Let's Rock! (Instrumental)

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Reggae can rock

The name is a bit misleading ... but apart from that it has a nice flow. I'm not an expert regarding instrumentals but all music carry a story. The instruments should speak when no vocal is present. I do see the attempt to incorporate reggae with rock and for that creativity a recommend you continue with the fusion until you perfect it. Music is an experiment for me sometimes and it unlocks many possibilities. So again keep fine tuning your sound and keep it creative.

Jamaica, Kingston

hi !

Great ! really nice and the recording is ok ! But, you know, I'm not here for reviews so just bravo to do something by yourself. I can only encourage all those who are creators of happiness. And you're one of those people like us ! Good job and really nice ! keep going !!!!! Great ! really nice and the recording is ok ! But, you know, I'm not here for reviews so just bravo to do something by yourself. I can only encourage all those who are creators of happiness. And you're one of those people like us ! Good job and really nice ! keep going !!!!!

France, Reims

Let's Rock Review

This is a unique complex composition with many movements. it's original and uses diverse sounds. it is very creative and the melodies are strong. It reminds me of a song for a TV show introduction.

United States, California, San Francisco

I listen to your song and Iike it very good songs

Iam amazed to hear your songs iam like all of them so good songs Ilove it very good today all day enjoyed it very good today all day enjoyed full some i like too like more very good songs my friend

breath taking

epic intro loving the misterous synth layering. also an amazing sound and great mix just love the drums too . keep up the great work beautiful journey i had travelling true your art. Its just magic

The title is a bit misleading

Reading "Let's rock!", one could expect a piece of conventional rock'n'roll or hard rock. Instead, this one's more like a soundtrack to a wildlife film or similar. A keyboard pattern building a wall of sound, and another keyboard, sounding a bit like a soprano sax, plays melodies. In the middle of the (long) song, an artificial drumset steps in. Later on, the rhythmic pattern varies and even leaves the straight 4/4 beat for some seconds. There's quite some good moments in this song, moments of atmosphere where you can see pictures in your head. Unfortunately, there's some wrong tones in here as well, and I'm still reasoning about the structure of the song if there's any. To me it seems to be a sort of a prototype, a sketch, a sample, but far from being ready yet.

Germany, Schweinfurt

Nice music

Instrumental music is good for listening relaxing the mind and body deep meditation release stress in these frustrating times one needs to take time out to relax this music suits those moments very nice instruments used in this arrangement s

Germany, Bergheim

Not bad

I like the it but feel like it could use some more work. It seems like just a loop. Not to say that there is anything wrong with loops but I kept waiting for a beat to drop or a tempo change. I'm going guess and say you are new at this. Overall not too bad keep it up.

United States, Vermont, barre

Smooth Pop

I like how it is more kind of classy effect mellow type of sweet instrumental art cross between pop, I love how he played the drums and the effect of the symbol the heights all day sick of all the instrument putting together as a good form of Art love to work great craft Places of piano as well AND beautiful place in between all of the notes in and out between with the drums


there is a good amount of cools stuff in this song, a few mistakes in the keyboard melody, if you were to have the beat start a bit earlier it could be more ear catching, if you did a half time thing i could see rappers, or if you went with four on the floor you could go into an EDM type song

Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg

My out look

Each of the fine flautists in this duo complement each other’s keyboard playing quite marvellously and cleverly. One may be playing background melody while the other performs virtuosic trills and leads that grab your attention while elevating this music above the blandness of many instrumental easy listening beat. There are moments where the music is quite reminiscent simply replace the drums and the sneers ... In Stereo and you get an idea of some elements of the sounds on ‘Awake’. At the same time, the music here is not derivative and while it is reminiscent of various contemporary sounds it retains its own unique style that is quite accessible and engaging to new listeners. There is a variety to the music in a blend of electronic, smooth sound that will suit many moods.

United States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale


the recording quality was really good. the vocals were also good and you guys can play.but the song was kida repititive and average sounding. im only telling you this to be honest not to be rude. i would think you would want some honest feed back the singing is really good though everything else as well

United States, Kentucky, louisville


Love the intro... Something different from the norm..very clean mix... Maybe could use a little more character in terms of melody... Tends to sound repetitive at times..m good job overall... Easy on the ears... Blessings

Jamaica, Kingston

Lets Roll

I like the intro with the electronic flute programmed in. Not sure I'd start the song off this way when it's showing classified as Rock and Reggae. I like it, though... Sounds like a modern day Vangellis "Chariots of Fire" type of thing. The build/intro to the meat of the song really does take too long, unless this were, for example, a movie or something and you need 2 minutes of this to get to the point.

United States, California, Huntington Beach

Secret Rival

Nice instrumental and it has changes in it which could looked at as a different song starts each time. The Tempo is good and some sections could be used as meditation music. therefore, you have to pick your market for this type of instrumental to get noticed. However, Aeroplanes, banks and other establishments could use this type of music daily, especially airports so keep it up.

Jamaica, Kingston 10

An instrumental of expressions

High Expressions brings us Let's Rock! An instrumental. For a rock and reggae band I have to admit, this song fails to exemplify either rock or reggae. The synth work is pretty good in the backing sense of the word but the percussion was minimal and failed to articulate the emotional crests from inception to climax. There was simply too little work on the percussion to keep the excitement level and there was no guitar or bass work to speak of. It left me wanting...

United States, Texas, Houston

Instrumental Music

I think instrumental music are a good way to show your music skills and Let's Rock I think is just that. Music like this is always a good thing for the musician if the music good like this one.

United States, New Jersey, East Orange

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