Let Me Catch My Breath (HD Release Download)


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This track is outstanding and is well performed with great vocals and harmonies and a good dance melody,it is what i would call in my personal music opinion a feel good factor composition that will go down well on the dance floor,the production is produced and recorded to a very professional standard and should sale lots of downloads thanks to your good marketing and promotion skills,i truly enjoyed it.

United Kingdom, Belfast


I really like the intro the beat I love the club sound it's a really good track to be playing in the club you stay creative never be afraid to take chances in your creativity you won't making those club bangers can you send me some info where I can download and listen to some of your music and let me know for you on YouTube Spotify or apple music even tunecore. I grew up if that's all types of music soft rock gospel jazz dance house just to name a few.. hope you enjoying your week so far I enjoy the rest of your day keep in touch and have a blessed day God bless you and I'll let you go to do and be prosperous this year thank you peace

United States, California, Every Where


You made me a fan really quick bro I just don’t know what to say. Keep up the good work keep going. Keep going keep going. I cannot stress that enough and start shooting your music around everywhere the more exposure, the more streams, the more likes and more downloads and put it on repeat Like the record skip it excellent work bro I just can’t say it enough 1/2 of TOO COMPLEX R.BELL One love

United States, Texas, Houston

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