NAZCA - The Black Knight
NAZCA - Spaceport C252

NAZCA - The Black Knight

NAZCA - Spaceport C252

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Klasse psychedelisch-progressiver Song


Auch der zweite Song von NAZCA, den ich rezensieren darf, bedarf einiger Anlaufzeit. Dann aber zündet auch dieses Werk mit einem interessanten Songaufbau, einer gelungenen Steigerung im zweiten Songpart und wieder einmal einem sehr guten räumlichen kristallinen Mix. Die psychedelisch gehaltene Stimme erinnert entfernt an alte Soundgarten-Werke, ist aber dennoch eigenständig. Das ist schon kurios: Eigentlich nicht wirklich meine Musikrichtung, gefällt mir aber trotzdem richtig gut!

Germany, Berlin


Great intro and great sounding guitar. Locals are a little low and don't quite fit the sound of the music. Overall I think the song has great structure and sound. Just a little more work on the locals will improve it.

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

The Blackest Knight

like this vibe, not the usual super speedy tempo crap. almost has a reggae feel with its inherent heaviness. could almost recommend this to my granny but she's dead- come to think of it- this is the perfect song to wake her from the dead1 on to the mix-the guitars are def in your face, drums are a bit buried, like bass but needs a little tightening up like the biting distortion of the guitars. the vocals need to come up esp due to the chorusy/verb FX. altogether good instrumental performance and arrangement. needs more of a hook to be a hit. bravo for the effort!

United States, Pennsylvania, reading

Review NAZCA song


Veeery good song with good guitar riff...bass player is very good player and i love idea "WAH" in the bass..sing is beautiful melodies and lyrics...i feel relax and happy....i love too effect from this song

Greece, Athens

Rocks along...Good Knight!

Kind of got a bit of a stoner doom sound to it. But more robust. Wasn't expecting that sudden change, it was cool though. I would happy to play this on the Radio Station I manage, Radio Foxton 105.4FM in New Zealand. Email an mp3 of it to "xanataph at gmail dot com" and I'll make that happen. If you are in a position to do a remix, maybe drop the guitars a little, just 2dB or so. Then the vocals will become a little more upfront, hopefully without affecting the balance of the rest of the mix.

New Zealand, Palmerston North

Solid Groove

Great Mix, solid groove. I like the overlaying melody with the guitars. Drums are super clear, Vocals could come up a bit. The verses are cool, they pop in the song. Good flow to the rhythm and lead is solid.

Canada, British Columbia, North Surrey

A groove grind explosion


The spacey sounds on this track, coupled with a grindy groove, ethereal vocals and great riffs make this track stand out for NAZCA. Nice composition and flow even out this track and take it to another planet!

United States, Arizona, Laveen


NAZCA - The Black Knight review. this song is a strictly Metal piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Metal style as I said everything recalls the Metal genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Metal piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Italy, italy

Alternative road


who said that rock can not have happy melodies? Not always the main road is the only route to our destination. NAzca finds with The Black Knight an alternative way from the melodic, without leaving the guitar riff present in front and the bass that like a piano sticks in the groove and sustains us in this good melody.

Argentina, San Isidro

Schwarzer Ritter

NAZCA has sent you a request for review... Please tell me what you think and feel...This is what I think, really good tracks. Great snare drum ring. Great rhythm guitar sound. Could be the speakers on my computer? But, when i repeatedly Ilistened to "The Black Knight" with the volume soft and loud, Rhythm guitar and snare seem to be hot. Vocals seem to be a little distant in various sections of the song and hard to understand. This is how I feel, this is your song, your mix, your sound, your direction. My suggestion would be, turn the rhythm guitar and snare drum down which may be stepping on the vocals.

Uh...Hell yeah!


At first I was wondering where is this song taking me? Down some "Alice in Wonderland" rabbit hole? But no, if you are into minor notes and distortion, this song is for you. These guys will bless you with an extremely loud and well played sound of minor chords and well placed notes to keep you rocking for almost 7 minutes! Love the gradual fade at the end into an individual guitar abyss. Well played boys. The vocals were on key, the drummer was losing his head in perfect timing with his mates on guitar, the black knight was rocking and this band killed it!

United States, Oklahoma, Lahoma

Grunge is not dead

Simpatic but this is already known sound of americans bands of nineties. Nothing specialty new inside. Grunge is not dead. Technically good recording and song. Maybe too long, but this is it for this kind of music.

Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade

Alternative rock band


The song is awesome the sound great vocals are great. Lead singer is awesome I can hear you great but the singer might want to sing it louder your voice is very good. I like the title of the song.

United States, Pennsylvania, Allentown

Nazca The Black Knight

Nazca hail from Stuttgart in Germany. Their track The Black Knight is a metal rock epic that reminds me in parts of the American group Boston and part Deep Purple from England. The track comes in at six minutes and forty five seconds and is driven by a thrashing rhythm guitar. The track has a good hook on the chorus and tempo change to add some dramatic effect to the overall sound. The song also features some nice soundscape such as the chorus effect on the outro. The vocal mix is a little muddy in places but the overall sound is pleasant enough. I would have enjoyed hearing the track sung in German but other than those minor quibbles Nazca are worth checking out if you are interested in rock and metal style music.

United States, New York, New York

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