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Great Vibe!

Love the trashy snare sound! Also love the rawness of this rockin' band. Vocals are totally apropos for the song. Sounds as unpretentious as unpretentious can be. Good song on pretty much every level. Perfect in it's own imperfect way as rock should really be--keep it up!

Classic Rocker's With A Positive Message

Above The World from Jael is a captivating song. Interesting use of stereo fades, cool guitar leads with just the right of grit for the song. Bass and drums work well together, keeping the groove tight amidst a heavy use of effects. Positive lyrics, well thought out and crafted song. The vocals could use a bit of work, they seem a bit far away partially due to the effects and should be brought more up front, or made more clear with less effects. Overall, this is an enjoyable, well produced track.

Above the world (Jael)

Hi JLTRecords, Thanks to submit your song "Above the world" on review. First, it's just my opinion and my feeling about your song. 1 / Mix and production : Lack of bass (kick and guitar bass). the rest of mix is well balanced. 2 / Music : The drum beat is repetitive and boring. Concerning the bass on verse : the first note of bass, on the verse and while the guitar solo, doesn't seems on the range (it's a D I think). This creates a harmonic break. The guitars are harmonic and melodic, nice ambiance. 3 / Vocals : Good harmony vocals. The voice is pleasant. 4 / Overall : Except the bass note and the beat drums, it's a good track. It will be better with a real drummer for me. Good job and good luck.

Discover Why.... This is a Great Song....

I am loving your sound! The lyrics go with the background accompaniment. ...a bit bluesy and rocky. The percussion is right on the mark. There is an anointing on your sound and the words...I can sense The Holy Spirit in the mix. Your sound also a bit calls to mind the Rockabilly sound in the instrumental bridge of the 60's & 70's. I would only have one suggestion to turn down the volume on the track's instrumentation, especially at the end of each verse since your voice fades a bit and it is hard to make out the final word. "Change this trait, and cooperate"..." elucidate?" ..........I was missing..the .. " hard to follow the words in between. Possibly you would consider doing a re-master of the song and re-release it in a Wave File and even add an an extra instrumental for intro at the beginning. But as you can see, I am only a beginner and you are all well seasoned musicians so it is only a suggestion on my part to take with a grain of salt as they say. I get the gist of the song and it is a great message and testimony of how change can bring a catharsis. The lyrics remind me of an eagle flying above the world after a few years of regenerating....growing new wing feathers, even the eyes regrow and shed any cataracts....then soaring higher on the winds of a new beginning seeing clearly why change was necessary to gain greater heights of liberty and greater Joy to follow. You have a great sound and all your musicians are first class. Your voice(s) remind me of the vocal talents of Don McClean in "Bye Bye Miss American Pie" . You all have a very unique timbre to your voices which blend nicely and which I enjoy listening to your band very much. I am looking forward to hearing more from your band and wish you every success in the future. Keep writing what is in your heart and you will effect change for the better in many of your listeners. The words you write are spirit breathed and pluck at the heart strings giving a desire for drawing near to Our Father in Heaven with a contrite heart and a steadfast and willing spirit.


The only thing I would change about this piece is the mix. The balance between the vocals and the music is a little distracting. I found myself straining to hear what you were saying. I can hear harmony and the music is kicking! But I can't hear those vocals at all.

Above the world

Love the beat and has a real good rock feel. Great guitar solo leading back into the chorus. Had some trouble understanding some of the verse lyric. Maybe less volume with track or more vocal volune. Good tune

Above the world

I love title, it conjures up lots of things, The song itself is very easy to listen to, it flows nicely has nice harmonies with a tasty little lead solo.

work in progress

Whereas the beat in and of itself is fine based on the song, there is a bit of a disconnect with the instruments overall. There seems to be a need for better mixing where there can be clarity and distinction between the drums and other instruments. I can only hear a guitar so I am not sure if other instruments were involved in the process. The vocal harmony could also be tighter and some of the words were unclear. I really enjoyed the simplicity but soothing nature of the guitar solo... overall it was not a bad effort.

Nice Groove

You know a song is good when you put it on and all you do is bob your head and snap your fingers! Loved this song! Nice guitar licks through out the song. I can really appreciate a nice classic rock vibe. I only have one criticism though, the mix sounds muffled a bit. The music overpowered the vocals so I really had a hard time making out the lyrics. Would have gotten 5 stars if it wasn't for that. :)

I like the sound

The vocals need to come forward in the mix about a third of the way in. The lyrics were quite understandable to me until then, then they became hard to understand. The big problem I have with this song is something I'm finding quite common in Christian music, and that is the name of Christ missing! If this were a secular song I could rate it higher, but it's another song where I have to assume it's Christian by the genre listed. The only "clear" reference to Christ I think I heard is in the section that the vocals tend to be covered over, and I'm not even clear on the words at that point, but I think they were "bloody Christian youth". Without mentioning the How, Why or Who we allow the listener to assume what they want, which weakens the message. Love the music but have to lower my rating because of the genre. We must keep Christ in Christianity.

digging it!

I'd have to say this song is very upbeat and catchy! I dig it, from the cool guitar parts and drum beats to the harmonies that you never hear anymore... this song has it all! Love the vibe and overall theme of the song too. Some great song writing here and it's got such a positive presence and feel. I would like to hear more from this artist as their music needs to heard worldwide and I appreciate good song writing. Keep up the great work guys I know you will go far with your talents. Btw the melodies and harmonies reminded me a little of the band the meat puppets back in the day... if that makes any sense? Good luck again and keep on writing great music!!!

Above the World

ye this is good excellent deserves number 1 brother band keep up the grate excellent work these days there are a lot of grate artist but the ones that stand out above everyone are Christian artist i do not think i have heard a song from brothers or and sisters in the lord that i hated matter a fact i think they all deserve number 1 like you and your band i think it is because GOD stands by us to teach and lead and help us do it right even beginners sound tops to me if they sing or and play christian songs in this world of violets corruption SO ON GOD needs us to lead people through us to JESUS CHRIST ye well done deserves number 1 all your songs keep it up OK

nice work

Good sound. Band tight and a nice arrangement. The lead guitar very well done and not too in your face and a nice lil solo too. Nice close harmony there as well vocally.

Reminds me of early Beatles!

You have a very nice sound fella's. The songwriting is good. The arrangement is on point also. I like when you go into the harmonies on the chorus of the song! The guitar solo is just right. It seems like you guys put a lot of hard work into this song. Yes, i think you should upload more! "Much Agape"
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