Making music is my first love, my passion, and my heart. My music is all about depth, meaning, versatility, and emotion though I like to make comedic songs every now and then. I think of my tracks as mood music that invokes emotion out of you whether it's laughter, anger, joy, sadness, or whatever. More often than not there are moral messages in my work whether it is positive or negative. I consider myself a hip hop artist at heart, but I don't limit myself to only creating hip hop tracks. I enjoy expanding my horizons and developing songs in the genres of rock, pop, dance. and others. I love to be creative, and I always strive to be more than just a one dimensional artist with only one type of style.

Achievements include:

- A combined 4,000,000+ views and growing on Reverbnation and YouTube.


Sites that once were
- #1 ranked artist on Pass The Mic
- Top 5 hip-hop/rap artist on Ampcast with multiple #1 singles.

Active Sites

- For Hip Hop: #1 ranked hip hop artist in the world.
- For all genres: #1 ranked artist for Philadelphia, PA, a top 5 artist nationally, and a top 10 artist globally.
- A featured artist on Reverbnation.

- #1 song for hip hop, comedy, and pop rock.

- #1 song on the hip hop charts, and a Top 5 artist of all genres.

- Top 4 finalist on Make A Star

- On the stable of writers of The Songs Of Love Foundation which is such an honor and privilege.
- Featured on mixtapes, podcasts, magazines, compilation albums throughout Amazon Music, and numerous websites.
- Has been featured on online and national radio along with doing interviews for the corresponding radio shows.

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