Stayin in the Game ..
Ken Hall & Freedom Fighterz

Stayin in the Game ..

Ken Hall & Freedom Fighterz

Song Reviews

Great concept


This song has potential. It needs a little care and attention from a good engineer and producer that can hear the edits and the enhancements necessary to get this song where it needs to be. Overall you have a great foundation to work with, the beat is nice, bouncy, and catchy. If you need help with taking it to the next level check out souljahsincorporatedcom to get a price point to mix it for you.

United States, Florida, Miami

Staying in the game

Nice Freedom Fighterz. I'm loving the slap bass. Mostly, I like the lyrical content. “What I'm going through, won't stop where I'm going to” that's a signature catch phrase that holds a lot of weight in my book. It's all about having a personal relationship with God and it takes a lot of courage to stand strong .

United States, California, Sacramento


What's good? I listened to your track, and I think you got some potential! Good lyrical content,flow is on point,the track is nice too.Stay driven, Keep doing your thing... And I'll See you at the top!

United States, Florida, Tampa

Put out your best only

When allowing someone to hear your material make sure it's your very best, because you only have one shot at this and no repeat. The recording was terrible no need to let anyone hear your music until you've finished

United States, Texas, Hurst

My reflections on "Stayin in the Game"..

To begin with the title: Stayin in the Game is off the hook... it is a powerful message before the music even begins. The title lets me know this song is about "commitment and perseverance" As the funky music begins, the bass popping lets me know this is going to be a sassy jam. The intro is very nice, with the music and vocals laying down the red carpet for the lead singer... the words are spoken and sung with passion, and plenty of emotion - that keeps the energy high. The line, "what I'm going through, won't stop where I'm going to" - is as good as it gets! Great hook... I think a little funky electric guitar on the corners would have added some seasoning to this jam. The mix is a little jumbled, and the mastering sounds a little too hot... The song has some "distortion" in a few spots where the levels need to be brought down. Other than the mix being rough, this song is great. I am blessed having taken it all in... Thanks for sharing this song with everyone. I'm a fan now and look forward to hearing your music! In Christ/Michael D'Aigle

United States, Michigan, Flushing



I know that is only a demo, I can see where you're going. The bass has a Marcus Miller style but needs a bit more bottom end and compression. I believe that this will sound better with live drums and a few females backing singers, but overall, I like the song.

United Kingdom, BIRMINGHAM



Hello love your music something I can jam too the volume was a little low but I could hear the words and I will definitely check out your other music on here or if u have any video may God continue to bless and open doors for you as you use it for his glory

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Keep on Keeping on with writing, recording, and sharing the good news with your unique approach!


Hi Ken, Thank you for allowing me to review your song Stayin in the Game! I am a fan, I love your beat, lyrics, vocals, and the message in your songs about our Lord is inspiring and so real. I love the catch phrase, "What I'm going through won't stop where I'm going to" and "I'm pressing more to discover you!" You have a contemporary sound that draws the listener in. Keep on Keeping on with writing, recording, and sharing the good news with your unique approach!

United States, California, Stockton

Good Sound


I checked out your track, you have a very good sound. Your song (Stayin In The Game) has lots of meaning and the message is clear which songs today do not have. The direction you chose in this song was filled with idealism and creativity. Sir, you are driving your music on a clear path to greatness, Good Job my friend.

United States, Illinois, Harvey

Love the music


Sounds good. Need to hear more of your music. It is really inspiring. The young people need to hear more of your music. Give us more good music from you. This is what they need in today's society.

United States, Kentucky, Louisville

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