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I like the beat choice. Its got a good rhythm and flow to it. Everyone should give it a play. The vibe is set to the genre, so those whom like should share. The qaulity was up to point.great cookout song .LAND OF THE FREE

United States, Alabama

Classic sounds for the modern age !!!!!!

Jeff's tones are classic, add them to his well constructed melody and lyrics and you've got groove for the modern day. Corey Stevens-esque vibe in that less is more approach yields a great listening experience. Jeff's lyrics paint a story we can all relate to with references to modern life in the city. Jeff's guitar intertwines throughout this song in a soulful and tasteful way without being intrusive to the lyrics. Well worth your time and investigation.

United States, California, Chico

Jeff Hayford "Music Behind The Man."

Jeff Hayford is a multi-talented & highly gifted Solo Artist. He's uniquely creative, innovative & inspiring. His voice & style attracts all audiences. A new solo album coming up this year. <3

United States, New Hampshire, Center Ossipee

Jeff Hayford

This an excellent tune. I love the bass and it is sung with a cool bluesy feel. The recording is well done, The harmonies occur in the right place. I think I hear a Fender telecaster. A superb solo. I really like this tune -Kudos!

United States, South Carolina, Myrtle Beach



Hello, I just listened to your track and I really think you have what it takes to make it! You actually already sound like a house hold name...good song! Keep up the great work! And I'll See you at the top!

United States, Florida, Tampa

Bounce Back - Classy blues rock


From the first notes I was on board with this new tune by Jeff Hayford. The catchy guitar playing caught me right from the start. It had nice tone and reflected excellent taste. I dug the rhythm guitar and bass working together classy and clean. The drums were right there holding it down. Vocals and words were good! I don't like when there is a lot of meaningless stuff going on in a tune and Bounce Back had none of that. Excellent work Jeff...two thumbs up!

United States, Pennsylvania, Allentown

a very fine touch


Hi Blues Friend ! Listening Bounce Back, Very nice guitar game typically strato, good voice and vocal backing ! a beautiful guitar game with a very fine touch, ! very good work Jeff. From France, i whish you the best

review for bounce back


good lively little tune good bass and guitar music backing up a Jim Bad Bad Leroy Brown sound by vocals by Jeff Hayford, hey he has got the blues lick ground into this little tune, hard not to taP YOUR TOES TO THIS TUNE, I RECOMMEND YOU LISTENING TO THIS TUNE and set back and have a drink or two and get involved maybe take your girl friend out to dnce a little a bright little upbeat blusey tune enjoy.

United States, Texas, Cushing



Good beginning great pickin and beat,good mix good voice good lyrics,liking it so far,nice chord change there and good harmonies good tone on guitar and nice likes,good song,how to critique a tune like this? Good job good song good good good,so that’s about it the vibe is continuing and it’s goes down easy.good drums by the way,got a good feel and tempo and timing,solid,can tell the picker been picking for awhile.

United States, Oregon, cannon beach



Smooth Rockin' Blues! Smokin' harmonies and classy guitar licks make this a must listen. Found myself grooving and shaking within the first few seconds of the tune. Would love to hear this track with live drums and a bit more edgy low end. Love the line about the Red Sox cap, as a New England native, #GoSox! Thanks for the tunes man! Rock on!

United States, Georgia, Dahlonega

Classic soft rock tune with blues overtones


This is a classic soft rock tune with blues overtones. Smooth and laid back, it is pretty middle of the road and neither badly offends nor outrageously excites. Jeff has a reasonable voice but doesn't stretch himself on this outing and if he has more to give it just isn't on display here. Reminded me a little of a poor mans Dire Straights with the delivery. Enough to make me want to hear more before I consider pumping him onto playlists or splurging on a download...

Australia, Melbourne

Hi Jeff Hayford Here is My Review!


Hi first of all cool vocals great music and you are telling a story and that is what a lot of today's music don't do keep up the good work and thanks for given the world something cool to listen to I will be looking forward to hearing other cool songs from you from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Rec/Rick Ross Music Group/Universal Music Group.

United States, Mississippi, Marks

Blues musings


Hi I love stories in songs and with tasty guitar licks too makes for a very chilled out tune. I Like the laid back feel.and the clean guitar in the front with a weepy guitar at the back and it's nice to be able to hear the words well sung and with good diction overall up there with the best thanks and regards Paul

United Kingdom, leeds uk

I like this song


Says I'm suppose to do like 150 characters for a review but hey, I just want to say how much I enjoy this song. Really well written, done, the whole nine okay? I'll not make enough characters but I don't care. Great job Brother! WHAT! ? I made the 150! LOL! Well ya know? It's a full time job!

United States, Indiana, Fort Wayne

Great lead guitar


Everything here is good. Song, playing, production. But what caught my ear was the expertly crafted lead guitar playing. And playing with a clean sound like this requires an extra level of ability, no distortion and sustain to hide behind.

United States, Oregon, Clackamas

Bounce Back


An Excellent offering of a Blues & Jazz Rock fusion song about the daily existence of a life that still is longing for novelty. Like most of us we yearn for a new start and have to bounce back each day to who we are inside. Jeff Hayford is an Old Hand Lyricist with words common to man's existence illuminating the daily struggle of being a Humane Human. Not at all Old Hat! Loving song for it's engendering of an "Overcoming Spirit" that blows on the embers of the listener's spirits to ignite us all to catch the true fire and persevere to do all for which we were sent. And as the Crosby, Stills & Nash song "Teach Your Children Well" goes, "And Feed them on your dreams. The one they pick's the one you'll know by, Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry, So Just look at them and sigh and know they love you." ....Excellent encouragement to Stay Calm and Carry On. Excellent instrumentals with a funky blues tone that carries you through. Percussion is a great back beat and keeps the listener engaged enhances the song. Beautifully rendered!

United Kingdom

Great Groove!


Love the infectious groove happening on this one, impossible not to get drawn in. Good lyrics, love the hook. Nice vocals and harmonies, and great guitar work. Nice job on the production too! Good song, enjoyed the listen.

Canada, Ontario, Peterborough

Great Song


Jeff really brings this home! Very nice guitar work! Well mixed and well performed. Jeff's vocals remind me of Corey Stevens and the song has a nice story. Harmonies are nice but the song groove and guitar leads are what really captured me with this track!

United States, Minnesota, Outing

Chill out review


Wow the intro part, wow then comes together lusty voice with perfectly synchronized music. Actually sending I enjoyed the song in its entirety and it makes to feel to listen this song again and again. Heartily speaking, among more than 40 of the song that I have reviewed yet so far, this is one of my best 3rd review. Among 5 other songs to my own hit list chart, this song lies within. No comments. Best of luck!! Cheers!!

Nepal, Kathmandu



This is a term that Quincy Jones uses in the liner notes for his "Back on the Block" CD. He describes "prosody" and music and lyrics so well written and so well meshed, you don't know which was written first. Jeff Hayford is obviously a guitar virtuoso, but his writing is so solid it reveals his level of experience. "Bounce Back" is a classic blues rocker that doesn't disappoint.

United States, Illinois, Chicago

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