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Artemisia introduced me to hunting the forest needed evolution we dreamed of the pyramidion that night but we did not know what it was like the smell of myrtle we called it with a knowing smile and the Rosemary was ecstasy of reproduction ... but a noise like deejgeridooo hit the ground ... I moved eastward leaves crackled behind me they weren't butterflies or crows

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The other evening I was riding my bicycle home
passing through torrePrimavera ...
there was the music of Charlie Parker
double bass and sax

I told myself there is Carmelo
then turned the corner just below the tower
2 Boys up to 25 years trying ....
I stopped and made a drawing
about the love novel I'm reading

An overflowing Moon
the wind from the sea rose curiously from the east
it took me home .... the Sound flowed
up inside the Corn the way of the collectors
it looked like Milk ... Multiverse Triclinium
Tramontana pineapple
somewhere someone
lit a fire

We said goodbye with complicity and gratitude, shaking our heads at the dance pace

You were there with me sweet creature
in the steps in the arms in the prayers
between the colors between the smells between the dance steps

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Impossibili Z.P
10 months ago

..... the most beautiful thing on Sunday is Monday that swinging lunar day between the restart and I don't feel like it between the 'Where we are' and the 'someone has to do it' .... La Comet Neowise 2020 below The Bear chased by the 3 hunters towards the Epic Blue Mountains as in a dream that smells of reality there is the market the pharmacy the accountant the dentist the trainer the mountain guide the pulls Bones the red bandira more yellow than red that red outside but black Inside the Grande quarry a small window in the rock wall. who made that hole? who has ripped up the mountain. Under the grace of the Victorious we found the best precious Rocche Alumi Fresh Air and a smell could be Sulfur IN THE STAIN could be Peach ...
Apart from the genius Loci of Commander Cest .... finally a piece Very Cortese finds its Panoramic panorama. And with Epic Slowness we confirm ourselves Witnesses of inexplicable events that really happened. A sonorous Acoustic embrace compresses the ribcage and the spirit tractors in the pampas Maccaresana Noises of benevolence are heard around the Panthers One glimpses misunderstood stories find Glimpses of Splendor in the Memories Of instants whipped in the Multiverses ... or friars of the sgnappa and of the step we catch in the air that sighs in the woods that I do not know and smells of Wind .... The staircase of empty light seemed to shine and the geko revealed its secret Sticker Flami dreamed of something maybe 30 Kilometers from Tolfa perhaps a hill destined to transmute into a Mountain ....

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'I was in the car listening to my favorite radio thinking about my next case and the cases of life ...' everything continues everything flows everything passes everything is confused work pauses sleepless nights dawns of days with gold in the mouth who there are no longer those who remain the trains taken those lost those who dream the 10 feet of table closed in a cabin put up like a miracle after the storm of the century. The last wave taken with desperation to the shore last time I saw you at the mayor's election the mint pot I brought it into the house to keep me company and perfume the environment by bicycle in the countryside you can breathe the surprise of starting again the courage to start again even if everything always seems the same even if everything seems changed forever today it is so tomorrow you will see today you are there tomorrow you do not know 'accent you accent even no if you will be there someday I will see you again Certain space Uncertain time Speed ​​at measurable appearance the grain sways like your hair the pangolin walks on two legs while making a bow it seems a joke of nature I repeated myself in a future dream 'You contradict yourself you contradict yourself because you are vast and contain Multitudes' .... Pietro Pancho worker flower nursery Buggerru Sardinia.

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Good day everybody. Be save. Wach your self. Take care. We will win this situation.

(expired link)

Here our old live. You can also find stuff in Federico Maistrello account on NM1 Our guitars player (expired link) last year. We are work on new Album...MultiVersO

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