JLT Records / Traitors Gate / Good Boy (Danter)

Cool smackdown kind of vibe

Hard rock shuffle with a classic hair band vibe. The elements of influence run from Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Ozzie, etc... Kinda hard not to wanna crank this up to 11 and shimmy around like nobody's lookin'. The music, the arrangement, the vocals, the production...it's all there. Congrats on a great tune!

the message

With a good basic rock structure with blues-rock and with a great vocal work of this band brings us very well done riffs with heavy guitar and drums very precisely makes us attached to music and understand the message. Com uma boa estrutura de rock basico com blues-rock e com um grande trabalho de vocal esta banda nos traz riffs muito bem feitos , com guitarra pesada e uma batera muito precisa nos faz ficar preso a musica e entender a mensagem .

Good Boy, Cool Tune

Impressive work here, has an early "Rush" style to it. Creative, positive message in the lyrics, without going over the top at any point. Well recorded and produced, excellent electric guitar lead - although I feel a slightly more aggressive tone would improve the overall groove. Would be interested to hear it at a slightly higher tempo. The vocals are excellent, good use of dynamics, drums likewise. Overall enjoyable Rock song with a reminder of the better parts of the 80's


Nice job on the recording, you can hear everything. Guitars are good as well as the drums. Cool harmonies and vocals. Keep up the good work. Oh yeah the keys are also good, I like the dual guitar work. God bless all of you. Don

Great parts

I gotta say, I love your sound. The vocals--including the backing vocals--are top notch. The drum parts are solid as well as the overall production. I wasn't as crazy about the guitar parts in this one though, but that could be because I wasn't crazy about the arrangement either. It sounded a lot like old Petra covering the 60s song Mellow Yellow. Not my thing, but again, the overall sound you get and your vocals make it very palatable. Thanks for sharing.

Good Boy (Danter)

..........Listen to this nice rock-song by JLT Records and share it........................................................ .....Thanks.... ......Wannislas......

Classic Rock Riffs

From the driving riff opening, this song, roars on to a catchy beat, sure to gets your toes tapping, Vocals are light and clear, its tight and well played, and while its Nothing new, its a very good example of the genre.

about good boy

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