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Very tasty guitar...has a middle eastern flow and then a blues side at the same time..again over all has a good flow. Has a film arrangement vibe...would work well in a movie or TV application . I think to me Jasmine is the writers love or is very mystical to the composer based on the over all feel of the score. I guess a mystical love ..The fire of mystical love is a burning which destroys all sense of a separate self, until nothing is left but love Itself. ... Initially this love is often experienced as longing, a deep desire , the Beloved, Divine Truth, or simply an unexplained ache in the heart. ..but that me. I liked it...

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Fill the air with music.

There is no doubt Michel has skills on guitar to express himself, beautifully. The long introduction was important as it set the mood for the surprise changes later in the song. That first change felt good, and the good feelings continued until the other surprise, the abrupt ending. A good mix with a very balanced recording. "Jasmine" is excellent music, and in my mind I pictured a green bush with small white flowers filling the air with a wonderful fragrance. Well done Michel.

United States, Washington, Lakebay

Nice instrumental piece

I like this piece. It's got an interesting vibe and a unique sound. I definitely like the electric guitar. Clearly the player is very good at playing guitar. This piece has a cool mystical almost international flavor to it, all the while having a strong blues sound.

United States, Illinois, Green Valley


I can appreciate your skills and ability to create music. I could see this track in a movie, used for a action scene or the aftermath of the action. There is a lot going on in this track that will support it if you are able to shop this in the right way. Try to get into music licensing if possible. One other thing I like is the authentic sounds and old school techniques. There were a few spots where the lead guitar hit the wrong note, if you could go to the studio and alter those spots, I would give a higher rating, but the pitches were so noticeable that it throws the listener. If that gets changed ,this track rocks. Don't stop making music.

United States, Florida, Miami

wtf where the hell am i music


Listening to this track makes you feel that your in some type of an alternate reality or universe in a waste land or desert being confused and not knowing how in the hell that you got there. This track has a great vibe and I love the guitar leads and the electronic drums and the keyboards are good ear candy. I give this track a 4.2 out of 5 for the atmosphere that it successfully creates.

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport


A clean and transparent guitar lines for all moments.Sounds really interesting. The kind of stuff one can listen to at all times......................Either in TIMES OF MERRYMAKING IN TIMES OF RELAXATION:::IN TIMES OF MEDITATION etc....

Germany, Hamburg


This is ok...but I must say This is not Your Best Work..if You put More Work ( in Arrangement and Guitar Impro ) I'm sure It will take It to the Next Level..It is ok to play Life but I will not send It for a Radio [Play or to Music You know They are very hard to please and They accept only The Best Recordings for play or publication..and if You will re record try to keep below 3.5 min ( for commercial reason They very rear play longer Tunes.. I wish You good luck with submissions..

United States, California, Los Angeles


Wow.. I Like This Tune..Very Nice to start a New Day..or just for a Slow Dance at Night..but what is more Important ..You Put Your Heart in to Your Guitar..Trust Me Not To Many People are able to Do I do not care what Music Insiders will say..send It out and Let The People Enjoy It..I wish You good luck with submissions.. I really hope that someone Important will Like It same like Me..You did a Great Job.. and this is why I listen It a Lot...Thank You..

United States, California, Los Angeles

Jasmine - a very smooth composition

The song "Jasmine" by artist Michel F. Condracq is a very nice, mellow composition that takes you on a journey in your mind as you listen to it. It has a strong influence on your visual imagination as you listen to it would be very effective as part of a soundtrack in a movie. I enjoyed every minute of it as the mood it creates pulls you in right from the very beginning. Bravo!!!

United States, California, North Hollywood


I Like This Tune...It put me in Good Mood this Morning..You put Your Hart it To.. and this make a Big bad that Market for Instrumental Music is Very small and is Hard to place something like That in Radio Rotation and Music Publishers never "touch" It.. but I like It.. It is good for Life Performance and I'm sure many people like me will LIKE IT also...I wish You good Luck with submissions..GOOD Job...

United States, California, Los Angeles


Very smooth and exotic opening, something which you could hear being used as a backing piece to a lone figure making a desert journey. It may be my headphones, but there was some unusual hissing to my ear, so that’s the only thing I’d look to amend? The guitar playing is melodic, tasteful and in places virtuosic. Has a Santana feel in places. This is definitely a groove instrumental, would have been an idea to maybe add a different melodic phrase or section to give some different place to go.. this is very hard not to like in my opinion, and worth subsequent listens

United Kingdom

Beautifull Song


It is a new version of an old beatifull song. In this version the sound is as if were a old pop, the artist achieve catch the soul of song but at the same time she bring it at the a new spirits. Congratulations!!

not bad


Jasmine is a very particular piece with oriental, ambient, blues and industrial notes. from the beginning there is a guitar that in some moments is very pleasant while in others the solo in my opinion is pushed too far and the guitar distorts up to create real clashes. the sound is not matched with the other musical part. if I were you I would take a look to check what I told you because the piece is very nice.

Italy, italy

Vibrato !


Hey this reminds of Dave Gilmore meets richie blackmore meets santana.. cool guitar sounds with great use of vibrato and effects. Interesting! Would be much better with real drumming though for more intensity and dynamics but it's cool

United States, New York, Massapequa



Michel hello how are you today? Hopefully all is well with you. We came to give you a quick r view then we are going to get out your way. This instrumental that you have created is very interesting as well as good. Like what you have done here, shows the talent that you have adapted in your time. Keep up the good work we are believers in if you chase your dream good things will come.

United States, Texas, Dallas



This track is excellent. It has a nice smooth jazzy relaxing sound and feel to it. The variety of sounds, instruments, and transitions were all on point. Could not find anything negative to add. I could meditate off of this one. Great Work! This track has potentials for moving up the charts. Looking forward to more from the group.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

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