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A spark of German Heavy Metal Goodness


A Spark in the Sky has a heavy atmosphere mixed with great instrumentation and gloomy emotion. All three of these things are extremely important and essential when you make musical art. This song took my to places as i was listening to it like as if i was on a 8 min & 1 sec long odyssey. As each second passed this track grew on me then it climaxed with a beautiful ending fading into silence. I give NAZCA a 5 out of 5 for this one.

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport

My veiw of Spark in the sky by NAZCA

This starts out as one of the hardest rockin' bands I've heard on here so far,then the song takes you on an eight minute journey reminesent of the album rock of the 70's but with a metal/grunge edge...Who makes eight minute songs these days? Anyway I dig the drums and bass guitar and the rhythm track is right on,how ever I wish that there was some ripping lead to keep things interesting.over all its a cool song and produced pretty well on a scale of 1-10 I'll give you boys a 6 & a1/2. keep rockin"

United States, Mena

Heavy grind

I think this track has a great sound. Very good production. Great guitar riff. The band overall meshes together well. You did a very good job creating a setting and feel for the lyrics and the words spoken with the music. One of the best bands i have reviewed on this site in my opinion. Keep up the good work and continue to make your brilliant pieces of art through sound. I look forward to reviewing the next.

United States, Ohio, Columbus

Power and Groove reign supreme


Moods, power and groove in this entry from NAZCA demonstrates their versatility in writing. A solid entry into the Metal Stratosphere. The song keeps the listener interested and engaged all throughout this epic tale.

United States, Arizona, Laveen

Spark in your ears


At the beginning of the 90s there was a particular sound that raised the take off of glam metal very fashionable in the 80s and early 90s. So it was like bands like Panther, Stompbox and others started to generate a new and more powerful side, taking elentos del trash and other styles that began to leave the speed to thicken the guitar riff. Nazca with the song Spark in the sky generates a dense, hard and heavy groove that is well contrasted with all the harmony that the voices bring. Bass drums and unison guitars naturally generate the "headbangler" in those who listen to this piece. Spark in the sky is a winding road for several sound and sensory experiences that are worth exploring.

Argentina, San Isidro

Beam me up

NAZCA has sent you a request for review another song from the "Spaceport C252" album. Nazca is curious what I think and feel. Well, this is what I think and feel about Nazca's song "A Spark In The Sky". I'm thinking to myself, if I were to go into space, is this how I would feel and is this how it would sound? Maybe, if I were nervous and scared. Nazca's song "A Spark In The Sky" in my personal opinion incorporates the feeling of desperation with haunting tormenting vocals. Good clear evil guitar tracks, accompanied with solid bass and drums. "Beam me up" Nazca!


it's a very interesting piece with very creative bass, guitar and drums elements. you see that you like to invent, experiment, look for new solutions without losing sight of the roots or the goal that is to amaze, engage the listener, take it to another dimension ... yours. the piece keeps you glued to the headphones, you feel the need to listen again. once again, always. I congratulate you

Italy, italy

The last half is the heart


Amazing start up to this tune. Double vocals sound really good, could be a little thicker in the first few lines as he introduced his voice to the listener. The guitar was rich but tinny, but creates a great sound. I like the percussionist really good stuff from that one. I like this songs vibe, ir was a bit thrash but change drastically to a visualization of the title of the song. Great stuff her guy. Man that percussionist really rocks this tune! The end of this song is where all the real music is hidden. Make that the duration of the whole song and you boys will have a hit on your hands!

United States, Oklahoma, Lahoma

A Spark In The Sky


I'm interested in hearing more from this album. Very clean, polished and well mixed and mastered. The guitar work is stellar, drum work is solid, vocals are exceptional. Coming from Germany, this doesn't surprise me! Quality work!

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Herrlich schräger Songepos

Jungs, was nehmt Ihr eigentlich, bevor Ihr Eure Stücke schreibt? Will ich auch haben:-) Einmal mehr ein echtes psychedelisches Meisterwerk. Sehr gut abgemixt und produziert. Soundgarden sind Waisenknaben gegen Euch, völlig spacig und bizarr ist Euerer Sound. Es ist schon eine Herausforderung, über 8 min. den Spannungsbogen so erfolgreich aufrecht zu erhalten, der Drummer trägt im zweiten Teil einiges dazu bei. Großer Respekt!

Germany, Berlin

Very metal!


Nice! I love the heaviness of this track. It has it's own depth and girth...something lost in the mix a lot of the time. Clearly, a very talented band. Excellent vocal harmonies, done just right. Each instrument has it's own place in the mix, and the bottom is thick while not overbearing. I'd like to hear a bit more of the drums, though...they seem to be buried in such a heavy mix. They sound like they are mixed well, but slightly lost...if the rest of the track was collectively brought down just a click, that may help...overall a track done very well.

United States, Massachusetts, Rockland

In a Nasca da vida


In the spectrum of songs, more then not you do not hear songs more then 5 minutes on average, if they want radio play, however some bands do not worry about boundaries and crash through them with a hard bang. Whether or not this band is destined for the big time, they certainly have enough character and will to push through. Vocal wise, they have a real air playable advantage that is hypnotic and calming. Guitars and rhythm section pulsing it's swing like "The Pendulum". Songs of this length are usually avoided but that says a lot about the energy of the band and their bravery to reproduce on stage. A stylish metal effort.

Canada, Ontario, Thunder Bay

A smashing mix-up between Tool and Mastodon


Great stuff brothers!! Really enjoyed the slow parts and the more rhythmic ones of this song.. it's like having a smashing mix-up between Tool and Mastodon.. music without any prejudice and boundary!! We strongly suggest to dig it \m/ \m/ \m/

Italy, Bergamo

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