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Deep Inside ... Jessica

A wonderful clean quality recording very professional sounding captures the listener from the start and the poetry of the lyrics is subtle and well crafted .. some creative and subtle double tracking on the vocals a pleasure to listen to both for the message of the song and the hard work that has gone in production of the track congratulations to you for this performance .. and the technical work put in to this track ..add to your play list press play you won’t be disappointed. Best regards Stephen

"Deep Inside" the Review

Nice work. very solid, easy to pallet, non intrusive, hum along tune. thought the vocal entanglement at the chorus was spot on. For such a held back driving guitar work, the tune comes off easy and still allows the emotion of the lyrics+melody to come across. Fantastic downmix. the note arranged and placed at the words "..spring.."(scent) and "..see..." (the pain) and ""(of life) sends chills down my skin. beautifully arranged. I really like the fact that the harmony part to the vocals in the song, especially at the chorus, doesn't bang the tenor against the wall. the front vocals were never lost in the shuffle and the lyrics spilled nicely. The harmony was low toned yet maintained it's opposing harmonic position perfectly. Loved your work. The melody really.

Voice with style

Wow that voice is killer and I love the driving of your songs,this isn’t a review about a particular song it’s about you.i love your voice,one of the best I’ve heard I sincerely hope you’re succeeding in your pursuit of music.i don’t give out this kind of feedback often,maybe never but your god given talent is superb. Too many sound like someone else and where you have popular albeit overused by many techniques in your vocal delivery you use them all correctly,never too much,at the right times and make them sound real and new.wowmike corry

Deep Inside

Ooh what a voice its so clear and beautiful .This Song is so wonderful and openend my heart. The Mix of the Track is exellent you can hear all Instruments the stereosound is perfect..Thank you for listen that Song.Greats from Germany G.W.Scott


Jessica very nice tone and range, the song is just beautiful well written and the harmonies are real strong Love to hear more from this artist Jessica you have me hooked best of luck steve from voodoo dancer.

great voice

Very nice acoustic guitar sound, The vocals are top notch, reminds me of Alanis Morissette vocal style great range, I would like to hear your voice do a Rock power ballad or song. Nice melody keep this up thanks.

Song Review

Melody and harmonics are great. Good rhythmic flow. The background instrumentation is well suited. The intro and ending are complementary to the song. Timing of melody is well composed,

I like Jessica's Deep Inside

The arrangment of the instruments on this is nicely done. I absolutely love the vocals and harmonies. I find the lyrics and theme strike a chord with me first time around and if it doesn't it would be a grower for others.

Great Vocal

Très belle, limpide une voix comme un ange !! Very strong Production !! A very strong heartwarming voice !! Een heel sterke hartverwarmende stem !! Jessica ,heeft naar mijn gevoel alle troeven in handen om een grote ster te worden .Jessica, in my opinion, has all the assets to become a big star .



Quality in simplicity

Clear sharp melodic voice enhances this beautiful lyrically emotional song strong arrangement professional and the simplicity of the arrangement just makes it a memorable piece of work excellent!!!

J adore

Un curieux melange. Un Excellent son façon slow rock 70's, une melodie chantée aux accents folk celtic. Les arrangements sont tout en douceur et delicatement bien amenes. Les voix s'entremelent parfaitement pour creer cette ambience unique. J ai adorer. Merci pour cet excellent moment. Effectivement très inspiree sur cette chanson.

Really Good Song

i thoroughly enjoyed listening to your music this is a very beautiful song. You have a really nice voice and I feel that your lyrics are extremely meaningful and full of emotion. This song is immensely powerful with a good build and background vocals well done. Keep making heartfelt, touching and sweet music it really works for you. It was very nice listening to your song.

How are you doing my friend I am interested in your song and I have a happy time listening to your music very good condition

I am interested in hearing more songs from artists like you you amazing you are welcome anytime to meet with me If you want ilove your songs and I will definitely take a happy time to look for more of your songs you have a great voice and I love you songs easy catch a break in Jamaica would be great if you want to come here I am interested in more of your songs and I will definitely looking forward to hearing from you again soon and I hope you feel like a queen I love you and hope to hear from you soon nice music good condition and I will always open a window of opportunity for you blessings my friend

Very Nice Music

I only listened to your song very nice brilliant voice well done the very best of luck with your music. Great sound in the recording. Its also very catchy. Do you have an album I think it would do sell very well, well done again Slàn
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