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Horus Angel..... Forevermore

Great quality track and super vocal easy to listen to interesting vocal style. like the way the percussion follows the music and the use of the guitar the bass seems to have something missing like the route notes on cord change but that is just me so a pleasant easy listing track ad to your road trip play list and would say well worth several listens. great work thanks for sharing keep up the good work all the best Stephen

This reflection...

A very clean recording, balanced and mixed very well! Reminds me of Rush which is a great thing. I love the flow and tempo of the song. A very nice song Forevermore. I will be recommending this to friends to hear and love!

Wish this came up to recommend

I would have shared this tune if it came up for recommending. Nice sound, hooks and vocals! A tune I could imagine in a soundtrack for a film. A bit haunting but solid. Easy to listen to. I would like to hear more work from you.


Thank thank you for allowing me to review your music I really like your song very unique and clever track. Continue to be a blessing with other people with your music and talent or we had a wonderful holiday season. Once again thank you for sharing your music with me please keep me posted in the near future any music that you may have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year. God bless

Nice melody

Hi Horus The lyrics are very different and the message is very profound. Like the melody and the way you arranged it. You have a nice voice which goes well with the song type you have written . Terry

I like it!

This tune reminds me of an old school 80’s sound. Everything is played flawlessly and it sounds great. What is the song about exactly? Dangers in my world? Sounds like it could be on a movie soundtrack! I dig it!


I really enjoyed the whole vibe of the song. The instrument selection, the tone choices and the melody were almost haunting and reminiscent of some 80s music I adore. The repeating of forevermore at the very end of the song went on a little too long for my taste, but your lyrical abilities are so impressive, I was hoping for an interesting twist. Overall, the song is really good. May light and love live in your head and heart. You have a gift. Please continue to share with us. I like how effortlessly your spiritual nature flows through your music. I think we can all benefit by being around more good vibrations.

Overall a quality piece of music

I love the feel of this song. The guitar playing in world class and the vocals fit perfectly. This piece is very reminiscent of the acoustic music written during the eighties, while at the same has a unique vibe to it.

You are amazing and you are a great artists up to the next level artists

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Reflective rock

You know your not being dumped on while absorbing the vibrations of this music . one man looking ahead and making a case for going on and facing the possibilities of life both good abd no so good


Wicked radio-friendly...reminiscent of maybe a Candlebox or Live song...not to compare, just saying you have that same type of songwriting sensibility...it is a compliment. Nice melody...effective, yet, not overused hook...good, even mix...all instruments are exactly placed where they should be. Excellent vocal take. Very well-executed. As an aside, i notice myself almost straining to properly hear the middle and treble in the overall mix. Not to dismiss the production, but i would like to hear this, more present, meaning closer to me. Maybe a bit louder...i don't think you would lose anything, or overdo it, keeping the original intention of the subtle, kind of laid back feel to the song. But all that doesn't matter. You have yourself an excellent song here. Thanks.


Well, what can I say? I enjoyed this song very much. Sweet and melodious. Beautiful voice, nice melody, great lyrics! It reminds me a bit of RUSH. Very nice indeed! Keep the hits coming, Horus Angel! ☮️????????????????❄️

Great production

I like the song. I think It has a place that could certainly find an audience. Its got a bit of 80s feel to it in my opinion....which is not bad thing at all. The vocal delivery is pretty cool reminds me of the Payolas eyes of a stranger at first listen. Not sure if this song would be a radio single but it definitely is a well written song. Song has that existential feel that we can all relate too. Lastly the production of the track is well done I personally would like to hear the vocals up a wee bit but otherwise nice job!

Pleasant reflection

Horus Angel's song "Forevermore" is an interesting internal reflection on life in a world where the changes feel dangerous. It is definitely soft rock, definitely not acoustic. There is a lot of reverb, especially on the drums and the guitar, and that is congruent with the lyrics, give the tune an inward feel. From a songwriting standpoint, the words stir me, because I feel like my own songwriting has been a bit stunted by dangerous changes happening in the world, and the need to come to grips with it. And the lyrics do an interesting job of connecting the present moment to the future. The lead vocal is pleasant, but doesn't show much range, and I get the feeling the song would sound better if it was in a little bit higher key. When the pitch goes down lowest, the words become indistinct, and drowned in the mix. (The vocal could stand to be a little farther forward in the mix overall.) At the same time, the singer's pitch never goes up much from where it starts, and I have a feeling the lead vocalist has some power in that higher range. In my own songwriting, I've learned to choose the key to put it in the sweet spot of my vocal range. Mostly learned that from the producers I've worked with. I would be interested in hearing more of Horus Angel's work! (BTW, love Kaua'i!)

Aloha Horus!

Good day to you Horus! Nice soft rock sound. Love it! Well produced! Easy listening! Lyrics are great too! I agree a "heart that sings forevermore" We are all a song to be sung:-) Great radio song Horus! Enjoy the sun for me! Over here in white snow! Rachel :-)
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