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I was really impressed and so surprised with this song. I've heard some of your other music but this song seems different. I thought this song had a really good sound and seemed well put together. I really enjoyed it.

United States, Arkansas, Mountain Home

Awesome Music


I don't think I can do a review of a song if I can't find something about it that I absolutely love. So here we are. The music is exceptional. Great mix, I especially like the guitar solo and the breakdown at about 4 minutes. I love a good trainwreck ending but this closes the song incredibly. I'm not a big fan of the actual lyrics and I think you can do better there but your delivery sells them so well. It has kind of a dark tone about it that sucks me in.

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver

My world


now nice this AWESOME .this country song has a really good melody lines I can hear this song over...................... and. Over.............................they the song was put together is very unique..........................just love the way the sounds they were like instruments were spot on the vocals were sung........ perfectly........................can't say enough about this song ...................I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thank you.................... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank you......................................

United States, New York, Middle village

My World


I personally think that this is a well put together song similar to a Chris Rea sound. Good going Halli well done! Could have possibly brought the vocals up a touch as some lyrics are unclear apart from that, good song! Burton Trent

New Zealand, Wellington Regional

My World

The thing I like about this is that everything is sitting just where it should be in the mix, you can hear everything within it's own frequency envelope. There's plenty of bite on the guitar to grab you when it comes in and I like the Hammond in there. I think there's also some electric piano to tease the ears. A good strong vocal rounds everything off.

United Kingdom, Oldham

good son

Folk country music embodies the deep soul of America, weaving poignant stories with simple yet captivating melodies. This musical form evokes a sense of nostalgia, transporting the listener through soundscapes that tell tales of everyday life, love and challenges. The warm voices of country folk artists resonate like real-life stories, connecting audiences to shared experiences. This authentic and timeless musical genre celebrates cultural roots while evoking deep humanity. Traditional instruments, such as acoustic guitar, banjo and fiddle, create a rich sonic canvas that evokes the vast expanses of rural America. The simplicity of the arrangements highlights the power of the lyrics, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in emotionally charged stories. Folk country music has a unique versatility, adapting equally well to moments of solemn reflection and joyful gatherings. It has evolved over the decades, while retaining its honest essence. Classic artists such as Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton laid the foundation, and new talents continue to revitalize the genre, fusing traditional elements with contemporary influences. In short, folk country music transcends generations, creating a bridge between the past and the present. It offers an aural experience that goes beyond just listening, inviting everyone to explore the depths of the American soul through heartfelt ballads and honest chords. Folk country music deserves to be celebrated for its rich musical heritage and timeless power of storytelling.

Morocco, AGADIR

partenza country

partenza country con una bella voce precisa per il genere e registrata un modo ptofessionale e una bella canzone molto orecchiabile perfetta con una bella strofa e ritornello e con un arrangiamento perfetto per il genere strumenti giysti e assoli di veri musicisti mi piace e la ascolto volentieri

Italy, dalmine bg

A solid, rocking tune.

Just the sort of song to get one's toe tapping on a Friday night. If I rocked up at a bar and heard this song, I'd be sticking around to hear what else was on the menu. This is a fine tune, a rock solid beat, and an interesting melody. It is firmly of its genre without leaning into cliches, and the lyric grooves along, a clear message in mind. The arrangement is watertight and the whole song is bolted down tight. Nice playing.

Australia, Melbourne

Nice Country Twang


I like the voice of the singer, and the guitar playing. Great chorus, guys. I had no idea what kind of name Halli and assumed it was one of a female similar to Halley in the US, so I was a bit surprised to hear the male voice. Good chops guys ( maybe gals too!@!). Peace

France, New Paris

bravo continua

bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua

Full On Music!

Starts strongly, like Dire Straits. Great drum beat and lead guitar is superb. Vocals are very Pro! The song grows as it progresses with intensity. Lyrics are carried well by the vocals, guitar, organ and rhythm! Quite a long solo near the end. I think I would have preferred the strong vocals to end the song. But, Who am I ?. Seriously, enjoyed it in its entirety! Maybe you would like more criticism, but I cannot criticise what I really liked!11/10

United Kingdom, Ayrshire, Scotland

Good structure

I enjoyed listening to your son. I wish the vocals were louder and clearer. I couldn't make out alot of it. I think the song is much better than the recording of the song was. I would like to give a better review but, your recording is holding you back. Think about that and get you a better studio. I think that is all that you need to bust out.

United States, Georgia, Conyers


Music like this is timeless, and it will survive all the trends that come and go again. The song is flowing like a river, no unnescessary stops or breaks, no useless gimmicks, just straight and clear. I particularly like the loudness and presence of the lead guitar in the mix, it is really in front of everything. If there is something to critizize or remark, then I would have liked the lead voice more upfront as well, and maybe some vocal harmonies in the chorus in order to distinguish the latter a little more from the verses. Some of the instrumental parts are a bit too long in my perception, the song should not last longer than 03:50. But these are minior things. All in all really a nice one.

Germany, Schweinfurt

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