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Review of (Hallelujah) It's Good to Be Alive

Hey Jeremy Fun tune! Could be a hit for Jimmy Buffet or Kenny Chesney. Sound a lot like Kenny. Vocal is on top of the music as it should be. MIx is good. Your tune is as good as any toes in the water and ass in the sand songs I've heard lately.


GREAT song. Thanks for posting this song. Definitly has a Jimmy Buffet/Kenny Chesney feel with the lyrics and groove. The band is tight. Love the steel, guy can play. Lyrics are solid with an AWESOME story line. Way to stay on track. GREAT job overall. Thanks again.

It's good to be alive

relatable lyrics easy to see the picture created with the lyrics, nice production, a positive affirmation, simple things in life...nicely done. The vocal hook and singer deliver the message a very clear concise vision

Its Good to Be Alive

Great intro to the song. The intro is short leading directly into the song. When its too long with just music, it often times becomes redundant. The timing on this is perfect. Instrumentation and Vocals are solid with a positive message. The chorus could have been more assertive with vocals and instrumentation to differentiate more from the verse. Great job!


This is a nice demo to start building on It..a better arrangement will help and if You will re record make sure It is less than 3.5 min long ( Radio mostly do not use longer pieces )..I do not know what Music Publishers will say ( They are Very Hard to please ) but is ok to be played on Life Performances..also before You send It out make sure Your Song is Recorded as a Radio Ready Quality.. I wish You good luck with submissions... Good Job..

Great song

A really nice song ???? very creative well put together we'll composed and we'll sung and written I grew up listening to all types of music soft rock Gospel jazz hip hop all types music is so versatile in so many ways thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and the world may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors stay creative and never stop making great music and at anytime please keep me posted on any new music that you create once again for sharing God bless you ???? in all your endeavors have a great day and week.

(Hallelujah) It's Good to Be Alive

(Hallelujah) It's Good to Be Alive by Jeremy Schreifels is a nice poppy summertime song. It has a nice groove. The music is well prayed, arranged and produced. Jeremy has a good voice and delivers a solid performance on this song. Lyrically, it has all the components that are present in many of the popular songs on country radio these days, beer, water, bikini's, etc. The verses are descriptive. In my opinion, the chorus would benefit from some work from the standpoint of making the main idea " it's good to be alive" stand a bit stronger , more 'sing along-able' and unique in order to help this song gain more notice among all the songs out there with similar themes. Also, the phrasing could be improved as the delivery of the hook line - " it's good to be alive" slurs together. Over all, nice job and has potential with some polish to the lyrics.
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