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"Fallen Angels and the Risen... "

Hey JLT Records !! I just listened to this song twice !! At first, I didn't think I was going to listen to the whole thing all the way through even once, but it kept my complete attention for the whole 9:49 !!! WOW !!!!! What can I say? The tracks you have here are AMAZING !!! This is by FAR the best thing I've heard on this Website !!! The Sound and Production are Fantastic !! The Performance is Great !! I have to go to your Profile and check out more from you guys !!! All the Best !! - Richard Danar Music.


This beginning is dope. Got no more words to say except this song is really dope. Dope Dope Dope Dope Dope Dope Dope Dope Dope Im definitely sharing this. To all n1m users put ear to this for real.

Very Fun Song!

When I first was listening to this track I was anticipating vocals, but as the song progressed I really didn't mind that there wasn't any. This song is full of great guitar pieces and has great structure. I would love to hear more of what you have to offer, especially if they are similar to this. I give this track 5 stars because throughout the whole piece It has so much emotion without saying a single word. Love the tune, keep up the good work!

Well done ✔

Awesome instrumental work the tones are absolutely satisfyingly grand i honestly would enjig hearing more tunes like this yet it's far in between, yet sometime times in a blue moon or sooo it appers!


With very well-crafted arrangements this incredible band at shows a lot of reflection making the mind go to a higher path. A song of high level technical and wisdom of placing each note in its proper place Com arranjos muito bem trabalhados esta incrivel banda no mostra uma uma de muita Reflexão fazendo a mente ir para um caminho mais elevado .Uma musica de alto nivel tecnico e de sabedoria colocando cada nota em seu devido lugar


THIS IS THE BEST TRACK THAT IVE HEARD on N1M. PERIOD!!!!!!! This is 9 minutes and 49 seconds of pure greatness. This track was written beginning to end perfect. The production is perfect. This music took me on a journey. it took me to different places in music. its like Depeche Mode, Rush & Tool had a love child and it was this band. Its a 5 !!! star for EPIC. You must listen to this.

Dug it!

Totally loved the rhythmic structure of this song. The instruments complimented each other perfectly and I dug the timing and intensity within. This song could be heard in any drama series with a serious edge. Guitar wise, very nice! From hard to soft, dynamics were there!!! Drums were killer too! I wanted to hear more of this stuff!!! Whoever wrote this needs a big high five!! Please write more and keep me posted of future tunes!! Like I said, I dug this song!!!

Well Done JLT!!!

I love the dynamics of your transition, as if we were watching a scene in a action movie! Its very clear and ryhmic sound, very well addressed in the last few minutes. Its an all around great job , and I wish you all the best success in the near future. God Bless Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review your work! DDMartin

JLT Records has that classic sound

Progressive!!!!! These guys are rockin! Their music reminds me a lot of what used to be good about music. I can't wait to hear more material from these lads.

Fallen Angels and the Risen Ki.

Nice; as for the first verse, is it 2/4 time played under 4/4/ time? The incredible overdrive guitar felt like a "bridge". Almost sounds like an MXR distortion plus. I also like the rhythm track. You must know what you're doing to use syncopated rhythms so effectively. The vocals are almost chanting: and it darkens the feel. It's good to have this kind of variety in instrumentals, we can't stop listening. There is that verse again. Maybe cut time for percussion, and 4/4 for the rest. Ha ha ha haaa. Ya vol, ser goot. I think a slightly metal influence might be of German ancestry. I think a lot of stuff, and I like Fallen Angels and the Risen Ki.

Instrumental vibes, good surprise

Hey what a surprise! This is a great instrumental track with a lot of thematic guitar's sentenses. Very progressive song. Sound like porcupine tree (good drummer too) Tks

You have 3 songs

Hi guys; first thing that I liked is the mix and the use of drums & percussion, dealing with 09:49 minutes of mixing is not easy good job on that song! You have very good musical ideas and good sense on the changes, sometimes the intros are a little to much longer for the main melody, I really miss a more adventurous lead in the climax of the songs, to me the best part is the final after 04:58. Just my opinion and believe me I had been there try songs no longer than 4 minutes in this case you have 3 good songs. Thanks for asking my opinion. Cheers from Minnesota. El MAGICO.

great music

Nice track and so original,something I've never heard before that needs to go world wide and this also gives me inspiration far as producing is concern so keep up to good work

you review

you sound is really fantastic managed, that is a incredible bass to start, and the drums is excellent in every sound of everything . when enter the guitar with some choirs and diley it sound with begining of nice inspiration, but only goes half the song and is cool, and if it is long and creative like even more . OK going into details ,I think there is a lot of talent here, and you know what you're doing. for me it is an instrumental trend with some instrumental parts of the progressive style, and that makes it an excellent song.

nice to hear good music

That was a nice track,nice to know someone out there has talent,not only talent but good taste in music too. wish you all the best of luck in all your projects good luck
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