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Good morning this song is very unique very creative I love the intro to track real clear very well put together thank you for sharing the song with me can you send me more information where I can hear some more music.. hope you enjoying your weekend so far thank you for your creativity thank you for making great music never be afraid to go extra mile to take extra chances in your creativity keep on going to the next level.. I want to cool day thank you so much I really like your music I listen to all genre music with his rocks off rocks metal electric house rap Christian rap is the name of you I love music growing up in Chicago that's all I listen to all types of music have a wonderful day enjoy the day in the super bowl have a wonderful week ...

United States, California, Every Where

italian vocals is a plus

like in the old times, 70s progressive rock music had several bands that sang in italian and that had tons of success until today. It is not only possible to mix italian vocals with rock or any other genre like electronica in this case but it sounds great, fresh, different and that is exactly what I seek, different proposals, unique ideas which is the case with this song, well executed and performed. Enjoyable track!

Costa Rica, Guanacaste

Lost in translation

A bit of a beat to carry along lyrics that maybe I'm missing the meaning but I'm not feeling the soul..a good build up at the end for a bit of a different groove but I'm finding things a bit repetitive..sorry

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver

soliti effetti

soliti affetti con un parlato stavolta migliore il ritmo va incessante anche le parole sono uguali quasi sempre ma abbiamo capito che gli piace la musica anche se e' la stessa solfa a qualcuno piacera' adesso e' il momento di questo genere c'e' una strisciata e cambiano un po le parole ma si parla tanto di musica ma le note sono poche se piace e' anche giusto continuare su questa sera

Italy, dalmine bg

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