Hard to Swallow

interesting sounds, and well performed and layed song; the verse and the refrain are not so catchy as they could;when a melody or something in the song keeps the mind of the listener , it is the most important thing, because he then say “i buy”; you could improve the melodic part of the voice and being more catchy; good luck and kepp it up!

Hard To Swallow

Difficult one...on one hand I like it, on the other hand I don't. Let's say the vocals aren't strong enough, most of the time I can't even hear what you're saying. The music is boring, it's sounds good don't get me wrong, it's all a bit too simple. The way you fade this track out also shows you need to be more original... As far as I can hear you can do a lot better than this!

hard to swallow

I like the instrumental part, but I would work a little more on the vocal line and melody cause sometimes they sound always the same...Keep it up!!Good Luck LS

Hard to swallow review

Nice instrumental vocals could have been better but I guess is the style of the artist , nice song the chorus is a bit repetitive that the down low

hard to swallow



There is a promising intro in this song. The guitar playing fills throughout the song is very good! The "B part" ends somehow abruptly and the song goes back to "Hard to Swallow" part. The words have a clear message here. Great work!

Review of "Hard to Swallow" by RCB

Song structure has strong bones, theres alot to like about it.

review - hard to swallow

love instrumentation, however lyrics needs to develop a bit. I'm used to an ABA format which is a verse, chorus, verse, chorus fomat. There's potential here, but I can't pull together relevancy with lyrics. Now, I would suggest other reviews because this is just my opinion and someone else might have a different opinion.
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