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Strong Sound!

Did not know what to think at first, but decided it was worth a listen. Very deep groove going on here. Almost has a sound of a Movie Background type thing. Very mood setting. Good Vibe, good Sound. Keep up the good work! Sincerely Edward Westbrook "Atomic Energy Society"


A fascinating instrumental track that has caught my attention, even if I don't usually listen to this genre of music. I think that this tune could perfectly fit an exhibition of conceptual photographs, for example; it would also be perfect for a thriller film! Who knows what has inspired the composer...anyway, I congratulate Flymanhitz for this great work and I wish him all the best of luck!

It ok

Like I always say there’s no good or bad Creative art it’s all about how much time we put in to create something so beautiful out of nothing something like our ways of trying to give something back like knowledge of self an other Millions of us is on the Same road looking for our pot of Gold like a leprechaun in this world trying to make tomorrow better than today an today better than yesterday Stay Bless


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Total Eclipse

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song unexpectedly an instrumental ditty which sounds like a background for something in a Star Wars chase scene. This is not a pop song or hip hop or dirty south (whatever that is), but a suspenseful thriller track great for the big screen.


Ok I like this instrumental the title eclipse fits the beat I like the mixing of the beat and the mastering the of beat all together the producing of the beat was good I see where the artist was going with beat when he was putting it together.the beat can have someone rap on it or be part of a movie or game the beat can be in something because the artist did good putting beat together


Great music! I really liked the ambience and the voice tones! I hope you keep up the good work and wish you all the luck in the world! Looking forward to listening to other songs! Congratulations!


Fabulous pulsating introduction in hip hop audible fashion and I love the slap percussion integrating with the bass pulse. Its a really extraordinary composition of drama and excitement, just as the eclipse is in cosmic reality of earthly life. A clever use of instrumentation , subtle and full of imagination, it doesn't rush into anything it takes its own time in duration the the abruptness of the end is coincidental to the total darkness and completion of the Eclipse. Really well done guys, you absolutely nailed it for me. Artey

Hard Ass Beat!!!

Flymanhitz... This Eclipse beat is hard. Soon as it started I was like "Whoa, this is what I'm talking about". I think you should be submitting this track to a few artist that are out there. Artist that have a versatile style. I'm hearing like a split personality flow on top. Someone like Busta Rhymes, Kendrick Lamar or maybe even Ludacris. I'm sure it's more that you might have thought about but those artist came to mind as I was listening. This is a hot track. And with the right artist in it this thing could become big! Don't let it go to just anyone. Keep pushin'.

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Earn +20 Blincoins by writing a review. If you write over 300 characters for a revie Earn +20 Blincoins by writing a review. If you write over 300 characters for a review, you will earn +10 Blincoins more.w, you will earn +10 Blincoins more.

great song!

Hi Flymanhitz! yes! i like this song, it sounds really cool and draws me in to an emotion, i think you made this very well and it works. i like the parts and shifts a lot great Regards Roger Borg/Borgsongs :) ( keep going with this interesting sound and style, and take it to its limit. that should be nice) very well done1 keep this good work up!

DImez Deezy Review

this beat is knocking just need to be a lil bit more mixed. from what my speakers are telling me. but this is a smooth south vibe for sure. and the switch up is killer. keep grinding my guy the sounds is there for sure. i like what im hearing. 1 Love


This is some melodic heat fire in the kitchen. Great vibe for that dark underground storytelling type artist. Love your use of transitions inside this compositional strategy. As an Artist myself, this is definitely something I could find myself jumping on and bringing a story to life with. Great job!



Criso 3cent

Nice i would love 2 rap on one of your beats where can i find more of your material and how much do you charge to buy instrumentals im interested and know a few of my homies that are looking for beats also hmu and let me know this is ????
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