Cry For You On Christmas
Ken Hall & Freedom Fighterz

Cry For You On Christmas

Ken Hall & Freedom Fighterz

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reverb holiday

The intro with virtual instruments same chords would take this to the next level. More presence or closer to the mic on the verses without as much reverb. The lyrics are amazing and the singing great delivery, if you wrote this this is amazing. I would love to come record song over to make it itunes ready, we run a mobile set up and can come to you. Either way keep writing and recording great job. I like the piano solo as well.

United States, Mississippi, Jackson

This is a good one......

Today, music can miss the mark when one doesn't focus on all the inputs necessary to produce a quality song. The music, arrangement, lyrics, vocal delivery, and content are critical in producing a sound that moves the listener. Ken Hall & Freedom Fighterz has achieved this goal. I recommend that anyone interested in quality, positive music that moves your soul listen to this release.

United States, Maryland, Baltimore

e' natale

e' natale con sentimento e delicatamente basta solo una tastiera e una buona voce per dirlo a tutti e credere veramente e tutto ti ispira con lo sguardo verso il cielo porterà' la bella melodia lassu'in alto

Italy, dalmine bg

A few comments and suggestions


The electric piano intro is pretty good, but does need a little reverb. The lyrics are pretty good. The vocal effect certainly needs some tweaking. The overall mix needs some work in order for it to have that finished, professional quality to it. However, considering this I can still hear the intention and some of the groove. I think with a little more automation, especially in the volume section, your mixes can improve. At times, the vocal seems to fade into the background instead of taking center stage. Some glitches can be heard here and there. There is some potential, but more attention needs to be paid to details: pan, volume, effects, eq, compressor, master buss. I would suggest for you to reference good, professional songs that are along the same lines as the genre you are producing. Overall pretty good. Hope this helps. Sincerely and Respectfully, José René

United States, Texas, Pharr


The sounds used in this track seem cheap and painful to listen to. It’s a shame since there is evidently some strong emotions that are trying to being conveyed. And the ending is so abrupt that it’s jarring. The singer has a nice voice, and conveyed emotion through the lyric. But the production undercut anything the artist was trying to convey. And also, where’s the hope? Particularly with Christmas songs there has to be a call to hope and love and redemption. There was none of that here. It was just a dirge. Also, use a real piano, and not that crappy digital piano. It was painful to listen to. And not emotionally painful, just painful musically.

United States, Florida, Sarasota


Nice I think this song is really nice. The whole song is well put together. The audio and production quality sounds awesome. You really did your thing on this track. I can definitely see your career going very far if you can continue to make this type of music. I love the fact that you show passion in your song and that speaks in volumes to the listeners. Keep up the hard work! You definitely have what it takes to go to the top. Good luck.

United States, Florida, Pensacola

Jah Rastafaray Bless Yuh Anyweh !!! Hold On The Faith & Stay Strong !!

Yaw mi breddah wah gwaan !! I Hope everything is good for yuh and yuh still safe during this stupid Covid-19 time !! Take care of your familly & friends by wearing a mask and keep social distance in any case fi nah catch this bomboclaat virus and protect the people you love !!! It's the most important thing nowadays and it's a common effort to everyone. Like this we all can block this shit around the world and save most people as we can ;) Thank you for ask me to quote your Music. In any case, amazing Music on your page ;) I put a "5 Stars" Straight ;) I wish you the best in life and in your musical project !!! Hope to see you around and post some new songs or anything can be interesting. You can be sure ima go listen and quote it again ;) May Jah rastafaray be with you anyweh fi send yuh some package of luck and prosperity :) BTW, A New Riddim Instrumental is Avaible on N1M and Soundcloud ;) Dj You$$Fx 78 Aka Fouad Youssef - Jah's Soldier Production Presenting : " African Dreams Riddim Instrumental 2020 " Listen & Share to the WORLD, To the UNIVERSE !!!! You can also put it on your own pages. Leave your comments and tell me if yuh love it or not ;) All impress are good to take for progress :) Jah bless yuh and yur familly anyweh my friend... Hold on the faith and stay strong ;) Respect From France ;) Dj You$$Fx 78 - Jah's Soldier Production Aka Fouad Youssef PS : You're an artist and seek for a beatmaker ? Please link me on Facebook Or Souncloud ;) JAH BLESS YUH AND YUR FAMILLY ANYWEH !!!

France, Paris


This song I can feel the spirt all over it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray you keep letting God lead you!!!!!!!!!! Keep flowing with the spirit an remember you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you!!!! Blessings

United States, Virginia, Lynchburg

Awesome ????


Good afternoon thank you for sharing this song with me thank you for sending me this song to review my favorite music I listen to his gospel praise and worship because I listen to anything that I miss my spirit and encourages me thank you for sharing. Continue state-created keep on sharing your music keep on blowing fine off Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with you again keep on Blessing people. Hope you having a wonderful week does far once again thank you so much for sharing your music with me have a blessed day may God bless you and everything you going to gun create on to him.

United States, California, Every Where

Christmas song

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I feel your heart as your sing the words. A few suggestions The music needs to more balanced with your vocals Your voice has an echo throughout the song and feels like you are in a tunnel. Suggestions Some soft bgvs thru the song to give a even more Christmas feel. Maybe add a soft violin as well would tie it altogether.

United States, Alabama, Birmingham

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