectacular in the mix. I hope you readers won't let these footnotes of mine steer you away from a great listen .


I have a mix reactions when listen Your Tune..some parts are good and some not ..I think the best Idea is to make short version of It ( for the album cut ) Life performance will be ok...I like When Instrumental Music "do the talk and painting a picture"..I'm sorry to say that I do not feel that way listen It..on the other hand I like that Musicians Working Hard to show Theirs skills...I do think if You will make app 3.5 min long and Compress a little it will be a Nice Piece..I wish You good luck with pitching..

Baptême du feu

Du rock comme j'aime, je suis caler plus hip hop mais là vous me surpassez bien jouer, un bon rythme, et des résonnante équilibré, personnellement vous devriez être plus connu, car avec vos divers sonorité avec un mélange electro et guitare sa marche. Continuez je vous encourage.
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