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My thoughts on "Because You First Loved Me..."

The song has joyful "Motown" feel to it... that's coming from a lad who was fond of Detroit's soulful songs. This song has a funky groove from jump. And the "flute" sound along with the hand clapping sets the tone for this song of praise! Love it. The vocals are easy to follow, and the lyrics profound in their utter simplicity. A child or senior can join in with no problem, and that makes this song a crowd pleaser to the max. This is a great song to get everyone up and praising God - anytime - anywhere. The back and forth banter as the lead singer talks to the band members is a nice place to bring it down, and then take it back up and out! That short talk and the quoting of 1JN.4:19 makes this song extra special - and powerful! The laughing and background talking makes the song sound live and exciting. Great arrangement and creativity... Overall, I have to say this song was just pure fun to listen to, (Ear Candy) of the 1st class. This is a righteous song top to bottom. The band's funky - bouncy rhythm makes you want to get up and dance to the Lord. This is one special song! The only thing that might have spiced it up would have been a stronger exit - guitar/piano, and maybe some guitar jamming as the song faded, and perhaps a little more vocal pizzazz going home. Thanks for sharing such a fantastic song with all of us. Keep writing and singing your songs - they're wonderful!! In Christ/Michael D'Aigle '


Brother i think this honest opinion that this is awesome fantastic perfect everything the music lyrics everything here is as said i trustfully believe people need the love of GOD as we love him because he first loved us i believe if GOD LIKES TO this song can make it a hit to number one and worth promoting it to the full for the purpose of people knowing the love of GOD is a must keep going in the faith brother as GOD spoke to me saying you are great in his eyes and he knows of his love for you and your love relationship back to him stand strong in the faith and GOD will give you a crown reward so as to all churches in him with his son GOD BE WITH YOU YOUR FAMILY FRIENDS CHURCH SO ON GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Not bad At All

It has a jazzy type feel to it. I enjoy hearing different types of music. I Love the melody of the song and how it all flows together. It actually gave me an idea for my next song. And the vibe of the song is amazing.

love it

Beautifully done!!!! Was a great song. I pray you keep on singing for.the Lord. May God richly bless you and use you in a mighty way. I will be praying for you and I pray you do the same for me. God bless you.

Gods music

I love the messages! It's one of those songs you go to at an out door outreach and praise God in the community. Also we call it praise in the Park because it ministers to the heart, to know God loves us first and then teaches us to love others and ourselves. Thanks, a great song of praise


Pretty coo ours all for three glory of God keep up the good work and making noise for the kingdom Let me know what you think of my song called burdenz on my page it is a song of being in darkness depression drugs loanliness oppression but God got me out of this.

Nice concept

This is a great throwback Gospel song. It has great rhythm and it is upbeat with a good feel. I love the message to the song and I can easily hear the originality of the song. I would however consider taking another recording session with a more experienced engineer for the vocals. There were times when the lead singer sound muffled and sometimes distant. You would really want to keep a constant flow in your recording and quality. Once again, it's a great song and has great potential but as of now it's a concept song.




As i sit here and listen to this song i can hear he world in this song. i know that you would like to have a crossover song. it is so jazzy. sound more like a more like a hip-hop song but the message is very clear you love Jesus because he first loved you. this is a Happy song.

Good stuff!

Good funk and soul music AND message. Musically well done. Lyrically on. Best of all, y'all are having some fun! Keep the music Rollin! The only downside, and it could be because I was listening on a tablet, is the talking (and perhaps some of the layers/tracks - because there are so many) sometimes trips up or fights with the rhythms in the music.


I love your music I love giving God the praise your music is really blessed and unique stay creative and keep on making great music into our Lord and savior Jesus Christ have a blessed day and a great weekend.

Beautiful Praise and Worship Song

This song brought back so much Memories to me. I call it my Happy Song. It took me back, to the days of my youth. It touched my soul and I truly love it. The melody and lyrics is just right. He kept up with that soulful Praise and Worship unto the Lord. This is my kind of worship song. It's LIvely and flowing.

Great Gospel music

Hey my brother. Keep on doing what you do man. This is what we are here to do. Win souls for the kingdom of God. The more great music we put our the more souls we can reach. So be blessed my brother

I'm sure of that

If you want an audience to believe in you and take you serious you have to make yourself look the part other wise just make music to hand out no need to post you have the gift God has giving you so utilize it the correct way.

I'm feeling this

Loving the feel of this song. It's different. Listening to this puts to mind of something in the vein of Kirk Franklin. Keep doing what you're doing. I like this! God bless you in your endeavors
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