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Sunshine Band Success

This evangelical acoustic offering is true to its theme and is about hope, faith and redemption. “Help me Lord, I'm sinkin’ down, they’re tryin’ to steal my crown,” In this country at this time as the Christian church is being targeted by those who seek to undermine and ultimately destroy the inherent values that are foundational to our country, these words repeated in the chorus resonate with me. It is almost as if the Statue of Liberty is calling out for help from God. “Help me Lord, I'm sinkin’ down, they’re tryin’ to steal my crown,” The next line (“Call to the cross and live, There is no sin Jesus can't forgive”) offers encouragement - hope based in faith, that no matter where we as a Country, as a people, have gone wrong we are eligible for forgiveness if we recognize and acknowledge those sins, those places where we went wrong and make amends. The success of this song is that these same words also apply to a family or an individual, reaching to all races, these lyrics apply to people of all ages who are hurting and under attack by a dark force working to undermine and destroy the essence of good in the person, in society. The strong persisting strum of acoustic guitar accompanies a male singer with no added harmonies or instruments. This is perfect and appropriate for this song. This single voice, the Singer, is instructing the listener, offering the solution to the heartache of persecution, prejudice, injustice. The song offers a remedy to be found in the love of the greatest and wisest good exampled by a man who knowingly and willingly suffered and sacrificed that we may live. The love lives on because of the example lived by Jesus of Nazareth. “Call to the cross and live” Is the remedy offered in the chorus. This will mean different things to different people. This is art. The words compel the listener to consider and reach a conclusion most impactful to their life.

Jesus Died For You

Great worship song that uplifts and reminds us that Jesus is Faithful & True. The guitar is soulful interprets the lyrics which are also heartfelt. I found the lyrics to be a very comforting reminder of God's promises. This song is simple in structure,however, that is why it is so powerful. It plucks at the heartstrings and brings the listener back to faith by it's simple remembrance of God's faithfulness. The vocal talent is also spot on, since it reveals the true natural feelings of the sorrowful outpouring of a lamentation, a soul in anguish in true Psalmist Tradition.


Earthy & inspiring. A great little song with some great production. The lyrics ring very true and will leave you profoundly moved by what is being said. Try this song, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Short & Sweet

Tho the lyrical content isn't something i'd typically listen too.. It's presentation is tasteful. Interesting that the vibe of the song is a shuffle.. reminiscent of the group America in a way.. The guitars that are the songs blanket have been captured nicely with no nasty honks that are so typical in acoustic guitar capture. Double tracked giving nice stereo interest - always working together and never fighting - allowing no distraction against the tastefully placed vocals. Love how the backing vocals are sat really far back in the mix and the reverb in general really suits the tone of the voice and it's message.. placing it softly on the brain.. Like I say, it's short & Sweet.

My thoughts on "Jesus Died For You"...

The strumming guitar at the beginning flows like gentle river leading the listener into the opening lines of the songs - very nice indeed. The lead vocals are warm and inviting. The words are a prayer for help and that let's you know this song is going to be somber and serious... The words are simple and the melody and rhythm keep driving the song forward with passion and energy. I think this song's melody and words are powerful. I do think some other instruments would have added more dynamics to this song as the song developed. Some strings, and an acoustic guitar doing some nice riffs at the end of some lyrics would add to this song's impact. Drums, some vocal harmonies might make this song stronger - but as it is it is still very powerful in it's simplicity and flowing rhythm... This song ministered to me, and I felt the presence of The Holy Spirit as it moved along. I enjoyed this song, and thank you for sharing it with everyone. This song is a blessing to listen to. In Christ/Michael D'Aigle

Jesus dies for you

Beautifully written , great style and arrangement . Great chords progression . Sung with feeling , heart . Good verse and chorus structure . Thank-you for sharing your music with the world .

And you and you too

Nice start with the acoustic guitar. The vocal follow and complement the guitar. However not much happens other than the singer tells us Jesus died on the cross. I find it a lost opportunity to tell us why he died or why it's important. How does the singer feel about it how should we feel about it. The lyrics lack depth and fail to convince me of anything including listening again. I think it's a shame because the voice has a nice tone and the guitar plays flawlessly . It could be something if only it was.


I love the song and the message in the song I love Christian music and I love praising God no matter what keep on making great music for our Lord and savior I would love to hear more of your music I know we both have a Divine purpose and that is to share our gift to the world and to spread the word of God be blessed my brother and keep God number one God bless.


Good beginning, guitars are tight, vocals are pretty good, lyrics are refreshing, especially as one can hear the heart in them. It's a simple song but it is well delivered. Vocals could use some back up here and there, but Great job! :-)

Acoustic Rock for the Rock

Congratulations for being #1. This song has honest lyrics. It has a redemptive quality, with a retro feel. I like the feel but I'd like to hear the vocals a little hotter in the mix. It has a classic rock feel. I like it.

Iam listening to your songs all day nice song

You have a very beautiful voice good artists keep doing your work my friend and be bless iam amazed to find more of your song Ilove it party harn to the flipping world iam listening to now again

Simple, Direct, and Pretty

I like the steady, driving strum pattern used throughout the song. It gives it an encouraging sound. I also like the simple melody. Though repetitive, it doesn't feel worn out by the end of the song. Also has repetitive lyrics, which is common for many Christian songs, but I like them. I'm a Christian myself, and I love to see people writing about their faith. I feel it tends to encourage the writer and the listener. And I really, really like your voice. Very pleasant to listen to. Overall, good song. Keep it up!

A boogie song ...

With a deep depth in the hoarse voice ... that makes it sound a little distant, but I would say that it suits it even more ... since it more emphasizes the folk tune of the musical measures of the piece ... his lyrics look like prayer .. ... it could have been a little more gospel ... a little more if it was more melodic and more colorful in its development .... quadruple chords 7th, 9th ... as I hear it now seems to me a little boring and trivial ... these are my own objective thoughts about this song ... and ending with your thanks Much for the invitation to talk about it.

Our Current High Priest

I have no doubt this song was written with sincerity and a desire to testify to a personal faith. I have listened to millions of songs/hymns/choruses for half a century, and this song only tells half the story. Yes - I agree 100% Jesus gave his life for us - but it didn't end there. Through his resurrection and life now (as out current High Priest and intercessor) some of the things you alluded to become possible. Too many times "traditional Christianity" tells half of the story of the Son of Man and next to nothing about the True Gospel message he brought and taught. The rhythm of the song reminded me of the classic hit "Horse With No Name" from the 1970s by America. A terrific song. There is a danger that your message can get lost by such a popular and well-know style. As I say - I do not doubt your sincerity, but the truth is, "religion" has been a tool for division, war, death and destruction in this world - if it is to be tackled musically - it has to be exceptional and connect with the majority of mankind!

Jesus Died For You

I am not a Christian, I take bits from all religions but I love this song, very atmospheric …. you can check out my music only song I have on NIM is 'She Knows The Game' I warn you the lyrics are not particularly pure
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