I'm in love
satan hates a Sunday

I'm in love

satan hates a Sunday

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All aboard the love boat

This song takes me back to the 70s on a Saturday night when The Love Boat was setting sail every week smooth clean clear Soulful happy music fat rolls Ride Along you could easily hear this song and cool jazz or adult contemporary or soft rock it has a lot of potentials for where it can be marketed this song has a nice arrangement and Flow and a pretty decent above-average mix some of the percussion floats and space a little bit untethered and maybe could be linked into the drums a little more but otherwise it's pretty solid

United States, Illinois, Aurora


I really love this song and it can be a great song if properly mixed and mastered. The vocals are good but sound a bit warped. More vocal clarity is essential for radio play. Listen carefully and fix all the issues and you will have a great song.

Jamaica, St.Ann

Falling In Love With This Song

"I'm In Love" by Gobi Martin is a light, pop-style worship song celebrating the reciprocal love of God. The simple yet heartfelt lyrics are easy to catch on to and make the song memorable. This song does bode well for radio play. The only weakness of the song is its production which can be easily fixed with the addition or enhancement of lower tones and some extra layers to make it compete with more mainstream music. "I'm in Love" is a very good and accessible song for personal and corporate worship. As a worship leader who loves international worship styles, I would definitely add this to my repertoire.

United States, Ohio, Lancaster

Gobi it's a good song.

What I hear is the vocals need to be cleaned up just a little. What I mean by that is not the voice but the highs and lows and try to clean up the back ground. The Radio must of the time like the songs to be only 3:00 mi long no more. Keep it going>

United States, Georgia, Columbus

Good writing, good tune, good vocals

I like this song. Lyrically and melodically this is a good song. The style is a bit dated but the drums bridge the gap. As far as radio airplay, at least compared to American standards (because that's all I'm familiar with): the sound quality isn't very good, almost sounded monaural. It also seems a bit distorted with everything going. I like the programming of the drums, but the sounds for the drums are not a good quality. The keyboard doesn't sound like it's of high quality either (sounds like the drums came from the same keyboard - tone quality wise). Overall arrangement was pretty good between song structure, background vocals and drum programming. Vocals and background vocals are good by the way! The melodic overlays (and underlays) from the keyboard were too much. Simpler is often much better, especially when it comes to airplay on radio.

United States, Maine, Madison


I really like the be song it really blessed me I love Christian music it serves a great and powerful purpose a very nice and creative song I would like to hear more of your music keep on giving God all do praise hope this been helpful for you enjoy the rest of your day and may God bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

I'm IN Love (With Jesus)

This is a lovely song lyric that expresses the sentiments of falling in love Jesus/!. I do not like the electronica sound, to my taste, it does not reflect the deep emotions of this song. However, I do like the percussion and tempo of this song. A re-mix in christian rock or pop would do greater justice to this special song lyric I find it worthy of His Praises! I would enjoy hearing it with violin and guitar and bass guitar with percussion. It would be a real classic! It would get more airplay in my opinion.

United Kingdom, WALES

Refreshing !

I felt like walking in the cape town beaches admiring God's creation. A modern sound with a great voice. Of course is radio ready! I was truly blessed by this song and I'm sure there's many people out there that need to hear this!

United States, California, San Bernardino

A Critique Of I'm In Love

To Robi and All Of whom It May Concern; Robi, I have listened to your song and music and production.. and here is my opinion. I love your well written song..I'm in Love. It also has a great beat.. and I like the production of the track.. and quality of musicians.. and you did a great job on the Production.. but I also know the demands of the Radio Jocks (at least here in America) and they are very demanding. First, it is next to impossible to get a 4:51 second song played on any radio station.. here in America. Time is money to them. Also, you are a good singer, who sings on pitch.. meaning in tune with the track.. but it is also obvious to me that you are a senior citizen.. both by your photo.. and your vocal vibrato. It doesn't bother me.. because I am one, also. Ha Ha! But, I know that the music industry is always looking for the next young, beautiful, Mariah Cary. I wish you well!

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

Thoughts on "I'm in Love"...

The song's beginning is very nice... the keys and drums usher the listener into the opening vocals. The red carpet is laid down just right. The opening words "I'm in love" sets the mood and takes you right to the heart of this song. The vocals are soft and sung with good emotion and come across as sincere and full of passion. The music to vocal volume is about right, and the arrangement is interesting and keeps you following the singer as the song moves forward. The dynamics from crescendo back down to a soft section works well; and then it takes the song back up which is a great way to take the song to the end. The refrain "You love me" is as good as it gets! That is a beautiful closing for this song, and takes the focus off of the singer and puts it on God. That is my favorite part of this song. On that point, I think the song could have been shortened, and more time given to that ending with instruments and some added vocalist/harmonies taking the song out with a colossal jam. This is an exceptional song lyrically, and the arrangement is top notch... I do think the "clap" sound takes away from the song, and the "DJ spin the table" sound does little to the song's strength. Less would be more here in my opinion. Some strings would have been more effective on parts of this song. Having said that, this song is wonderful. I was blessed by it, and know that it was well written/composed. Thanks for sharing such a lovely song with everyone. In Christ/Michael D'Aigle

United States, Michigan, Flushing

I am in love with you music

The words are great to this song. need to be remixed down one again and then it will be radio ready. I love the words to this song because all of us need to be all in love with the one whose love will last until eternity. This song tell of the unconditional love that Jesus Christ God son have given and that it is there for any one that is willing to take God up on the offer and have a selfish love that is just for them.

United States, Georgia, Columbus

Sounds great!!

I like the music. It sounds like something I would hear on TBN station. It gives off a more Christian worship sound. . Maybe something you can use for your church praise and worship time keep moving forward in your endeavors and allow God to direct your path. Many blessings to you and yours.

United States, California, Canoga Park

Nice uplifting song

Its a nice song but radio ready I'm not sure it may need to be remastered bring the keyboard down some then it may be! But overall honestly its a nice contemporary christian song! Keep up the good work

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Despite our flaws Jesus love us..

Great music anointed and directed from the Holy Spirit keep pressing towards the mark of the prize. .. to GOD be the Glory. . Keep Ministering the word of God through great music thanx for sharing

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Gobi That's good singing

yes it's Radio Ready... Your voice is very nice and full of Life and the fact that your singing about the Saviors Love for us is enough all by it self. You get a Great Review from me keep singing and sharing good music & Gods love with us!

United States, California, Alameda

Yes radio ready

You Have good material keep doing the work. Reproduction great sound great quality I enjoy listening do not stop what you're doing you are radio ready what station are you shooting for?

United States, Texas, Hurst

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