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JC and Band

I enjoyed this tune with the spiritual lyrics and the vintage sound of the electric guitar and popping drum beats...it is reminiscent of old time jammin back in the 60's...great and warm feel to this classic tune


Like it ! keep it on rocking I like the sound you have still great to listen some good stuff during this king of hard time take care and keep on doing good music and passion go take a look to my song peace :9

Touching your heart!

JC always touch my heart, because his subject is the best, Jesus, Yeshua, our Lord and Saviour. In simple words JC put what we all feel emptiness and lonliness which only our Lord can feel. Yeshua selected the simple of us to be His witnesess, so this music, which is realy simple, but come from a broken heart is all we need! Yeshua, The true Messiah will take us all home, because in the house of His father there are plenty of room. " The king brought me to His chmbers" Song odf Solomon 1:4 and He will make me glad in Gim. The only true joy! JC=The Joy of Christ!

With Jesus On The Big Boat

Great percussion and guitar chords, nice intro and I liked the way you sing it like a round. It is a great concert song to bring people together in it's simplicity of lyrics. Also the tone of your voice is easy to sing along to for most anyone's range. This song is a prophetic song since Jesus has shown many this vision. As is His custom to promote unity and His wonderful sense of humour...The Lost Boys stolen by Captain Hook in the story Peter Pan....now the shoe is on the other foot and He is swooping in to catch His Bride away. Again you pulled out a song from heaven from The Father's heart. But Jesus seems to touch your heart with these songs to send us all encouragement. I admire your closeness with Him and your dedication too. Thank you for singing and sowing your talents.

about your song

listening now music sounds fantastic singing sounds fantastic so dose lyrics sounds fantastic all of it sounds fantastic also i think you sound tops so i gave it a top rating i think i listen to Christian songs they are the best i recon i know i write songs myself inspired by the holy spirit i think all Christians are fantastic because of the power of GOD in us i think this is a top song so do promote it it stands among the top songs to hit it big on the charts but a lot of songs can do that today but it is better then been below the top but it is all about reaching out there for the lord to help others and not about big charts anyway GOD BE WITH YOU bless you and family and all well done loved your song

Pleasant song

Warm vocals and good lyrics make this a pleasant song. Nice gentle guitar. Really well written. This is not a genre I would normally listen too but I really enjoyed this particular song.

Did that really happen?

I was just wondering where the subject matter came from. Were you on a boat when you heard the voice of God? That's pretty dramatic. If so, i want to know more about the circumstances and how you felt. (Besides alone). What did He say? How has that changed you? Be more descriptive. People aren't persuaded without a compelling story, so im glad you're putting out an effort, but we need more details please. Music was ok, not your opus grande. Music reminds me of Moody Blues without any changes. A song should be like a story that takes you somewhere not just repeat the same thing twice. Hope that helps.

my review of the song

Hello and first of all I appreciate the opportunity to listen to the song and even more to express an opinion about it. The message of the song reflects a feeling of tenderness and hope. Both the melody and the harmony are very simple, and it would be better if it had more elements such as a choir and a bridge that would give it strength at a certain moment. The musical production feels poorly detailed, and the vocals could have been processed more carefully, as it occasionally detunes. In any case, I congratulate you on your work.

With Jesus

A little monotone but words and lyrics are pretty good all in all. The message is to let Jesus be your guidance system totake you home. Ith that we can all agree i do believe. Thank you for the insipration.


The music is nice, and I like it. I think it does have that down to earth vibe to it. I like this one a lot, and you're on your way to getting an award somewhere . Keep producing beat work like this I love the lead guitar, and keep your touch on it. This is unique and original. I think this is a hit for sure. Nice one! By the music you can tell that you are passionate about your work as every artist should be. Never give up and dreams and bigger things will follow! Maybe we can collab one day! PEACE!


Hi, I get what you are trying to do and this is not a genre I follow but I would recommend that you dont use the same melody over over again. Song that are hits are structured into verse chorus verse chorus middle 8 etc and have to have a strong medody and a strong hook. You will get there, persevere and listen to a lot of music that has become popular and you will see what I mean. Good luck x

Great Song

I really like the song it has a powerful message well written and well put together I love the lyrics well composed unique and awesome I grew up listening to all types of music but Gospel music. Is my main focus seeing that I'm an Gospel artiste myself and thank you for sharing your gift with me and the world don't stop creating and sharing your great music and ministry and at anytime I would love to hear more of your music.Thank you again and have a great day And may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

Truly monotonous

JC and the Sunshine Band's recording of "With Jesus on the Big Boat" distinguishes itself as the most monotonous song I have ever heard from an adult songwriter in my life. I think there are a total of 3 notes in the melody, repeated over and over. The electric guitar plays the same note almost without changing. Except for a short interlude here and there, the song goes back and forth between 2 chords. I'm sure the writer's intentions are good. The song is strangely soothing, and I believe that was the intent of the lyrics. However, I cannot honestly recommend this artist or this song. I have heard 2 of his 107 songs, and sadly, I'm not interested in hearing any more. God bless you and yours.
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