JLT Records / Traitors Gate / Bathing in Blood (Danter)

Well Done Period

From the get go the song grabbed me. Then the vocals came in and were really good. Guitars, Bass, Drums were all top shelf. I really like this kind of music and style of musicianship. Recording was also a big stand out for me. I put on a really good set of cans then threw it up through my system, it just Rocks. Glad I could review this song. Not exactly sure who they are for it is under a record label it seems or studio and all I could find was Danter next to song title . So if it is those two guys in photo and the name is correct then Danter should be enjoyed more often. Good work all around.

Gary Moore Faith Convergence

Mature and purposeful music with a very nice blues base. Its nice to see that guitar players are still doing well somewhere in the music world. Bathing in Blood is a song with a strong message and a driving sense of direction. These boys have done a good work in all aspects. Take some time to appreciate what is happening here. Then check the rest of their song list out. Bravo brothers!

Rollicking Rock

Classic rock with a long-haired slant that would work well on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. Love the gritty guitar distortion and the rock solid drumming. Nicely produced recording features clear, out-front vocals and the song is a good one!

So professional

great right from the first beat.Good to hear really tight and professional muso's. Love the nice tight riff. love the vocals and the backing vocals. The lead guitar is excellent. The drummer really has his stuff together and is working well with the bass.You guys have that magic so keep up the good work and hope to hear more from you .

Bathing in Blood

Hi JLT Record 1 / Mix and production : Vocals are a little too high. 2 / Overall : I like the solo. Your style is like Iron Maiden. It's a good heavy metal track. Good luck and good way.

about Bathing in Blood

IT is a very exserlet grate song give it A+ this is why i gave it top rating ye keep on at it preach it washed by the blood of JESUS tells in parable it basically means that he paid the price for us the cosmos place it is a old way of been washed in his blood it means when he died he gave us life when he is risen we also will rise with him because he lives in our hearts therefore it means because death could not hold him prisoner and he was risen since he now lives in us that is our hearts it will not hold us prisoner as he was risen so shall we be risen at the appointed time thought i share that you probably already know? that? yes ? no? but not everyone does in case you did not i give you the good news THE ORIGINAL SAYS he came to save the whole cosmos place ye i am Greek read it anointed and from the original church from way back BUT I FELLOWSHIP in any christian church GOD LEADS ME AT THAT TIME

Master vs Mastering

First off, great vocals! I also liked the main guitar riff and the overall feel of the song. The main issue I had with the song is the mastering of the track...Has it been mastered? Very compressed and difficult to hear all of the parts. I would also strongly encourage you to take another look at the bridge coming out of the solo...really doesn't fit with what else is going on in the song. Enough that it detracts from the song. All of that said, I like the song. For me, better production and tweaking some parts could make it a very strong tune. Thanks for sharing!
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