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hi franceco - just had a listen on your track. i am multi-composer running my own publishing with a global b2b distribution. it's solid material, even mainstream demand & trends are way different today. songidea generally is very nice and i do not have huge insights in the italian club scene. of course today sound quality of any material is so important to gain attention. so it just depends what goals/targets you're looking for. Proper recording & club track - unfortunately not of use for my company. either way, wish you best of luck.


For me it sounds soulless. You dont know to sing and didnt work on it at alll Life. That why it is without soul your spirit is cripelled. It s all fake. This stupid agenda following puppets mainstream. You have brain in darkness Reallly hated to listen to this shit. Stop doing this please. Or dont, but anyway you are defected creation.3

Slovakia, Prešov

Good vibes

In the Beginning had me like in a trippy type mood then when the drop came in it was a whole different story the rap is cool but I think you should bring back that melody from the beginning that was fire ????????????

Spain, Barcelona


Good track, could do without the lyrics but very nice overall, house music, not to complicated but enjoyable. I wish you all the best !!! Keep on the good work. Release it if you can. All the best

Belgium, Ghent

effetti e ritmo

begli effetti e buon ritmo non e' proprio il mio genere ma io dico che si ascolta volentieri per dare un po di brio alla nostra vita il fa mi la che continua a ripetersi e' anche carino pero' c'e' poco di melodia ma a qualcuno questo genere piace e quindi ti conviene andare avanti cosi' grazie per avermi chiesto la review

Italy, dalmine bg

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