Heretic, helvetic
Switzerland, City? What City? It's only in its dreams...

About Heretic, helvetic

From mostly (Melodic) Death/Doom Metal to instrumental Doom to some melancholic/doomy Rock songfragments lately, to what else may come to my mind. A one-man-project from Switzerland; not constantly active and often not sure how it will go on with this. Maybe I'm going to write more again here somewhen, but for now that shall do it.

And you can buy 2 tracks (the bitter joy of life v.2 & The esoteric space jammm) mentionned in the campaign, which I took down from this page, link. here: //heretichelvetic-dot-bandcamp-dot-com .

Just one other thing (or 2 or 3, as you want):
I actually wanted to post a link to the "interview", I just remembered about, on Doom-metaldotcom from 8 (!) years ago (just search for me in the band list, there you'll find it if you click on my entry). But obviously it seems that n1m doesn't like links...:-S
Also you can find me on twitter (for what reason ever...) and since newest also on instagram under the name noredrank (my gamertag).

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