satan hates a Sunday
satan hates a Sunday

satan hates a Sunday

satan hates a Sunday

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Satan Hates A Sunday


The song has a catchy title. The music has kind of a Caribbean sound to it. The song has a strong message and the structure seems solid. I would have separated the chorus and verses up a little more by either the music instruments or by chord structure. Over all good song. Keep up the good word. Take care and Blessings from the Lord to you. Tim

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport

gimmicky electric pop obscures message

This cut is highly synthetic electronic pop reminiscent of 80's disco. The inventive use of electronic sounds is so out front that it obscures the message of Jesus rising on a Sunday. There is a bell sound that is in your face throughout the track, mixed out ahead of the lead vocal, which while sung with honest conviction, seems labored, though mostly on pitch. The backing vocals are performed well.

United States, Texas, Manchaca

Very nice!

Great words and nice instruments. I am not very sure that I really like the talking on the song, but maybe you could try to redo the song to where you actually did not talk and sing on the song. Do you think it would be possible to redo the song and just only sing and not talk? But even if you don't change a thing, and you decide to keep the song the way it is, it is still an AWESOME song! Thank you so much for sharing! You have a very good singing voice, and I appreciate everything that you are doing for the Lord. Keep on singing! And I hope that you are not offended from me suggesting that perhaps you could not talk on the song. It is still a beautiful song, and Thank you for sharing it. May God continue to bless you in your music ministry.

United States, Louisiana, Morgan City

He's Alive

Overall I like the feel and the happiness of the track. While agree that satan hates a Sunday I wonder if it shouldn't be called He's Alive. The overall mix needs to be a little clearer. Also bring up the background vocals in the mix. Good Job!

United States, Illinois, Maywood

Sounds professional

Satan Hates Sundays sounds professional. I like the mixture of singing and spoken in this song. I hope you continue to make music. And keep making music for Jesus. I look forward to hearing more from you.

United States, Florida, New Smyrna Beach

Hello Gobi Martin My review!


Hi Gobi Martin I like this song for several reason for one the was really nice for this type of music good job also anything that spreads the word of god is even better on a scale one to ten you have my vote as a ten keep on spreading the word of god I hope to hear more songs from you and I hope I have said something that will be of some use from J.Milligan New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

United States, Mississippi, Marks

Hello from Jerzy


Woww.... I was feeling like listening song from The Movie "Shaft"... I like Your Voice...but I do not like much computer generated music... but I must say that You did a good job to put all of that together...Normally I listen the song just Once... but I did listen in 3 times.. hahaha....Jerzy..

United States, California, Los Angeles

Satan Hates A Sunday


Sung with great vocalists and great emotion! These song lyrics tell the story of The Passion of The Cross. It has a bit of a mexican Mariachi Band and Cabaret tone to the instrumentals with some excellent brass thrown in to keep the song cheerful and uplifting. An Excellent testimony to Gobi's talents and his band is First Class! I really enjoy his music. It is always uplifting for your spirit.

United Kingdom, WALES

I’ve taken time to listen


The drums need more volume but all is very clear and the most important is the message. Great job Amen. What program do you use? Do you produce yourself? Did you pay for studio time? God bless

United States, North Carolina, Fort Bragg

A blessed Song

I really enjoyed learning to your music it really blessed my soul keep on making great music and thank you for sharing your gift with the world keep on making great music and never stop loving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you in all of your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

Satan Hates A Sunday

In this song by Gobi Martin, he shows that even as a Senior, he hasn't lost a step in delivering a fun filled song with a great message. This Latin-influenced song keeps bringing on the excitement from start to finish. That being said, at times I felt the horns at times were overriding Gobi's excellent vocal. They help establish the style of the song, but could have been used a little more sparingly. Through the 1st part of the narration, I was 'feeling' the song a lot. When it got into the 2nd part of the narration, I would have loved to hear a little more variation in the background, beside the same bass note over and over. Structurally it felt a little disjointed, but the Charisma and excitement coming from Gobi, amply made up for that. Great performer.

United States, Kentucky, West Paducah


I like the horn intro, nice subject. Of course he hates Sundays or any other day that believer's are worshipping the Lord Jesus. Obviously a Easter song. I hope you get to play it at your church. Yes he is alive. I wish you would of pulled the vocals out a little more. They are a little buried.

United States, Texas, Ft Worth



United States, Georgia, ATLANTA


First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts. Keep it up! First of all the beat is hot and the intro is very invitational. The hook is catchy and nice, and the lyrics are pretty good. Overall I see greatness in this song. It has potential to top the charts.

United States, Texas, Dallas

I love it

This is a great classic, it's easy to listen to and the message ring with great truth. I learned something from your song, gave me perspective about satan hating Sundays. I love the song. The melody to this song gives an island feel to it and makes you want to relax and dance even, this is a song of celebration.

United States, Florida, Miami

I love the beat.

I love the beat. It sounds a little whimsical. The song is pretty busy with all the different sound effects. Your voice is almost drowned out by the distractions of the different sounds. I like the bouncy vibe though. I would recomend this song for those who like multi- musical sounds .

United States, Indiana, Indianaoplis

great story of the word

I really lie the music and the words were so good the story is great and exciting the susic was so festive. I like the background. I can hear the passion in the song and the singer. the sound was well balanced with the words. thank for this song

United States, Oklahoma, Tulsa

Satan Hates Sundays

This is a very Great song, it is more like a story that is told about the Crucifixion of Jesus, i do love the song but do not like the title yes we know that the enemy will never like the fact that he could not hold our savior down. keep up the great work and may God continue to Bless your Music..

United States, Georgia, Columbus

Satan does, indeed, hate a Sunday!


A great message and inspired lyrics, telling the Easter story from a completely different perspective. A truly original composition, but for me, to much electronica. You can tell that the trumpets are sampled and the whole thing has too much of an Eighties feel about it. Call me old fashioned if you like, but I like real instruments! I would like to see this performed live with real musicians - it would be amazing!

England, Plymouth

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