NAZCA - The Blue Nine Conclusion [w/ video @N1M]

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Very Much in Tune with the Universe and Man's Musical Emotions.


NAZCA -The Blue Nine Conclusion is a song that should be placed under "Musical Wizards"! I love this has so many well carved textures and moves in just the perfect way.I've heard a few tracks from the new album and so far have not found one i did not like.NAZCA really fell into the albums theme and pulled magical elements from out of the other side on this.a very nice ending for an album and i highly recommend it to anyone that prefer a Mood altering soundscape over the same old cookie cutter songs easily found today.If you like The Mars Volta,NIN,Pink Floyd,or Tool....You will not want to miss out on NAZCA ! Hopefully the Aliens won't scoop them up and keep them to themselves before they make it to the states.Great Job,Great Work -Stephen Trip of The Hidden Art of Dying

United States, Texas, houston

Dark and Desolate, A Subtle Beauty

I love the intro and the well executed dark moodiness. A bleak, melancholic atmosphere hangs over it. There is a loneliness in the acoustic guitar. The sparse notes from the lead guitar accent this well. The climax of the song has a simple, subtle beauty. I like to listen to the songs over and over as I review them, and that is a pleasure with this one. It brings to mind grey, desolate landscapes, dark and seedy places, memories that you would like to forget. I really can't get over how great the climax of this song is. It seems that there was a lot of restraint practiced. I would love to own an album of instrumental songs like this. I think this is top notch.

United States, Oklahoma, Hughes County

Mystic sensitive melancholic song

From the first tune I loved this mystic song. The song immediately created curiousity about how it, which way it should take. Magic is a word that suits this song perfectly. The voices in the background is a important part of this tune. I also appriciate that the song is rather short, it leaces you with a lot of reflections and thoughts. It is a song perfect for a movie as well.

Sweden, Stockholm


Hi! Well, usually, I don't like metal music...but this alternative sound with a rough accent is great! i can say that I realy like this song and the way you build it! There is a beautiful progression, guitar and sound effects are cool ! I would like to hear someone sing somekind of underground lyrics ...and think that it could be a successful combinaison...if not...this is pretty good instrumental too !!!! Good job...I also like the heavy drum part!!!!

Canada, Quebec, Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon & Sainte-Maxime, Côte d'Azur, France.

Excellence in simplicity

Beautiful Build (intro in), Not over stated but settle into feeling we all feel deep inside. Bass and Guitars are perfect compliments Almost frantic towards the end build and a perfect close out at the end. I could really Imagine it as a series or movie sound track piece.

United States, Montana, Kalispell



I like the it, the progression. Slow start with acoustic guitars, and some "noise" (voices/feedback) in the background, followed by what sounds like a distorted guitar vibrating beneath it all, not noticeable at first but as the song progresses it becomes more audible. Honestly I feel it could have also been used as an intro to launch a song, 'cause at the end there it was getting pretty powerfull. Overall I enjoyed the song though . Good job.

Heavy Space Opera


Wonderful instrumental piece. The album name "Spaceport C252" fits well with the spacy and atmospheric ambience of this tune where electric and acoustic guitars fuse in perfect balance. Everything finds its rightful place and the listener is carried in a 3 minutes journey through outer space. In my opinion, the instrumental version is self sufficient regarding the intensity of the global piece, but I'm definitely curious about the vocal version. It reminds me of space operas like Heavy Metal which soundtrack was signed by legends of Heary Rock and Metal. Cheers from Limoges, France !


Future music


You are def a person I would like to make music with in the future... you really have your own sound and your own since of direction as to where you want to go with all this music stuff... I respect it !

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

nice conceptual piece

This captures a difficult emotion to convey sonically. An unsettling or disturbing feeling can tell a great story...this would also make a great accompaniment piece to a dark heavy metal track

United States, Texas, Dallas


The Blue Nine Conclusion is a piece that starts in a very particular way, I would say unusual and nonconformist and immediately gives the idea of what is and what will be through the bass and guitar solo and the drum that like a train in race dictates the time of the execution and forces the listener to pay the maximum attention because something will happen at any moment and in fact from one moment to the next it all ends.

Italy, italy

Radio begins then OM.


It's like a bad fuzzy radio at the beginning, with a consistent OM tone throughout the song. I really like this guitar and drum mix. Especially the excitement at the end. This song kind of reminds me of practicing with the band while someone is watching some lousy TV program. There was no singing in this tune but it held my attention completely. I really like it. It expresses talent and the timing was really, really good. It was especially shown on that last leg of the tune. Nicely done.

United States, Oklahoma, Lahoma



Let me start by saying, I'm not a critic and I do not believe in a NON musician critiquing music. With that being said, I get it. You have the chatter and a desolated feel driving towards a solution. Personally, I would have faded the chatter out and faded it back in near the end. It sorta, kinda took away the importance of the chatter as well as the composition during the solo. Kool stuff, maybe some BGV ooh's and aah's going on in the back too emphasize the feeling...

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