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What a time!

I haven't written anything here is so long! My wife and I have purchased our first house and I have been distracted with getting it livable. It's going well so far, but it hasn't left much time for music or anything else fun. But it's worth it to make this house a home.

I'll be posting more soon. Take care of yourselves, all you awesome people out there!

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Gotta get that music playin'!

I know everyone here can understand the difficulty of putting a band together. I've taken on the role of drummer, guitarist, lyricist, front man, and everything else, but I still am working on the last members of my group. I'll get them into the recording studio soon! Keep at it, everyone! Where there's a will there is a way!

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She's Just A Girl demo

I'm happy to say that I now have a passable demo for my song, She's Just A Girl. It's a pre-studio version, of course, but I think I got it sounding fairly good for sitting in front of my computer. :D

I hope you will enjoy hearing the whole thing!

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Next Step

I finally took the next step on N1M and bought a Diamond Membership. I now have more of my music posted there and will be updating them as the vocal tracks are added to them. Really looking forward to getting everything finished and released! Thanks for being here during the adventure!

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Recording Sessions

It looks like the covid 19 virus has shut down ALL schools and higher learning in Washington State. The only good thing about that is that my duet partners are now going to have time to record their parts! :)

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