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What good G most def feeling this g very keep up the great work I don't no if u have a video to this 1 but if not u should drop 1 asap g jus saying this mf banging once more keep up the great work pimping n I look forward to linking with u soon g salute


The track is nice it has a great flow and catchy rhythm. My only issue is that the breakdown seemed more frequent than it needed to be to balance out the BARZ within it. But all in all I really enjoyed the track a lot. Salute to the artistry and passion.

Dope track

The beat I like the time you put in into it had vibeing to a lot keep up the good work . I love when beat Maker's put in the time and patience to put in make classic beats that live on for the next one


This is Def something fit for a marvel film. I like the intro its not too laggy. Would love to do something to this for sure. Great use of sounds and not overdone. Lookinh forward to hearing more from you


Flymanhitz what’s been good with you man? Dumb question because from the sound of things you working and the work is fire as usual. It’s been a minute since we reviewed you but your art is always good. This is different but in a good way. Sound like a beat DMX would get on and shred into pieces. Keep up the good work love the way you work and we are sure others could and can agree with us.

The Spread

Hello, sound is nice but needs some work, take something out and needs some base. Indeed you are talented and will go far. Keep doing you, Your sound could be sold to many different genres of music. Thank you for sharing your abilities to the world


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