Thank you for allowing me to listen

Hey feller band i really enjoyed little wild creek! and blown away when i heard the harmonies and how everyone meshes in together... great song hoping to hear more from you in the near future.. C.O.G's

The Fellerband in your ears.....

After listening to Fellerband, from Germany (one of The Papa Joe Show's favorite countries that play our music), I realized it seemed like listening to a choir of angels ! Awesome harmonies added to the fantastic acoustic guitar work make for nice easy listening.... great to wake up to and start the day the right way. You will enjoy what this band brings to your ears....for sure! Take a moment to check them out, you will be greatly impressed with them.... Papa Joe DeMaio (The Papa Joe Show)

I'd follow the song...

Great voices, solid melody, and a very believable lead vocal; my God there is so much talent in Europe, and yet it sounds like something I might have heard right here in grandmother would be proud that it came from her homeland.

Solid Track!

I don't know if this track is top billboard but it sure is a catchy tune I really like the hook which really drives home and sticks to your memory the beat itself is a nice one and the lyrics flow well produced tune.

Beautiful Song

I love this song so much! It's like David Bowie meets The Grateful Dead. What an enchanting song. The chorus is gorgeous and reminiscent of the Mamas & Papas. I'm definitely a new fan of FellerBand!

More to go on

This is a really catchy tune guys, and the choruses brings this melody to it's best. It would though be so much better with a bass line following all the way from the beginning, and maybe with drums as well (they came plodding along after 4 minutes). Sometimes the guitars were out of sync also, but in some peoples ears this is a part of the charm. Keep up the good work, folks :-) Cheers


like the style of the writing wholesome great arrangement good playing great harmonies smashing luv the backing by Neil young look forward to hearing more from you guys thanks for the tune bravo

Little Wild Creek

Little Wild Creek is a lively song with nice melodies. It has a great metaphor with meaning. It makes me think of a troubled person with great talent in need of direction. I like the percussion at the end.

Little Wild Creek review

Like it lovely retro Folk Rock song, great harmonies , on a production level it sounds like 2 guitars are playing the rhythm , if that is the case one guitar playing the rhythm the second could could augment the overall sound by picking the melody this would give a more interesting sound sometimes the strumming can become one dimensional , perhaps the lead notes could be played on maybe a mandolin ? something to give colour and interest , the drum could come in earlier but cut back on the lower frequencies less boom , I like it though real music !

A Folk Rock Gem

Oh man, the mood in the intro of this song swept me away. It is such a wonderful build up of acoustic instrumentation, and this is honestly what carries the song. The vocal melodies in the verses fall a little flat, leave a little to be desired. At least that is my opinion. The instrumentation and arrangement of the song are phenomenal and deserve more than the mediocre vocal melody that make up the verses of this song. Maybe they grow on you. I'm on my second listen now and they are nowhere near as off-putting as they were on the first listen. The chorus is a different story, it meets the standards of the song with its gorgeous harmonies and is just as good as any of the folk rock that was coming out in sixties. I love the way that you chose to end the song, focusing on that one rhythm that begins to take over the song, leaving the other instruments in the background. The mix seems off in spots, though, like the drum has too much bottom end left in it and has more of a "booming" sound than what fits in the song. It feels wrong to make any complaints about the ending because it really makes the song stand out as something more than your average indie pop country folk stuff, it is incredibly clever, I just thought maybe I should bring it to your attention. All and all, I've got to say that this is a well written song with absolutely wonderful instrumentation and it is clever enough to make me curious about the rest of their work. I feel like this is not the only gem that this particular band has to offer. Also, I must say that it is very interesting to hear a German take on Americana-type music.

Entertaining little tune!

Very interesting intro with the slide guitar got my attention. Chord progression is quite interesting. Very good hook in the chorus! I found myself singing "Little Wild Creek" and that is definitely a good thing. There is also a nice progression to this song. I was not a fan of the first verse, but then there was some back vocals added to the second verse, which helped a lot. Solo is very well played and integrated to this song. In terms of mix and mastering, I would like to get a cleaner mix. It sounds a bit muffled, especially when the jembe/cajon joins in. It is a bit too lad compared to the rest. You should also cut the first second of the mix with lots of background noise and a chair cracking. Add a little bit of reverb to the lead to make it sound a little larger too. Pretty entertaining overall! Keep it up!

Little Wild Creek

Really nice jam,loved it from start to finished.Don't know much about steel guitaring but like the solo of it. Like the vocals and the message in the song.Love the country feel, foot taping,head bobbing throughout the cut,nice penetration that reach deep within.For me I think, where the kick comes in near the end , the solo should've pick up there and finish it out more mellow than that of the rumble sound from the kick.

Great chorus

Listened to entire song. It started with great guitar, but immediately following was a conversation type song that lost itself in the end because of an offbeat last word. This can be easily remedied. The chorus is fantastic. However, it does not match the rhythm of the catchy fully backed harmonic chorus. More production or change of chords in the story will make this flow better. Love the voices, harmony, chorus, however, the message is lost seemingly very little connection. Make your message more apparent and it will become more catchy and playable. You have an amazing ability and sound just tweak that. IMO.You are a great folk group <3


Great guitar work, nice solo. I am not sure of the recording balance between the vocals and the music...not sure of the percussion at the end too but I think that it is alittle recording problem... Beware of the pop sound in the microphone !!!!! But it's a good production in general... and I think there is a great synergy between the members of your band...must be great to watch live !!!!! Continue your good job and most of all, have fun !!!!!


Like the acoustic sound and the other steel guitar. Harmonies (female only) in the verse would fill this out nice...Fiddle be cool too instead of the tambourine being dominate. Acoustic lead is cool, but should be cut in half. Too long a lead for that early in the tune....The harmonies in the second verse could be better. Good tune, but maybe alittle more dynamics. A standup Bass halfway through the song would be cool too. All subjective, but that is what I would do
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