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About R.O.B.

Highway Entertainment Records is a record label that was founded in 2005 by Robert-James Lee ((expired link).) and Nathaniel Smith, jr. (Nate). It is located between the outskirts of two small towns, Ferriday and Clayton, LA. The label was started because the founders knew that the chances of them scoring a deal from a major would be nearly impossible to achieve from the area where they resided.

The idea was to start a label, create a unique style and just make good music for fans everywhere to hear. For the past 4 years they have basically been honing their skills to be able to compete on a mainstream level. They have however, managed to release 3 albums prior to the release of their lastest album "Concordia's Finest".

Their work includes:
Hwy E. Presents: The Compilation vol. 1 - Officially Released Album 2005

Operation Shutdown: The Compilation vol. 2 - Street Album 2006 (officially released by Sonicwave International)

Players & Hustlers - Street Album 2007

Concordia's finest is the first album where everything from the production, recording, mixing and mastering was done in-house. Hwy E brings a type of new school feeling hip hop flavor for your ears.

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