NAZCA - Spaceport Voyager [w/ video @N1M]

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An Intergalactic Heavy Metal Space Odyssey


The instrumentation and song itself is great. These guys can play and preform there instruments well to there craft. the song writing is a an A+. My only dislike I have is in some of production aspects. I would tweak and perfect the mixing so it would have better sound quality. All in all its still a Bad Ass track. I give this a 4.2 out of 5 stars. If you like heavy metal and hard rock this is a good song to listen to.

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport



I like it guys I dig your sound and the space vibe. Reminds me of a theatrical rock n roll kinda thing. Keep it up and keep going. I am a big fan on ancient astronaut theory. Definitely a good sound.

United States, Idaho, Post falls

Love the layers

Nice composition and great use of layers for different perspective of not only listening to the melody but also backing track with a nice delay..... keep rocking the next songs only will get better..... T

United States, Wisconsin, Madison

Awesome band!

Really trippy band. Psyches the brain out into space. Industrial vocal feel. Progressive repeat pattern based lead guitar structures are awesome. Overall awesome, very impressive and immersive listening experience.

Canada, New Brunswick, Moncton

Take off into space with more hooks than a a tackle box


NAZCA brings a different sound to the Metal genre with this track. Lots of great hooks to keep you listening and a great performance rounds out this this track. Recommended listening!

United States, Arizona, Laveen

The final frontier


NAZCA has sent you a request for review. I went to Nazca's page and found their video that accompanies the song "Spaceport Voyager". The video gives you a better idea of what this song is all about. While I was at Nazca's page, there was a song "Public Pornography" off their O'Mally CD that grasped my interest. Unfortunately I could not find the video. I'm hoping they'll write a song and produce a video about space and porn, "SpacePorn Voyages"! I took the time to listen to a few more tunes off the NAZCA and O'Mally CD. FYI, the more you listen to Nazca the more they will grow on you! Rock On...

Space case!

I really like that guitar riff! That is really cool! The guitarist in this song really rocks. I like the drummer too. The two of them really make the song. The vocalist is good, but the vocals lack energy. He sings like he's a little bit too afraid to be heard and sounds like he is ensuring he is reading the words correctly. If the vocalist could exhume more energy and excitement this song would kick AXE. Once again the guitars and percussion in this song really drove the song and expressed the most energy. I like this tune and I think you boys did a wonderful job even if the vocalist was asleep at the wheel. I like the lyrics and the vibe of this tune. Overall this song is AWESOME! How's that!

United States, Oklahoma, Lahoma

NAZCA-Spaceport Voyager

vocals are washed out need to be more out front like the main guitar which is a very focused in your face sound. there is an annoying racket going on constantly in background that just serves to be distracting. song is arranged well but production needs more work. i like the vibe and would listen to more of Nazca's material

United States, Pennsylvania, reading


Production on this track is good quality (could use some more bottom end) The hooks are well composed and catchy. I would put this into my rotation in my vehicle. Thrash en oben!! \m/ Dirty Seattle Thrash.

United States, Washington, Seattle

metal takes on a new face fro Germany

I really like this band they have a very original dark sound that takes you into a ghost sound with a German touch very dark and moody looking forward to hearing more from this band,I suggest checking them out,you wont regret it!!

United States, Pennsylvania, Lewistown

nice intro of an album

nice guitar riff and rithms. Like very much the "noisy" voice and perfect in the beginning of the album as wrote in the description...after listened to "amnesia", the expectations were extremely higher and this song could only been listened before the other, as a warming up for what is going to succeed. the sound is always powerfull and in spite of distortions, very clean. good song.

United States, California, Venice

Sonar Invasive


Blipping into your headset, distortedly intensive, purposely erratically, militantly controlling the sound pallet of your mind, intertwining into you soul. It takes you over, metallically and melodically, pulling you into a higher ambience of metal. Very original and familiar, excellent guitar work and solid rhythm section. Vocals were wayward and hypnotically mesmerizing. Although I was expecting more tempo changeovers, the rhythm guitars made up for this craving. Very sound effort.

Canada, Ontario, Thunder Bay

I love Crazy


There is a controlled chaos evident in this song which is very entertaining. maybe it's the wacky guitar sound, or maybe the sporadic drums, but whatever it is, I enjoyed it very much right off the bat. The song picks up to a steady beat just in time, but then falls away taking you back to the fun, or "crazy" part. I enjoyed it very much. Is that a duck decoy call in the background? Crazy... LOL, I love it.

United States, Texas, Houston

Sehr interessante Musik


Normalerweise ist psychedelischer Alternative-Rock nicht wirklich mein Fall, aber der Sound von NAZCA gefällt mir nach einer Weile richtig gut. Man muß sich auf die Musik einlassen und auch die psychedelischen Elemente auf sich wirken lassen. Zudem fällt mir auf Anhieb keine Band ein, die so klingt, absolut eigenständig. Richtig gut gefällt mir der Mix und der Sound der Gitarre, des Basses und der Snare. Die Band ist ein echter Geheimtip!

Germany, Berlin

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