Over & Over Again

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truth of the matter

your back ground needs to be full the track is nice your lyrics need to be connected to the people you have a message to tell so when you sing the song needs to show more feelings take to a different level more action in your voice to show true feelings and pain if not this song becomes boring real quick

United States, Florida, Tampa

JDogg Over & Over Again

This song has a nice modern feel of today's music style, as far as radio-friendly, most stations will play it regardless of lyrical content. The vocals are very nice to listen to with a similar yet familiar singing style, it should be good to go.

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

Smooth Intro

I enjoyed the intro to this track, after that it kinda went into a whole different direction. I’m sorry after that this track lost me! There is really no substance, the hook became the whole track instead of the hook. You lead in with the hook, then a verse then the hook again! The hook should sell the song not be the song...

United States, Florida, Jacksonville


Great intro makes u wanna listen the entire song But the riddim higher than voice its a great song Great song construction Lovely voice I love the song i just think the voice wanna come up a little the beat hiding your voice Keep up the good work Never keep going ????????????

Jamaica, Ocho Rios

Almost for me

If the bv was a little more in tune I think it would sound nicer... The lyrical content was all good for first listen... Catchy though... Got it in my head going"over & over again lol Keep up the good work.. chur dudez n dudettes ????

New Zealand, Hamilton


I think you should write this over and come a lil harder. Your vocals could be better . The beat is super dope so you should definitely write this song over . If you do happen to redo the song try putting more feeling and emotion in the song . I hope you don't take this out of context because this is just my personal opinion.

United States, New Mexico, Albuquerque


I llike this song did not mine listening to it the lyrics was put together well the mix and mastering of song was done well the artist song the song very well over and over again is a nice slow song that has a good positive story to it that people can feel and i would like to hear more songs and beats from artist keep up the good work

United States, Arizona, Eloy

Niceful tune

It has a good soulistic in the background in entire club style of great poppish, it looks like it’s better to listen some great relaxing love to my fellows and my girlfriend to make me feel

United States, California, Napa

Over and Over

What's good J! I really dig this instrumental. I think the production overall is pretty good. The vocals could be more powerful. They need to sit on top of the instrumentals more. A couple of things I've used to make that happen is to add a little bit of a delay. and also about 6% reverb just to get it to be more pronounced. It isn't that it needs to be louder, there are just parts that get lost in the instrumental. Parallel compression could possibly accomplish the same thing. I would probably also do a little tuning on the backing vocals. I thought the placement and everything was pretty good. Thank you :) - Rashon

United States, Florida, Jacksonville


Immaculate job When you get the chance check out my page n let me know what you think. Hoping to do a collab with you in the future. Keep up the good work #PHILLYCUSEIAN #ALSWAN #HA #ALLDAY #KLICKKLACK #BANGBANG

United States, New York, Choppie city

The beat grabbed me immediately

I am still rocking my head as I type this review. I feel the lyrics, the vocals are perfect for the beat. Nice cadence and cool flow. "why you keep lying to me?" Over and Over again. "That's the same sh* ... I LOVE IT! Keep recording. Hotness

United States, Washington, Seattle

Catchy Melody

JDogg, nice song. Catchy hook. Literally, "over and over again". Found myself singing the hook to myself the other day before writing this review. Ever since I heard this song I've been finding that it's still in my head. That's a good thing when it comes to a song. If you can keep a song on someone's mind, you got something that might just work. It's a few things that I would do to it though. My opinion, it's too much ad libbing and "crys" in the background. It's killing the song. Sometimes less is better. I would also do a couple more takes on the lead vocals to come up with a better take. Also, during the "talk break" in the song I recommend taking the profanity out. Kills your chances of promoting the song to outlets like radio and other pod casts, music media, etc. But I think you have a catchy song. Really would like to hear the song without the extra "extra" in the background. I think you'll have a more positive response to the song. It's very catchy though. I know I keep saying that. But "Over & Over Again" is the point right?

United States, Maryland, Upper Marlboro


Nice I think this song is really nice. The whole song is well put together. The audio and production quality sounds awesome. You really did your thing on this track. I can definitely see your career going very far if you can continue to make this type of music. I love the fact that you show passion in your song and that speaks in volumes to the listeners. Keep up the hard work! You definitely have what it takes to go to the top. Good luck.

United States, Texas, Dallas


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United States, Tennessee, Nashville

The Music is Real

This music has car-actor. It tells a store. I like listening to the piano chords and the beat. I would like for every on to listen to it. This could make you change your mind about your love life. Keep putting the real lyrics out, it sounds good.

United States, Georgia, Stone Mountain

Your music

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United States, Texas, Houston

Who arranged this track

Ok, I like the concept of the track, with a little fine tuning I think this one has potential, but I have to ask, who arranged the track?,The song sounds out of key, the background parts specifically, like someone really needed auto tune, for I am not a fan of, but at least sing the song in key, and seeing that a lot of rappers want to be singers(spinging) at least have someone there to keep you on point as far as your notes are concerned. Again I see you

United States, Pennsylvania, York

Great Song [SHED REVIEW]

Over & Over Again this is a banger! JDogg you have a original classic. I also like the new school fill to this piece also! Your artist has what it takes. Her rap originality and diversity sounds good on this track. Makes you want to hear more. Tell her to keep going and staying at it! I know you have a hit on your hands for show. Keep up the motivation. Grind and get that good music going and out! Not a lot in the game now are rapping and has the talent to fo what it takes to push. Keep inspiring, because we all we got! Great music. Two thumbs up JDogg! Shed

United States, Georgia, Barney


Good morning, I'm TEEZY the HEARTSTOPPA I'm bv listening to your song,the vocals sound good but the mixing can be better to equal yo voice out.But the words and the beat sound pretty good.k

United States, Louisiana, Baton Rouge

Keep ya foot on da gas

Yu had me 2 seconds in I love flutes! I'm also a huge fan of creativity as well as originality and yu definitely displayed both on dis! Yu production team on point... dont let nobody change yu yur super talented!

United States, New York, Syracuse

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