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This is some good sound ,I don't want to lie just wanted to be honest . I love this ????????????.I used to do this kind of EDM , House music before but then I had to change just to accommodate a few people that don't really get the sound , cause I'm in Africa


Nice synth lead, I like the trance sound mix of drums and the electronic variety. A little bit of a classic mix showing you've done your homework on your art. More artist should study the roots of their culture of art to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. If you're ever looking for a hip hop collaboration hit me up I'm versatile

Pres ok

OK on my side I always give to those who use to give me ok and yes support for shering my music with their 1000 fans I'm happy to see people are still interested on my music I'm on top because of you guys keeping doing tye the same I will do so too enjoy.

love the vibe

l love the whole song & the overall energy. The introduction gets you into the positive vibe of jumping up & down. You are truly talented! Thank you for sharing with us this amazing piece of art, looking forward to listen to more of your tracks. God Bless!

Future win

This sounds amazing on any payer even my phone and its a pro track defenitly.the buildup is great.the wobble at the drop is awesome...the technigue of leaving away the first kick gives chills up the arm and back .i am a big future bass fan and this is future music.the vocal is nice and i want to remix it.it all fits and i would love to be able to sound line this.but its not easy.nothing to add.its finished and beutyfull made thnx


JUST OUT STANDING BASS BOOM ! Beat boom ! party for days ! Excellent song structure clear and crisp !!! IF I WERE A DJ I WOULD HIT THIS UP ON MY PLAY LIST AND BLAIR THIS !!!! It has a break down freaking crazy fast tempo !!!!


Wow,right out of the gate the powerful drums and bass comes out to slap you right in your face. Kool vocal breaks with a sick sounding keyboard and fast approaching snare riff. The use of different instruments makes the song sounding fresh and easy to listen too.this tune reminds me of a well crafted DJ house type of track. I know it’s not exactly what I just said but it could be considered a type of EDM house type of track. Overall the writing,arranging and presentation is spot on. Keep on writing put out the songs and become who you want to be.

Very Matured Progressive Music!

your sound is superbly fresh,warm Perfectly arranged with a very Nice elements very Progressive and on the dance floor it will do you wonders! kick! bass! your hats fuck i love how you fucked with the your effects and synths! keep up the great job.

I was Ight


Jamaster: Review

This is an uptempo pump it up high energy dace track. An EDM classic get your hands in the air, crazy wave, pill popping, trance beat. None stop four to the floor kick drum banging beat. Real cool use of the synth sounds throughout the whole length of the recording. Definately high fidelity quality, with good audio production. Definitely not one for the fainthearted as it could cause heart attacks on the dance floor. Only for the fit because this is fast and furious (kind a thing) great vibes production.

Nice bass!

Great track with high energy...these guys have some talent. Good vibes on this track. Very cool album cover..looks very professional. Please keep making music and take some risks...great stuff!

Good Sound

Contagious all the way from start to finish, really enjoyed listening to the song, it is a definite club banger. Awesome collaboration to bring out a massive production. Much success keep up the good sounds.


Has a nice groove, very bouncy I love that. I think you need to build it much more at (I can't tell where I am in the track on NumberOneMusic), I click and the timer does not move lol. But man, yah I think bigger builds never hurt, think big. Get the emotion building and slowly climax that sheet man. I like it.

Review of jamasta a

Hi it's k from the dance music connection and I have just listen to your track bang it. It's a great track that will rock any club or stadium a proper banger as they say. You keep up the good work. And if you have time check out my house track enter the groove by the dance music connection on iTunes best port junodownlod etc.

Jam It Is!

First lets start by saying this track has lots of NRG, a floor banger. I like the bright sounds and sample loop with its build ups and break downs. please release different mix downs of Jamaster A .its a Jam!
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