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United States, Florida, Saint Petersburg
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Jack Harris
1 month ago

Hi everyone- This is my second newsletter. I wanted to tell you how much it means to me to have your time and attention. So the news is:

First, I have uploaded the song I've been working on and I hope you like it. It's called Love is a Dancer. II would really like your feedback on it. Do you like it :) or not : (> ? Don't be shy. Just call it like it is. It's the only way I'll know, because at this point, I am way too close it. I will be uploading some more soon.

Second, Many of you have expressed a desire to purchase my tunes (Thank you and thank you again) so am in the process of getting my business side together. I have a PRO account and a publishing account. I have purchased ISRC codes and made sure of copyright. I have also purchased licenses for the covers I have posted. Now I am researching the best places to put my tunes up for purchase. I also joined N1M at a higher level so I can put a buy button on my page.

I thought I would just upload to iTunes and be done. But no. There is a whole procedure one has to go through. It gives me a new appreciation for all the artists who have their music up for for purchase. I think I should be through this process in a week or so so thanks for your patience. I really do appreciate it. I will let you know when it's ready. It would help me if you would let me know which sites you like to get your music from.

Thanks again for all the good vibes and love,

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Jack Harris
5 months ago

Hi everyone- This is my first newsletter. Well.. I guess that’s not quite accurate because I had written one yesterday, but just as I went to send it, (of course) my browser crashed and I lost it. It was a bit frustrating.
Anyway, I want to thank all of you for giving me a bit of love and good vibes.

I thought I would give a little background. The song “I Know” was produced a while back. By a while back, I mean in 1998 on my antiquated 8 Track tape machine.

Shortly thereafter, I lost my voice and could no longer sing. Needless to say, this had quite the dampening effect on my musical motivation and I pursued other avenues. More than a decade went by before I could figure out the problem (long story) but along about 2010, I started down the path of recovering my voice. But I was more than a decade older and had done no singing whatsoever, so my voice was quite weak. I also found my voice had changed. Not quite as high and supple but perhaps with a little more wisdom.

The point of this is, that it is quite lovely to have some recognition of my rehabilitation efforts and I really don’t how to thank you enough for being there for me. It’s all been very healing and I am truly grateful. I am once again feeling motivated to create.

Speaking of creating, I am in the studio recreating “I Know” because there may be an opportunity for a sync license placement. But it requires a separate instrumental track as well and I no longer have access to the original tracks with which to remix it. So I’m going to re-create it. However, it may not be as good as the original or it (who knows) might be better. So when it’s done, I will post it and would welcome your honest opinion as to whether I succeeded. I will also be producing another song simultaneously and hope to do more in the future.

So that’s my first newsletter and it was fun to write it. Thanks again for all the goodness and I will keep you apprised.

Love to you all,

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