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your music is the way to live.

wow. i have listening your songs over and over again. o i loved it every minute of your song , its make me want to cry and sometime , i feel special to be able to listen to your songs., you have a wonderful voice, i really listen to it and i must say wow , your songs are quite the bomb set. i like the metaphors which you work with your songs, its interesting and minding blowing that you could put those words together and make complete sound proof song. i want to listen to more of your songs, i dont know if you can direct me where i can get them and what name i can find them under.

United States, Maryland, Bowie


Hey bro I really like the production sound on this. Something I think I would rhyme to. Keep up the good work and keep trying to find your sound. Check out my stuff when you get a chance and let me know what you think.

United States, California, San Diego

5 Stars!!!!!

Good Fn Track Homie!!! Yes keep at it keep at it and Keep at it My Guy!! this is that Sauce i'm talkin bout G!!! Cadence, Delivery and Flow on point beat is fire Respect your grind and Hustle cause it shows!!! Saluuute and much sucess to you and career family

United States, New York, Bronx

so how am i supposed to feel now

i don't get it i guess , because i do not understand the point of this song at all. As a result , i don't really like this , actually the repetition make this song pretty annoying......Now what i will say what is good . The rapper ,and the overall production . It's a good clear mix , the level are all set properly , the sounds are all spread across the field nicely .....and the rapper is actually quite good ,when he says anything other that "how can i". So ultimately I give the song a 1 , the production a 4.5 , and the rapper a 4.8 i can do.... I mean How Can I do better with what i got...

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

review of How Can I"

what's up Flame? yo, not sure if you, yourself choose me to review this track, or if it was a random selection but I'm honored you have a nice track here, levels is good mix is good production is good. chorus is catchy i like the rhyme structure you use for the main verses. only negative i feel is maybe speed it up a little bit, the fuckin crowd will lose it. good shit. maybe we could link up and callob on a track in the future keep working hard brother. phrantic

United States, Florida, Miami


Nice I love it I love it I love it I love the sound I love the vibe I love the quality music to my ears I would even recommend this song to my friends and I know for sure they would love it we wanna hear more

South Africa, Three Rivers East

Great Job

This is a great result of great lyrics combined with great music engineering. Solid recording and I can tell you put your best into your music. The producer also did a great job putting the instrumental together. Great job crediting the producer. Listened to this track in a music studio session and we were jamming for about 20 minutes before hitting the booth. Solid records fam. Great job and keep up the good work!

United States, Florida, Orlando


GREAT FLOW and CONTENT. Keep Shining and pushing your music. If you would like your music featured on my radio show please submit mp3, cover art and social media information. #PROMOGOD Underground Sound Off is syndicated in OH, MI, IL, PA, NJ, GA & FL and owns her own station PUSO 82.3 FM in Columbus, Ohio Because of our high volume of submissions, it takes 45 - 60 days to be placed in a show list. Message us for the email as it won't allow us to post it here. KEEP SHINING! #PROMOGOD is an 12x Music Industry Award Winner.

United States, Ohio, Columbus

Amazing track

"Flame Lasauce's latest single 'How Can I' is a true masterpiece that captivates listeners from start to finish. The beat effortlessly blends modern trap elements with a touch of old-school hip-hop, creating a unique and infectious sound. Lasauce's energy on the track is unmatched, drawing you in with every bar he delivers. The storyline is deeply relatable, exploring themes of ambition, success, and personal struggle. His cadence is smooth and on point, riding the rhythm with precision. Overall, 'How Can I' is a certified banger that showcases Flame Lasauce's undeniable talent and sets the bar high for hip-hop in Miami and beyond. After listening, you can't help but feel the raw passion and authenticity in every lyric and every beat drop. A must-listen for any rap enthusiast!" Regards Dogz One Kill Or Die Music

United States, New York, New York



United States, New York, Brooklyn

How Can I

wow nice some rap/R&B/hip hop AWESOME .this song has a really good melody lines I can hear this song over and over.............................they the song was put together is very unique..........................just love the way its sung the vocals are spot on the drums were played perfectly........................... i can't say enough about this song .........................I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thank you.......................... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank you....again.....................

United States, New York, Middle village

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